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Best Grass Seed for Missouri – Hot and Humid Climate Grass

The state of Missouri is a great place to live in with a hot and humid climate, and it can be a great place for you to grow a great grass lawn. But, due to the climatic conditions in the area, you will want to be very particular about the kind of grass that you choose for your lawn. Since the state of Missouri is a hot and humid area, you will need to find a variety of grass species that can survive in the climate of this state, and in this article, we have outlined the best grass in Missouri.

Best Grass Seed for Missouri

Here are 6 of the best grass seeds that you can get in Missouri.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch

Zoysia and mulch are two grass variants that are extremely well-suited for use in the state of Missouri where their suitability for partial and light shading is ideal. This product will produce a very beautiful-looking durable and low-maintenance lawn that is perfect for use in an area such as Missouri.

Another great benefit of this product, in particular, is that it has been designed to grow with near to non-existent weeds. This makes it especially desirable since weed growth is a relatively common problem faced by lawn owners in the state of Missouri.

This particular product can be used to cover a piece of territory up to a total of 2,000 square feet. This is ideal coverage for the vast majority of homeowners. Overall, this is a great product for any homeowner, and you can be sure that this is a product that can be used especially well in Missouri’s climate and geography.

Scotts Turf Builder Rapid Grass Tall Fescue Mix

Fescue is another great variety of grass that can be used in the state of Missouri since it is highly resistant to the temperatures and climate of the state. Some of the greatest benefits of this particular product include its highly resistant nature. The Scotts Fescue Mix grows twice as fast as only Fescue seeds.

The unique combination of seeds and fertilizer that makes up the Scotts Turf Tall Fescue mix allows you to achieve a great lawn in only a few weeks that has a fully green appearance.

Fescue is a tall variety of grass, so it is especially great for anyone who wants a very tall lawn. A single bag of this product is enough for a lawn of a size up to 1,845 square feet which are more than sufficient for a majority of homeowners. Overall, this is a great product for anyone who wants a great tall and green lawn.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Kentucky Bluegrass

Bluegrass is also a great variety of grass that’s highly suitable for use in Missouri due to its naturally resilient nature as well as the fast pace of growth.

The Scotts Kentucky Bluegrass has also been designed to be additionally resilient due to the continuously self-repairing qualities that allow it to generate a durable and highly resistant to wear-and-tear lawn.

The Bluegrass seed mix has been designed for use in both areas under full sun exposure as well as partially shaded areas. The grass itself has a very fine bladed texture that is very soft to the touch.

The grass is also intended to be fully drought resistant which is quite advantageous in Missouri. Scotts proprietary WaterSmart Plus Coating allows the individual seeds to absorb water and nutrients very rapidly as well, and a single bag is enough for over an area of 4,725 square feet. Overall, this is a great product for use in any Missouri lawn.

Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Bermuda grass

This product is right for you if you find that you live in an area that is especially hot and dry since this grass variety has been designed to be extremely resistant to such a climate.

Scotts Bermuda grass has been designed to be highly resistant to heat and drought. The grass also grows at a very rapid rate with fast growth periods that result in a very thick and dense-looking lawn which many people find to be quite attractive.

Similar to other Scotts products, it also contains the company’s proprietary WaterSmart Plus coating technology which allows for twice as much water absorption as regular seeds in addition to accelerated growth for the seeds.

Despite the dense construction of the grass, it is very drought resistant, so this is a great product if you want a dense-looking lawn in a hot and frequently under-drought area.

Pennington Seed 15 lb Bermuda Grass Seed

Pennington is another great brand if you’d like to purchase Bermuda grass since they also offer a very resistant and tolerant breed of grass that is durable to the conditions faced by many residents in Missouri.

This product has been designed for use in warm to hot regions, making it highly suitable for use in Missouri.

It has an excellent level of tolerance to wear and tear damage, so you can be sure that it can be used in an area of high traffic. The texture of the grass itself is very fine and neat which offers a great looking lawn. As for its durability to droughts, it is quite resistant.

Overall, this is a great product for those people who are especially looking for a variety of Bermuda grass that’s been designed for use in hot regions with high foot traffic that are commonly affected by drought.

Outsidepride Legacy Fine Fescue Turf Grass

Fescue grass is another great option for use in Missouri since it has a very finely bladed texture, and it happens to be used the most in commercial areas such as parks, golf courses and commercial lawns.

The lawn seed blend can grow in both hot and cool climates as well as in relatively shady areas as well. It is also very useful in areas with cooler climates since it has been designed to be resistant to such temperatures as well.

This version of Fescue grass has a number of unique qualities in its appearance such as its unique combination of hard fescue, creeping red fescue and chewings fescue.

A single bag of this product can be used to cover an area of over 1000 square feet which makes it very ideal for use in medium-sized lawns. Overall, it is one of the best possible products for medium to large lawns.

How to Select the Right Grass Seed For Missouri

As you can see there are a number of different types of grass that you can find for Missouri, but what is the right kind of grass for your individual needs? Here are a number of considerations that you should take note of a number of considerations such as these.

Foot Traffic

Some people like to have lawns only for purely display purposes, but other people actually want to be able to walk over their lawn.

Therefore, you should know just how much foot traffic you expect for your lawn, and you should select a variety of grass that is appropriate for your level of need in terms of foot traffic.

Bermuda grass and Bluegrass are the two best varieties that you can get if you expect very frequent and heavy foot traffic on your lawn. Ryegrass is the least desirable variety for you if you have very heavy foot traffic.

If you do not intend to have much foot traffic, then you should consider other factors such as whether you would prefer your lawn to be durable or aesthetic-looking, and the amount of sunlight exposure that your lawn will have.

Durability vs Aesthetic

Some people would rather have beautiful-looking lawns even if they are not very durable, but other people feel that they are fully willing to let go of aesthetics if they can get a lawn that is very long-lasting.

Where you stand on the spectrum between durability vs beauty is entirely a matter of personal choice. Some varieties of grass much better suited for use in lawns for beauty purposes rather than for durability such as Fescue grass which is known for being extremely beautiful-looking and for that reason it has been used for many commercial purposes for that as well.

If, however, you are primarily interested in durability rather than appearance which is often the case for people who intend to use their lawn for many practical purposes then the best varieties of grass for you would be Bermuda grass and Kentucky Bluegrass which are known for being extremely highly resistant to traffic and physical stress.

Amount of Sunlight Exposure

The level of sunlight exposure that your lawn receives is another major concern for you to take note of since you will want to have since not all grass seeds are fully suited to every kind of degree of sunlight.

Kentucky Bluegrass is the most dynamic with respect to sunlight exposure since Kentucky Bluegrass can be used in both shaded as well as non-shaded areas.

Bermuda grass is also quite suitable for use in areas where sun exposure is quite high while Fescue grass is the most suitable for areas where you will have relatively low degrees of sun exposure.

So, you should select the kind of grass that fits your needs with respect to sunlight exposure with Kentucky Bluegrass being the most suitable for high sun exposure and Fescue grass being the least suitable for sunlight exposure.


When should you plant grass seed in Missouri?

The best time for planting grass in the state of Missouri is in the fall, typically between late August to late October since it is the most conducive time period for grass growth.

A full lawn of grass will be grown within a period of a few to several weeks depending on the exact variety of grass.

Can you plant grass seed in the spring in Missouri?

Planting grass in the spring in Missouri is not recommended since most varieties of grass that are suitable for growth in Missouri will not grow well in the spring.

Fescue and Bluegrass are especially not suitable for growth during the spring. So, it would be best to avoid planting grass in the spring in Missouri since the grass will not grow optimally.

What is the best grass seed for the Midwest?

Overall Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue grass are the most appropriate for use in the Midwest since these varieties of grass are the most conducive for rapid and sustained growth in the Midwest of the United States.

Both of these types of grass are highly suited to this region since they are highly suitable for the type of climate and geography of the Midwest.

What type of grass grows in Missouri?

Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass are the best with respect to growth in the state of Missouri.

Both of these kinds of grass are highly suited for growth in the Midwest of the United States as a whole, but they are especially well-suited for the individual conditions in the state of Missouri.

These kinds of grass are the best for Missouri since they are the most likely to grow rapidly in the climate and weather of Missouri where sun exposure is quite high and the climate is generally quite warm and hot.

When Should I aerate my lawn in Missouri?

Aeration of a lawn should be conducted just a few weeks before the start of the most important growth period of your grass. If you are planting your grass in late August, then you will want to aerate your lawn some 2 or 3 weeks into the start of September.

Hence, aeration during the early months of the fall season would be the best possible time for you to aerate your lawn if you live in the state of Missouri.

It is important, however, to not aerate your lawn before you start planting your grass, and you do not want to aerate your lawn after the most important growth period of your grass has already been completed.