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Best Natural Infill for Synthetic Turf

One of the most sensitive aspects of purchasing an synthetic turf is to decide what kind of infill you want to use.

This is especially divisive as there are many different types and brands of infill that range from natural to artificial.

Through this article, we will help you choose the best natural infill for synthetic turf.

Best Natural Infill for Synthetic Turf

There are a number of major brands of natural infills for synthetic turf, and here we will cover the largest brands, that are all well known for the quality of their products and have established reputations.

This will help you choose the best brand for yourself according to your individual needs and interests.

Recommended – BioFill

BioFill is a high-quality infill that’s been designed for use by pet-owners who are concerned with pet urine odor.

BioFill addresses this concern through the use of urine odor remover which is incorporated into the manufacturing of the material which minimizes the odor of pet urine.

BioFill is also an environmentally friendly infill that does not contain any dangerous or potentially toxic chemicals or materials.

This makes BioFill extremely safe for use by people and pets alike, and it is a great option for those concerned with environmental sustainability.

BioFill is a fairly cost-effective option as well since only half a pound of the product is required per square foot.

And its superior absorption qualities mean that smaller quantities of BioFill are needed to achieve the same effect as larger quantities of other infills, particularly those made of charcoal.

One of the most unique aspects of BioFill is that it is rechargeable which allows BioFill to be a very sustainable option that can be used for a relatively long period of time.

Overall, BioFill is a great option for pet owners who want to minimize urine odor smells and achieve maximum sustainability as an infill material.

Pure Nature Pets Turf and Kennel Deodorizer

The Pure Pets Turf and Kennel Deodorizer is a versatile product that’s been designed for not only providing pet owners relief from the odor of pet urine and feces, but it is also an excellent infill material for supporting grass blades.

Turf and Kennel is entirely manufactured from natural minerals, primarily clinoptilolite zeolite, so it does not contain any potentially toxic or unwanted chemicals.

It is a very safe option for use, and you can be sure that Turf and Kennel infill will not be a threat to your health.

Turf and Kennel has been designed to improve drainage through each individual particle of infill having a relatively large surface area that is also very porous in design so that drainage is maximized through the infill.

The benefit of this is that it will allow both water and pet urine to easily drain through the infill.

And therefore reduce the chance of any water or urine possibly pooling on the surface of the turf, which is extremely undesirable for consumers.

Turf and Kennel is entirely designed and produced within the U.S, so the quality of the product’s manufacturing is entirely assured.


EnviroFill has been designed as a low-maintenance option that requires minimal effort to maintain, and it is one of the few infills that does not require any watering at all.

It is a good choice for anyone who wants to use a low-maintenance infill that also lasts a long time.

EnviroFill is especially durable due to its high-quality construction that allows the infill to be used over multiple turf life-cycles.

The exact lifespan of EnviroFill is around 16 years. This makes it one of the longest-lasting of all infills, and it is a great choice for anyone who wants to avoid having to frequently replace their infill.

In order to enhance its hygiene and cleanliness, Envirofill incorporates a proprietary antimicrobial technology that prevents the possibility of bacterial infections develop from exposure to the infill.

This renders EnviroFill an extremely safe and hygienic infill material that is both long-lasting, extremely safe for use by people, and highly durable.

Overall, EnviroFill is an excellent option for consumers who value durability, longevity, and hygiene above all other considerations, but it may not be the best choice for anyone who wants an emphasis on drainage or pet odor removal.

ZeoFill Turf Infill

ZeoFill is one of the very highest ranked natural turfs, and it is primarily marketed towards homeowners with small children and pets.

ZeoFill is manufactured using Zeolites, but the unique aspect of ZeoFill’s manufacturing process is that all traces of impurities that could otherwise cause harm to both pets and humans.

Thus, ZeoFill is a very refined product that is exceptionally safe for use by both people and pets.

In fact, ZeoFill is even entirely safe for consumption by pets and children. This makes ZeoFill one of the very best options when it comes to safety.

ZeoFill has relatively good drainage that is sufficient to mitigate the effects of pet urine odor.

So, it is a relatively good choice for anyone who wants a sufficiently good drainage aspect.

ZeoFill is a durable infill option that will not easily suffer from excessive wear, although excessive pet urination can cause harm to the infill.

Overall, ZeoFill is an excellent choice of people whose primary concern is safety for their children and pets, but it must be said that it may not be the most ideal option if good drainage is a primary concern.


Here are some very common FAQs that people have with respect to infill material in general.

What Is Turf Infill

Turf infill essentially refers to small particles of material that are distributed over the top surface of synthetic turf.

Natural grass remains upright due to the presence of water and natural minerals, but artificial turf requires infill in order to be able to maintain the upright posture of individual grass blades.

Additionally, infill helps to maintain the surface of the turf by serving as a kind of shock-absorber that helps the turf withstand foot traffic.

There are many benefits to the use of infill, and you will require an infill for any kind of synthetic turf product that you purchase, so it is important to make sure you buy the right kind.

What Is Natural Infill for Synthetic Turf?

Infill material can be manufactured using either natural or artificial materials.

There are a number of different organic materials used, but typically most varieties of natural Infill are made up of either organic material such as walnut shells and ground-up pieces of coconuts.

The benefits of using a natural infill material are that it will provide you with a more natural-looking turf as well as a much more environmentally sustainable option than synthetic turf.

The downside of using natural infill material is that it may require additional maintenance such as regular watering or frequent replacement.

What Is Synthetic Turf Infill Made Out Of

Artificial turf infill can be obtained in a wide variety of different materials ranging from:

  • Silica sand
  • Acrylic-coated sand
  • Natural minerals such as zeolite, which is refined for use as an artificial turf infill

The exact kind of artificial turf material that you should consider using should depend on the exact nature of your turf product, and the exact appearance that you would like to achieve.

The advantages of using artificial turf material are that it is largely inexpensive, easily obtained, and requires no real maintenance which reduces long-term costs even further.

The disadvantages of using artificial turf are that it will not provide an appearance as natural as that would be achieved through a natural infill in addition to the possibility of toxic chemicals being present in some varieties of infill.

How Much Infill for Artificial Turf?

You will need anywhere between 1.5 to 4 pounds of infill per square foot of your turf depending on the exact length of the individual blades of your turf.

This will inevitably depend on the exact nature of your project, chiefly the size of your turf and the length of the individual grass blades.

Any infill that you purchase will provide detailed instructions on how much infill you should use per square foot.

What to Do About Too Much Infill in Artificial Turf

If it happens that you end up using an excessive level of infill on your artificial turf, the best possible thing that you can do is to call the producer of your infill and request them to clean up your turf.

This is a service provided by many artificial turf and infill manufacturers.

It is not recommended that you should attempt to remove excess infill yourself, but it is possible to do so using a rake or turf broom to remove excessive infill.


Choosing the right infill option is a very important matter when it comes to setting up your artificial turf.

Infill serves an extremely important purpose that ranges from maintaining the posture of your grass blades, preventing damage from heavy foot traffic, and contributing to easing the drainage functions of your turf.

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