Turf Infill Review

Best Natural Infill for Synthetic Turf

One of the most sensitive aspects of purchasing an synthetic turf is to decide what kind of infill you want to use. This is especially divisive as there are many different types and brands of infill that range from natural to artificial. Through this article, we will help you choose the best natural infill for […]

Artificial Grass Turf Infill Review

ZeoFill Review – Is It Better than Regular Zeolite Infill and EnviroFill?

Zeolite-based infill has become a popular product amongst artificial turf owners these days, especially those who have pets. That’s because zeolite-based infill is an excellent material for neutralizing pet-urine odor. And one of the largest producers of zeolite-based infill has been ZeoFill, and in the following article, we intend to review their premium infill products. […]