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6 Steps on How to Clean Artificial Grass Dog Urine & Remove Urine Odor

Cleaning your artificial grass is essential to keep smells and bacteria away. There are a lot of small things you can do to clean your artificial grass, especially with your dog urinating all over the lawn.

Both dog pee and poop is bad for real grass; however, fake grass can deal with it just fine without getting damaged. But, you will need to clean the grass to get rid of the odor and there are many different ways of doing that.

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Here are some ways you can keep odor, bacteria, excrement and dirt off your artificial lawn:

Steps for Cleaning Dog Urine from Artificial Grass

There are many ways you can clean your artificial grass. After your dog has done his business on the lawn, you can clean up using a mixture of warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle. This will be a permanent and quick way of getting rid of any sort of odor for good.

1. Mop the Urine with Paper Towels

Use a paper towel. It’s likely that your dog has a certain area where it goes to do its business. Whenever your dog does pee on the artificial grass, you can mop the urine up with paper towels. This not only allows the area to get dryer, you can use water to rinse it off as well.

All you have to do is take a good amount of paper towel and place it on the pee; pick it up and throw it in the trash. You can also spray the area with your warm water and vinegar solution to deodorize it.

Note, you need to use a good amount of paper towels so you don’t get any pee on your hand when you pick it up.

2. Use Running Water to Clean the Area

Hose the area. You have a few ways you can clean the pee area; firstly, you need to use some running water to wash away the area. Whether it’s dog pee or poop, you can effortlessly clean the area. An easy way would be to have a hose around the area and let it dry out in the Sun.

The other option is to use the soapy water and vinegar solution and use paper towels. You can also have a spray bottle full of water to clean the area.

Note, you don’t need a lot of water to wash the area; you can simply wash it with a small amount of water to wash it away.

3. (Optional) Using Enzyme-based Grass Cleaners

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Use a cleaner for tough jobs. These types of cleaning products contain plant-based enzymes, each of which can treat specific types of stains.

These enzymes will cause a natural chemical reaction and quickly enter the tightest space between the fabric fibers, breaking the stain into smaller and smaller particles until there are no particles (and no stains or odors).

4. Choose the Right Cleaner for the Job

We firmly believe that enzymes have the function of solving the most stubborn stains and making fabrics cleaner and fresher than ever.

Enzyme-based artificial grass cleaner will penetrate the surface of the turf, through the filler material and into the base substrate.

The solution will move along the path of animal urine and other waste, and continue to degrade the diseases and odors that cause organic matter until it is eliminated.

It’s important to choose natural, enzyme-based artificial grass cleaner because it not only works effectively, it isn’t harmful for your children or your pets.

5. Spray the grass cleaner on the dirty area

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Spray the area with an enzyme-based grass cleaner to break down debris, stool, and urine.

6. Leave for 10 minutes and Scrub with a Turf Broom

Use a turf broom to scrum the affected area after letting the cleaner sit for about 10 minutes.

How Do You Get Rid of Dog Urine Smell from Artificial Turf

There are many different ways to getting rid of dog urine odor from your synthetic grass. You need a way to neutralize the ammonia in the pee to make the smell become less potent or get rid of it completely. Here are some ways you can do just that:

Using a Turf Deodorizer

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Turf deodorizers are an eco-friendly way of removing smells that are left behind from dog urine and feces on synthetic grass. Instead of having to spray down your whole grass and waste water, you just have to use it on the affected area to remove odor.

Usually, the odor is produced because of the ammonia in the urine, this can produce a foul stench. One way of getting rid of the smell is to hose the area down; however, deodorizers generally work by neutralizing the ammonia.

They are also hand-held sprayers that can be used with great ease. With so many biodegradable synthetic turf deodorizers, you can be sure that it is safe for your family and pets.
Eco-deodorizers will not harm local plants or trees; however, you can use them on algae and mold that might develop on your lawn.

DIY: Diluted Vinegar Mixture

A diluted vinegar mixture is an effective way of removing pet odor from synthetic grass. You can create a dilated vinegar mixture in a few steps:

  1. Take warm water in a spray bottle and add a few drops of liquid soap or dish soap and fill it half way
  2. Put the vinegar and fill the bottle half an inch from the top
  3. Close the lid and your solution will be ready

You need to spray the affected area in the spot where you dog peed. You can spray it anywhere you find smells on your lawn.

This solution will help remove any odor permanently and in an eco-friendly way.

DIY: Using Baking Soda

Sprinkle baking soda on the grass once a month to use it as a natural deodorant. Baking soda is very good at eliminating odors and can even extract water from artificial grass.

Cover the stained and smelly parts of the turf with a large amount of baking soda, and then let it sit for a while. Wait at least one day. Since baking soda is environmentally friendly, you don’t have to clean it up, but you can clean it up if needed.

Another option is to add baking soda and then pour a mixture of vinegar and water on it. Baking soda foams when it comes in contact with vinegar, eliminating any odors.

How to Clean Dog Urine from Artificial Grass

Learning how to clean artificial grass can help you keep your lawn attractive throughout the year.

However, it does require some maintenance, especially if your dog uses the lawn to go to the potty every day.

Laundry Detergents

You can use common laundry detergents to clean dog urine from artificial grass quite effectively.

  • Mix warm water with some mild dishwashing liquid or detergent at a ratio of one teaspoon of detergent per batch.
  • Use a hard brush to gently drive the soapy water into the grass and move upward to keep the grass blades upright.

After this, take a bucket of water or cold water from a watering can or garden hose and rinse the area.

Carpet Cleaner

You can use carpet cleaners to remove dirt, debris, poop and pee stains from your artificial grass. They are easy to use and convenient for a lot of house owners.

  • Firstly, you need to use paper towels to absorb liquid and make it as dry as you can
  • For solid waste, use a brush, paper towels and use water to remove majority of it
  • After you have cleared wet wastes and solid wastes, you can easily clean the remaining stains using carpet cleaners. Just apply the carpet cleaner on the location and wipe it off using paper towels.
  • You can also brush off the area with a hard brush.

Why Does it Stink Under My Artificial Grass

Because Artificial Grass is similar to carpeting, you need to understand that any remaining stains on the grass that haven’t been cleaned will smell.

Most dog owners don’t clean artificial grass often because they believe that rain will help them do it.

Unfortunately, when urine drips from the leaves of the artificial turf, it seeps under the turf and condenses between the bottom of the turf and the weed barrier below it. As it accumulates, the smell of dog urine increases.

After handling the liquid, the stench persists for a long time. Unless handled correctly, it can last for months.

Many products just cover up the odor, but to really eliminate the odor, you need to eliminate the odor from the source.

In order to emit the smell of urine from artificial turf, you need a cleaning product that contains enzymes and live bacteria that can break down these unpleasant sources of ammonia.

Directions for Disinfecting Artificial Grass

  1. Remove debris. Remove any solid waste such as feces and leaves from the area.
  2. Hose area. Use a garden hose to clean the area with water using low to moderate water pressure.
  3. Use turf cleaner. Spray commercial turf cleaner on the area.
  4. Wait. Let it sit for 10 minutes until dry.
  5. Repeat if necessary.

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