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Best Bermuda Grass Seed

Bermuda grass is a very versatile grass that can grow well in many climates. It has a deep root system which helps it withstand drought and heat better than other types of grasses, making it an ideal choice for the south or southwest regions of the United States where summer temperatures often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bermuda grass also does not need to be irrigated as much as other types of plants do, so homeowners in these areas will save money on their water bill while still maintaining a lush green lawn.

There are many brands of Bermuda grass seed on the market. Each brand has a different mix of quality, price and quantity. We narrowed it down to the best brands for you to choose from based on our research and customer reviews.

Best Bermuda Grass Seed – Top 8 Picks from Trusted Turf Brands

The Bermuda grass seed that is used in your yard is a very important decision. The type of grass seed you use, and the time of year that you plant it will have a huge impact on how well your lawn does. We’ve compiled 8 brands of bermuda grass seed to help you find the perfect one for your needs!

Pennington Smart Seed Bermudagrass Grass Seed And Fertilizer Mix

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  • Contains fertilizer
  • Sprouts earlier than normal Bermuda grass seeds
  • Will require more watering in the beginning to germinate

Pennington Smart Seed Bermudagrass is an ideal turfgrass option for use in a variety of different spaces. It’s quick to establish and can be used on new or existing lawns as part of 2x coverage with less effort than traditional grasses.

Pennington Smart Seed Bermuda Grass offers fast establishment, strong coverage, and requires less maintenance when compared against other common types like Kentucky Bluegrass due to its high drought tolerance levels; making it the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking not just for great quality but also want something that will perform well even during dry spells!

This Bermuda grass seed mix is scientifically formulated to help young lawns grow strong. It’s made for the right amount of fertilizer so you can start out with a healthy and weed-free yard!

Containing just the right balance between fertilizers, this specially designed blend will ensure that your new lawn starts off with all its nutrients in place–resulting in an environmentally friendly space free from pesky weeds.

The Smart Seed mix will not only provide the ideal turf for your lawn, but it also includes a temporary grass that provides stability to the soil and early color.

Rather than waiting until summer heat arrives to germinate seedlings from Bermudagrass alone, you can start planting with this smart mixture earlier in spring before temperatures rise too high.

Scotts Turf Builder Thick’R Lawn Bermudagrass

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  • Perfect for patching up a bermuda lawn’s bare spots
  • Not recommended to start a bermuda lawn from scratch

Scotts® Turf Builder Thick’R Lawn Bermudagrass is the perfect solution for a healthier, thicker bermuda lawn. The 3-in-1 seed mix contains seeds to fill gaps in your current turf; fertilizer that will enrich and stimulate growth of new grass blades; and soil improver for roots development so you can have healthy plants from head to toe!

Give your lawn a boost with the Scotts Turf Builder Thick’R Lawn Bermudagrass. With fertilizer, weed control and seed included in one package you can enjoy an instant greening of your grass to make it thicker than ever before!

Everything that once seemed impossible now seems possible when using this product from Miracle-Gro®, such as making weak, thin blades grow into thickened greener patches within just months.

NOTE – For those who want to grow a lush green lawn in one season, this product is not for you. This fertilizer would be perfect if your current bermuda grass lawn needs some help growing thickening. This product is not recommended to start a new lawn.

X-Seed Unhulled Bermuda Grass

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  • Cost effective bermuda grass seed
  • Not recommended for shady areas

Deep south locals who desire an everlasting, lush green carpet for their yards should use X-Seed Unhulled Bermuda Grass seed.

This seed was designed to germinate quickly so that you could get your lawn up and going in no time.

With a quick germination time, these grass seeds are perfect for planting in areas that need to be greened up quickly.

This new type of seed is one you’ll want on hand if you ever find yourself needing an instant lawn. These little guys will go from the ground to full-fledged blades within 15-21 days and can provide some much needed greenery without taking too long before they get started.

Do note that this grass seed thrives in full sun and needs the sunshine and heat from direct beams.

This grass seed was specifically bred to be resistant to drought.

This grass seed has long been a reliable choice for any homeowner looking for an attractive greenery in their lawn despite the lack of rain.

Pennington Premium Bermudagrass Blend

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  • Highly durable against colder weather conditions
  • Not as economical as X-Seed

Pennington Premium Bermudagrass blend will give you and your loved ones a lush, thick lawn that is durable through all kinds of weather.

This extremely wear-resistant grass seed is an excellent option for your yard. This hardy variety will not die out in winter, and with a deep root system it can remain alive even when the ground freezes over.

This grass is perfect for those who have a dry region, as it naturally resists water loss and lasts longer.

This type of green healthy green can be maintained more easily by homeowners than the traditional varieties because they do not require watering on a daily basis or being fertilized constantly to maintain their color.

The perfect grass seed for the scorching southern states, this blend of Bermudagrass offers improved cold tolerance.

The new and improved low-growing variety is Ideal for areas with full sun exposure or more than eight hours a day; it’s also an excellent choice if you want to avoid having your lawn die come winter time in colder climates!

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Bermudagrass

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  • Thick, green bermuda grass
  • Not suited to shade

If you’re looking to make your lawn as resilient and drought resistant as possible, it may be time for the expertly engineered Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Bermudagrass.

This grass seed from Scotts may change the way you think about planting seeds! The four components of their WaterSmart PLUS coating absorb 2x more moisture which jumpstarts growth for healthier plants, feeds them so they can thrive even better with less maintenance needed on your part as well as protects them from diseases like mold or fungus infections.

With the right climate conditions in mind during development, this seed was designed with a few key features that ensure survival without water under scorching heat or dry soil-the perfect combination of circumstances we face here in the Southern US!

Don’t let your lawn get scorched by the heat this summer! Plant Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Bermudagrass and it will survive in any drought conditions.

Also, if you want to make your lawn grow thick and green, then look no further than this grass seed. The seeds aggressively spread and take root in order to create a beautiful expanse of lush green for you!

True to bermuda grass’s nature and to thrive under the harshest of conditions, this seed is perfect for those who want a lush rug that doesn’t need constant attention.

Withstanding extreme heat and drought without faltering, these seeds are ready to grow in any environment or weather condition.

Pennington Seed Bermuda Grass Seed

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  • Economical and high performance grass seed
  • Needs good lawn preparation to show best results

Growing a lush and healthy lawn is not difficult. You just need the right grass seed! This particular type of Pennington Seed Bermuda Grass Seed is perfect for warm season sunny areas like Texas, Florida, etc., because it will grow quickly in that climate to provide your family with more time on their feet playing sports or lounging outside by the pool than mowing.

The grass seed has a very fine turf type texture that is drought resistant. This makes it easy to maintain in dry climates such as the desert or semi-arid regions because there’s no need for watering, fertilizing, or mowing often.

If you are looking for a dependable and affordable bermuda seed that will produce fantastic results with the least amount of work, then this is your product. All you need to do is follow some easy steps and put in some work up front in preparing your soil upfront; if it’s done properly, your return on time spent will be worth it!

Outsidepride Arden 15 Hybrid Bermuda Grass Seed

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  • Engineer for higher cold tolerance
  • Can be planted in transitional states such as Tulsa, Lousiville
  • Dwarf grass variety, unlike other tall Bermuda grass varieties

The Arden 15 hybrid bermuda grass seed is a brand new upgrade from Princess 77, making it one of the most popular turfgrass varieties today. With its deep green color and superior early spring growth that turns into an excellent lawn all year round, this product has many benefits over traditional options!

The Certified Arden 15 Hybrid Bermudagrass Seed by Pennington Seed Company is their latest upscale for Princess 77 customers who are looking for quality and consistency in their turfs. This variety features darker-green tones than other common types.

The grass seed is ideal for planting in transitional markets as far north as Tulsa, Louisville and Richmond. This variety has a faster grow-in versus Princess 77 because it can withstand cold weather better than standard varieties of lawngrass.

Arden 15 is a gorgeous grass variety with dark green leaves and medium fine texture. It has high leaf density as well as spring greenup and fall color retention, making it easy to establish from seed.

This grass seed is perfect for top-of-the-line golf courses and other upscale landscaping.

A green lawn makes any home feel more luxurious, which means that this produce will be a favorite among those with high standards in the quality of their yards.

Outsidepride Yukon – Hybrid Bermuda Grass Seed

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  • Exceptional resistance to cold compared to regular bermuda grass
  • Genetically engineered bermuda grass seed for lush green lawns
  • Not as thick as competitors

Searching for the best seeded Bermuda grass? Outsidepride’s Yukon’ Bermudagrass is a perfect choice! No matter what your growing zone, this seed has you covered.

This seed was developed by a team of scientists at Oklahoma State University with the U.S. Golf Association to be more durable and affordable for golf courses in dry climates, like Texas or California.

This grass is not only resilient enough to thrive in harsh conditions but also offers fair rates so that it can compete against other turf products such as synthetic surfaces which have become increasingly popular these days because they are easier on feet than natural ones!

This Bermuda turf grass seed is the result of years of research by scientists who wanted to make a cold hardy variety. The five best plants were then cross bred in 1990 and this synthetic product resulted from their work which makes it one of, if not THE most cold tolerant Bermudagrass on the market today!

This bermuda grass seed is a low-maintenance, high quality option for those looking to conserve water while maintaining a lush and green lawn.

This Bermuda Grass Seed uses up to 25% less water than other Bermudagrasses, which saves you time as well as money by not having to spend hours on your yard every week watering it. In addition these seeds produce an excellent turf without any contaminants that will keep the environment around them healthy!

Buying Bermuda Grass Seeds – A Guide

Hybrid Bermuda Grass Seed

A hybrid bermuda grass seed is a crossbreed between two different types of Bermuda grass. This type of bermuda grass seed was specifically designed to be easier to maintain and more colorful than the original green-brown version.

For example, TN55 is a hybrid grass seed developed for superior winter cold resistance.

In this case, the first parent would be Tennessee 55 Bermuda hybrid and the second parent is Faddo, a vietnamese type of creeping bentgrass. TN55 comes in various color variations and lengths for thicker weed control.

TN55 is tolerant to Stenotrophomonas maltophilia (blue green algae) which can carry bacteria that may cause Septoria leaf spot on bottom leaves after rain events. TN55 is more resistant to turf stress during dormant periods caused by insufficient winter chilling or hot dry summer due to increased vernalization requirement for flowering and growth phases.

Should You Prefer Hybrid Bermuda Grasses?

It depends. Hybrid grasses are bred with many other species to create a new, superior variety that is more resistant to harsh environments or problems such as drought or disease.

A hybrid bermuda grass seed has been modified by artificial selection and subsequent inbreeding (usually involving cutting plants at the base so that they will self-pollinate) to increase the homozygosity of its genome and produce traits more true-to-type than those found in any of the parents.


What Is The Best Time To Plant Bermuda Grass Seed?

As soon as the ground can be worked, in late fall or early spring.
Bermuda grass grows best during the long and hot days of summer.

For that reason, it is typically planted or reseeded just before the onset of summer as this ensures a quick, vigorous response from plants when they are actively growing. After midsummer has passed, Bermuda grass gradually slows down its growth rate until it enters its dormant dry-season period expected in late autumn and wintertime.

What Is The Best Type Of Bermuda Grass?

Tifway bermudagrass has been the most popular grass for many establishments. The popularity is due to how well it holds up in sports fields, golf courses and other high-traffic areas while still providing a beautiful lawn or field that everyone enjoys on their free time.

Can You Put Bermuda Seed On Existing Lawn?

It is possible to put Bermuda seed on existing lawns. However, you need to be aware of the following points:

The existing lawn will need to be healthy and free from weeds. Bermuda is not a weed-killer and will not take over an existing lawn. It is also important that the soil is in good condition and well drained.

The best time to sow Bermuda grass seed for use on an existing lawn is in the autumn or winter months (September – February). This is because it will have a chance to establish itself before the spring/summer growth period. If you are sowing during these months, ensure that you water the grass daily until it has become established.

Will Bermuda Grass Choke Out Weeds?

That’s a good question, because Bermuda grass is very dense and can crowd out most weeds. However, sometimes invasive species of plants (weeds) are stronger than Bermuda grass and will push it out.

A good way to make sure that the weed stays away is by mowing your lawn early in the morning or evening when water droplets from daytime will have dried up and sunlight is fairly reduced at these times of day.

If mowing during these hours isn’t possible for you for some reason, just give your lawn a really good soaking before mowing or weed-eating so that all available surface moisture has been drawn out into the soil first. This’ll keep any new weeds from sprouting up in your lovely green lawn within

How Do I Make My Bermuda Grass Thicker?

Bermuda grass is very popular due to its ability to grow in almost any condition. It grows quickly and can be used as a natural lawn, as well as for sports fields. It is also a great option for use in landscaping projects.

However, it is not the thickest type of grass available. If you want your Bermuda grass to be thicker, there are a few things that you can do to help it along.

Fertilize The Grass

If you fertilize your Bermuda grass regularly, it will grow thicker and stronger. You should fertilize the grass at least once every two weeks during the summer months. Use organic fertilizer if possible and water it into the soil well after applying it. This will give your Bermuda grass a boost of nutrients that will make it thicker and stronger over time.

Mow The Grass Regularly

Mowing Bermuda grass on a regular basis is another way to help make it thicker over time. You should mow the grass when it reaches approximately three inches high or until 1/3 of the blade has been cut off each time you mow, whichever comes first (depending on how often you mow). This will allow the roots of your Bermuda grass to spread out more easily which will result in more growth overall and therefore, a thicker lawn over time!

Does Bermuda grass make a good lawn?

Bermuda grass makes a perfect lawn material. It is the most popular choice of many homeowners because it can be used for several different purposes, from traditional turf to meadow or prairie. Bermuda grass also grows well in drought-prone areas and on soil types that are not conducive with other types of plants.