Artificial Grass Reviews

Softest Artificial Grass

When installing artificial grass, what qualities does one have in mind? It should be low maintenance, durable, look close to nature, and most of all it should be soft.

The softness of artificial grass is one of the main concerns because if the grass is not soft, it may pose injury risks for anyone who treads, slides, or falls on it.

Especially children, considering their delicate bones.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the artificial grass being installed is soft to touch.

Softest Artificial Grass

Without further ado here are a few of the softest artificial grass products you can find in the market.

Goasis Premium High Density Turf

This long lasting premium synthetic artificial grass turf is a product of Goasis Lawns, which guarantees this turf to last a good 10 years.

Best for indoor as well as outdoor use, this high-density turf comes in a 4-tone color that provides high temperature resistance.

The high-quality synthetic material with superior resilience and durability ensures an unmatched softness, in addition to a soft and lush thatch that looks and feels like real natural grass.

It is a great product for homes with children and pets, as it is eco-friendly, UV protected, fire resistant and weatherproof. The slip resistant backing of this premium turf ensures that all dog mats stay in place.

Unlike low quality turfs, this synthetic artificial grass turf will not bobble or tear when children run around or play on it excessively, creating a fun and safe environment for all.

This is warranted by the 10 MM pile height of the turf that is thick and heavy and constructed with the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarns.

Goasis Premium High-Density Turf can be easily cut to fit the user’s requirements, which enables it to be installed at a variety of locations such as yards, fields, parks, golf courts and around the home to embellish any roof or balcony, swimming pool area, verandah or terrace.

ZGR Premium Lawn Turf – Thick

This premium lawn turf by ZGR boasts a two layered backing of PP weave cloth, which ensures a comfortable turf that is soft to touch.

Have no fear of spills as it is designed with drain holes to allow easy water drainage. ZGR has manufactured this premium lawn turf with non-toxic materials, which makes it safe for children, pets, and the environment as well.

The high quality of ZGR premium lawn turf ensures that it will endure all kinds of weather such as rain, snow, wind, or hail. This also gives it the ability to be installed at a variety of locations, including indoor as well as outdoor.

Versatile in functionality, it can be used in the balconies, backyards, gardens, terraces, pool sides, golf courses, public spaces, parks, patios, play areas, and many more places.

This can also be achieved because this artificial turf can be easily cut and trimmed according to specific needs. The extensive height of 35 mm makes it a lush choice for an artificial turf that will be soft and plush if in case children or pets slide and fall on it.

ZGR makes it a priority to keep up to date with the latest technology to bring the best product for their consumers that fully meets their requirements.

Petgrow Deluxe Artificial Turf – Best for Dogs

Have pets and concerned for their wellbeing when installing artificial turf?

Do not worry, Petgrow has come up with the solution to beautify many areas of your home, keeping in mind the safety and health of not only your pets, but also children that may play on it.

Having 4 different heights of grass to choose from, Petgrow Deluxe Artificial Turf can be installed at a variety of locations, including not only homes, but also public areas such as schools, playgrounds, fields, swimming pools, parks, and golf courses, etc.

There are over 1000 sizes to choose from, which makes it a great choice for all types of applications.

With Petgrow Deluxe Artificial Turf, gardens and lawns remain green and lush all year round and season after season.

This deluxe artificial turf is made of highly durable grass blades that make it great for heavy usage as well as insusceptible to wear and tear caused by pets or children playing on it.

It is eco-friendly, child friendly, pet friendly, and consists of high-quality UV stable grass blades.

Kunta Garden Premium Artificial Grass

Made to look like the most premium realistic looking artificial grass, Kunta Garden has come up with a turf that is manufactured with the highest-grade quality yarn.

Complemented with anti-age weaving, double layered yarn is used to create this masterpiece of artificial grass.

Kunta Garden Premium Artificial Grass is super resilient and unaffected by harsh weather, which makes it a good choice for a myriad of applications.

It employs a styrene-butadiene rubber latex backing with supports water drainage for rainy days or unwanted spills. Advanced blade design and backing ensures the longevity of this artificial grass.

The size can be customized to fit the needs of the application; hence it can be installed at a big variety of places such as:

  • Home gardens
  • Lawns
  • Back yards
  • Front yards
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Parks
  • School playgrounds
  • Soccer fields
  • Golf areas, and many other places

Kunta Garden Premium Artificial Grass is resistant to heat and frost, and is UV stabilized, while its grass blades are colour fast that promise long lasting beauty.

The 35mm pile height makes it one of the softest artificial grasses in the market, making it a great choice for areas where children and pets play and may slip and slide.

The softness of the artificial grass will minimize any injuries that may occur because of falling.

Shaddock High Density Turf Lawn

Tired of watering, mowing, and applying nasty pesticides to natural grass lawns? Shaddock High Density Turf Lawn is the answer to all these concerns.

A very low maintenance artificial turf, Shaddock has created this product keeping in mind children and pets who will be playing on it regularly.

It is made of grass blades of high-quality material, weaved together strongly with a double padded backing layer.

Drainage holes in the backing ensure rainwater or spills are taken care of easily without affecting the quality of the artificial turf.

Shaddock High Density Turf Lawn is 35 mm in height and can be customized to fit into many different locations: school play areas, parks, fields, golf courses, swimming pool areas, out and around the home in backyards, patios, front yards, balconies, and many other areas.

It is a great option for those places where kids and pets will play because it is eco-friendly grass which does not emit toxic chemicals that may harm the health of either one of them.

This artificial turf lawn is extremely soft as it is made of super strong high-density polyethylene that is soft to the touch and water resistant as well.

A great replacement for natural grass, Shaddock High Density Turf Lawn is also fire resistant and a retardant, which means that burning cigarette butts can do no harm if mistakenly dropped on it, therefore a very safe option for children as well as pets.


What is the Softest Artificial Grass?

When looking to buy the softest artificial grass, a few things need to be kept in mind.

The main thing is the material the grass blades are made up of. The plastic grass blades in artificial turf can either be made of nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene.

Areas that are prone to heavier traffic should have artificial grass that is made of nylon. While artificial turf that is made of nylon lasts longer, it is not as soft.

On the other hand, when considering installing artificial turf in areas that will be in use by children and pets, using high-grade polypropylene or polyethylene ensures that the final product is the softest artificial grass.

How Soft is Artificial Grass?

Although it may seem that natural grass would be softer than artificial grass, this may not be the case always.

When the family is out to have a good time in the backyard in the summer afternoons, there is a great possibility that the natural grass has been burned by the sun and dried out, hence scratching, and feeling prickly on the skin when laid on.

This is not the case with artificial grass. When synthetic turf is made with high quality plastic material, it can actually be softer than real grass.

Is Astro Turf Soft?

The very first brand to launch artificial grass in the USA in 1965 was Astro Turf. Since it was the very first one of its kind, it was not the softest of turf that ever was: it was a short-pile turf that needed great improvement.

Made with a textured nylon system, this artificial turf is not considered to be soft, as the main component of soft textured turf is considered to be polypropylene or polyethylene.

Research and technology have helped artificial grass come a long way, as can be seen in the different varieties of artificial turf found today, that can be used across multiple locations, according to the needs of the buyers.