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Envirofill Artificial Grass Turf Infill – Envirofill Price – Buyer’s Guide

If you just bought a patch of new synthetic grass but don’t know how to keep its pleasing and vibrant shape intact, that’s where EnviroFill comes to save the day.

What is EnviroFill?

EnviroFill is an acrylic coated round sand that comes straight from central Texas, it’s coating is extremely durable and EnviroFill provides a 16-year warranty.

The coating is infused with anti-microbial technology which will prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria, so no worries of smell or any discomfort for you and your guests.

Envirofill Warranty

How long is the warranty of EnviroFill? EnviroFill’s manufacturers trust the product so much that they offer a 16-year warranty on the color and coating of the infill.

That’s the longest warranty offered on any artificial turf infill. This proves that the product’s performance is high and durable.

EnviroFill Price

How much does a bag of EnviroFill cost? A 12/20 grit 50-pound bag of EnviroFill costs up to $22-23.5. And with price comes quality and EnviroFill guarantees high performance and extremely durable infill that’ll provide a vibrant and firm field that’s safe for you and your pets.

Envirofill Features

How can you know that Envirofill will get the job done? Well, the answer to your question is “quality”.

Envirofill’s state of the art technology not only prevents bacteria and mold build-up but it also maintains its peak condition even after multiple uses. More benefits and features include:

Low Maintenance

Worried about the hassle of maintenance of the infill? Well I have good news, Envirofill requires no watering and no frequent top-off because it keeps its durable quality intact whether your synthetic grass is on the balcony or the football field.

Envirofill will keep it durable and intact so you don’t face any inconvenience. Using a regular infill can be a hassle to maintain and a chore to top-off but with EnviroFill you face no stress or hassle.

High Durability

How durable is Envirofill? Well Envirofill has been in production since 2005 and throughout the time they have perfected the durability of the infill to withstand the harshest of conditions whether it be used on the landscape or a football field, it’ll keep intact.

So just from that level of trust in the product and the years of experience, you can believe that EnviroFill gets the job done and lasts for a long time.

Tried and Tested

Well, can I test its durability and quality? The simple method is to put a sample of EnviroFill in a glass of water and put another sample of another infill from a different company, after shaking the glass of water you’ll see that the color of the Envirofill stays intact and causes no coloration in the water while the other infill loses its color.

With over 150 turf fields nationwide and countless backyards using Envirofill, you know that they only provide the best and trusted quality product.

Safe and Non-Hazardous

Is it safe to use? Yes, it is. Envirofill is infused with antimicrobial protection which prevents bacteria build-up and molding that would cause harm to anyone so you do not need to worry about any stains, odors, and product deterioration.

Envirofill provides a safe and non-hazardous environment where you can perform your tasks with leisure.

Reduces Pet Odor

Pets and especially dogs love to go on an open field and perform their daily routines.

But what about the unpleasant smell after they relieve themselves on the grass, how can you prevent that?

Well luckily for you, Envirofill’s antimicrobial protection prevents any bacteria build-up that can result in the formation of an unpleasant smell. So you have nothing to worry about when your dogs and cats go on your precious synthetic grass if you are using EnviroFill.


Okay, it’s safe for humans, but what about our pets? Envirofills quality prevents it from any product degradation, so you have no fears about any allergies or harmful effects on your pets while using EnviroFill. They care about both animals and humans together.

Designed for Athletes

Feeling Athletic? Well, Envriofill has got you covered for its highly rounded-quartz core resists any compaction and withstands the stress of the athlete’s performance on the field.

So for those who are looking for a firm, strong and safe surface, Envirofill is a smart choice.

How Much Envirofill Do You Need?

It usually depends on the application of the infill, where you’re going to use it?

For each place with a patch of artificial grass requires a certain amount. The quantity to use Envirofill over your desired places must be 1-2 pounds’ infill per square foot of artificial turf.

This will make the grass look more vibrant and authentic.

For Residential Landscape Application

How much Envirofill do I need for my Landscape?

Well to make your Landscape look Vibrant and Pleasing, use about 2.5 and 3.0 pounds of 12/20 or 16/30 Envirofill per square foot.

This amount is a safe bet as it does not overdo the amount of EnviroFill you’ll use on your landscape and will be enough for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

For Soccer or Multi-Purpose Fields

Now you own soccer or multiple-purpose fields but you don’t know how much Envirofill you need for the field to perform well? You can use about 1 pound per square foot or 5 kilograms of 12/60 EnviroFill per square meter. This amount will be perfect for your field as it will give it the grip and bounce that the athletes require and love.

For Pet Lawns

Have pets? And want to use a safe amount of EnviroFill on the lawn for them? Well it depends on the size and number of the canines you own, for a small and medium-size dog you’ll need to use 7-8kg of 12/60 EnviroFill per square meter, For Large dogs, you’ll need to use about 10-12kg of 12/60 EnviroFill per square meter and if you own multiple canines then use as much EnviroFill as your artificial grass can hold.

Is EnviroFill Safe?

Yes, EnvrioFill guarantees a product that is hazard-free and does not show any product degradation, it only provides high performance and convenience to its customers. So rest assured you, your guests, and your lovely pets will be safe.

Where Can I Buy EnviroFill?

Now you’re interested in the product but don’t know where to buy it from?

Well simply go to the USGreentech site and while looking into EnviroFill in the infill categories, you will see “find infill near you” at the bottom of the page. From there you will find the locations that sell EnvrioFill.

You can also buy it from sites like “NexGen Lawns” and “Titan Turf Supply”.

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