Artificial Grass Reviews

Best Artificial Grass Rug

Artificial grass is essentially a synthetic alternative to natural grass products.

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular due to the fact that it requires far less maintenance than natural grass.

There are a wide number of artificial grass rug manufacturing companies, and in the following review, we have highlighted six of them.

Best Artificial Grass Rug

Any of these artificial grass rugs will liven up your interior or exterior. We’ve made a special mention for a dog-friendly artificial grass rug for pet owners.

Fasmov Green Artificial Grass Rug

The Fasmov Green Artificial Grass is a very high-quality artificial grass rug that’s been manufactured with high-quality material and is primarily intended for decorative use.

A single rug has dimensions of 3.2’ X 6.5’ which means that multiple rugs will have to be purchased if you wish to cover a wider area.

The manufacturer claims that it’s especially great for use in small gardens, roofs, near swimming pools and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is also a pet-friendly rug, so it is entirely safe for use by not only small children but also common pets such as cats and dogs.

In terms of appearance, the Fasmov Rug has a very bright and vibrant appearance which makes it more suitable for outdoor rather than indoor purposes.

It has a solid build which demonstrates its high-quality construction, and it is a relatively durable product as well. The Fasmov rug is not particularly difficult to maintain either, and it really only requires just some regular rinsing with water.

Overall, the Fasmov Green Artificial Grass Rug is a great option for people who want a very vibrant looking outdoor artificial grass rug that does not require high maintenance and is pet-friendly, but it is not the best for people who want a great indoor artificial grass rug.

CooZero Professional Dog Grass Mat

The CooZero Professional Dog Grass Mat is a pet-friendly grass mat that’s been engineered for use by animals, particularly dogs.

It is also mostly an outdoor rug that’s been intended for use in places such as a playground or near an outside swimming pool. It can still be used for indoor purposes though, but that is not where its advantages are the most apparent.

One of the unique aspects of this artificial grass rug is that it has been constructed to provide warmth to any pets that sit on it during the winter.

In terms of appearance, the CooZero Grass Mat has a very natural-looking appearance with the presence of thatch, which lends itself extremely well for use in any kind of outdoor setting.

Its construction is also very high quality with the texture and durability of the product being especially appreciable.

Its soft exterior is also ideal for pets who would find it very comfortable to sit or play upon.

Overall, the CooZero Grass Mat is a very great option for anyone who wants a pet artificial grass rug specifically. It is one of the best options for a pet playground, but it isn’t a desirable artificial grass rug if you don’t intend to use it for your pets.

Goasis Thick Artificial Grass Rug

The Goasis Thick Artificial Grass Rug has a very rugged and realistic appearance that can make it very difficult to distinguish it from actual grass.

The color tones of the individual grass blades are extremely varied, just like natural grass, and you can see that a lot of design and effort was invested in this project to give it the look that it has.

The marketing for this product reveals that its intended users are individuals who want the most durable natural-looking grass rug.

It’s been designed for both indoor and outdoor usage, which makes it very versatile and the high durability factor makes it quite suitable for use in high traffic areas as well.

The appearance of this artificial grass rug is very thick and dense, it resembles an actual field of grass with its diverse colors and textures providing a multi-faceted appearance.

If you don’t entirely like the way that it appears, Goasis actually allows you to customize your artificial grass rug since the grass blades can be easily cut and adjusted by a scissor.

It’s also environmentally sustainable which is another huge quality that many people will find to be appreciable. Overall, it’s an excellent option for anyone who wants the most natural-looking and durable artificial grass rug.

Fezep – Best Artificial Grass Rug for Dogs

The Fezep Grass Rug is another great option for anyone who has pets since it’s a premium artificial artificial grass rug with a very soft texture and has specific advantages in the form of its great appearance and high-quality construction.

The Fezep Grass Rug, unlike certain other products, also places a very strong emphasis on the importance of proper drainage and hygiene.

So it is an especially good product for anyone who is concerned with adequate pet urine drainage for example.

The Fezep Grass Gug is also a very low-maintenance option that offers a particularly large surface area of 39.4’ by 19.7’ which is especially large for the product’s price point.

The product’s appearance is very lush and thick with a nice diversity of color tones and hues that give it the appearance of actual grass.

It is both an indoor and outdoor artificial grass rug, but its appearance definitely suggests that it is much better suited for being used outdoors than indoors.

The emphasis on good drainage is probably one of the best features of this artificial grass rug, and overall, this is a great option for any pet owner.

However, it is an especially good option for pet owners with multiple dogs or small puppies since the emphasis on proper drainage is great for those types of pet owners.

Goasis Realistic Synthetic Grass Mat

Another great product by Goasis, the Realistic Synthetic Grass mat is a very high-quality outdoor grass rug that’s low maintenance, highly durable, has great drainage, and is available in customized sizes.

The Goasis Realistic Synthetic Grass Mat has been designed to be resistant to harsh weather, high foot traffic, and excessive exposure to water.

This makes it one of the very best outdoor artificial grass rugs, especially for use in areas with harsh and unpredictable weather.

Simultaneously, the Goasis Realistic Synthetic Grass Mat is also a very soft product that’s extremely comfortable to walk on barefoot.

The customizability in size is probably one of its most unique factors and a major reason why it’s suitable for both large and small projects.

The Goasis Synthetic Grass Rug has a very decent appearance that lends itself well to outdoor usage, but this product’s high durability and resistance to weather changes are probably the most important features that it has.

Overall, the Goasis Synthetic Grass Rug is the perfect product for consumers with complex lawns that are exposed to highly volatile weather patterns. But it is not a good choice for you if you want to have an indoor artificial grass rug.

ZGR Premium artificial grass rug for Carpet and Doormat

The ZGR Premium artificial grass rug, as its name implies, is a premium quality artificial artificial grass rug that can be used for a number of applications both indoors and outdoors.

It’s a high-quality artificial grass rug that has a very unique appearance. The individual grass blades are also particularly long when compared with most average quality artificial grass rugs.

The biggest selling point of the ZGR Premium artificial grass rug is probably the product’s longevity as it has been designed to last almost twice as long as most average quality artificial artificial grass rugs.

It’s also extremely durable to diversified weather conditions, and its durable nature is one of the best aspects of it.

The ZGR Premium has a very hyper-realistic and dense appearance. The construction is high quality, the durability is exceptional and the product’s longevity is almost difficult to believe.

Overall, the ZGR Premium is a high-end option that’s best reserved for individuals who want to obtain the longest-lasting possible artificial grass rug.


Here are some common questions that people often have with respect to artificial grass rugs.

How soft is an artificial grass rug

It depends on the manufacturer, but it can be said that most artificial grass rugs are quite soft and comfortable. Pet-friendly artificial grass rugs tend to be the very softest.

How to clean artificial grass rug

Artificial grass rugs, regardless of manufacturer, are very low-maintenance products in general and do not require extensive cleaning.

Here are a few tips to clean your artificial grass rug:

  • Rinse your rug occasionally with a small amount of water
  • Use a artificial grass rug broom to clean up any dust or debris that accumulates on the rug’s surface
  • Clean up any spills made to the surface of the rug as quickly as possible
  • If your pets urinate or leave feces on your rug, rinse the urine with water to help it drain and remove the feces after rinsing it

How do I maintain my artificial grass carpet?

Most artificial artificial grass rug rugs are very low maintenance products that do not require extensive care, but a well-maintained rug definitely lasts longer than a poorly maintained one.

Apart from regularly cleaning your rug, make sure that it is not exposed to adverse weather conditions if it is not designed to handle strong weather, and make sure to clean up any spills that accumulate on it.

Overall, as long as you keep your rug clean and do not expose it to weather conditions that it is not designed to handle, it will maintain its appearance for the product’s life cycle.


An artificial grass rug can be a great product for you since it is a very low-maintenance option when compared with natural grass.

In this article, we’ve reviewed six of the most popular artificial rug products and described what type of consumer would wish to buy each one.

We hope that this information will allow you to make informed decisions as a consumer.