Artificial Grass Reviews

ProGreen Synthetic Grass Reviews

If you’ve decided to purchase synthetic turf for your home or commercial office, you will have run into the dilemma of picking a suitable artificial turf company as there are a very large number of them here in the U.S.

This article will review one of these companies: ProGreen.

What is ProGreen Synthetic Grass?

ProGreen Synthetic Grass is a high-quality artificial grass product that has a strong reputation in the artificial turf market as a high-quality and durable option that appeals to homeowners and commercial property owners alike.

Some of the unique factors about ProGreen Synthetic Grass is that all products within this label are manufactured entirely within the United States.

So they are very durable in their construction as well as refined in their design.

This makes ProGreen Synthetic Grass a very premium product line with a diverse catalog of individual Turfs.

ProGreen manufactures synthetic grass for a variety of applications ranging from residential properties to commercial landscaping, pet usage, and sports and athletic purposes.

ProGreen Residential and Landscaping Turf

ProGreen provides products for use in both domestic as well as commercial applications.

We will provide a brief overview of their products in both categories.

Natural Supreme

The Natural Supreme has been designed by ProGreen and has an artificial turf suited for use in heavy traffic areas.

It possesses many of the key features and qualities of ProGreen products.


  • The ProGreen Supreme has been designed with durability in mind, so the turf has been manufactured with very high-quality material
  • The individual blades manufactured in S and diamond shapes allow for vastly superior stability and resilience to foot traffic
  • This also ensures that individual turf blades remain in an upright position and do not bend or suffer from deformation
  • ProGreen’s proprietary ProFlow technology allows the turf to experience a very rapid and efficient drainage system

This is especially important because drainage is one of the biggest concerns for artificial turf owners. Inefficient drainage can lead to many serious problems with the longevity and sanitation of turf.


The warranty range for ProGreen Natural Supreme is between 8 and 15 years if the turf is installed by a ProGreen certified installer.

But it will be reduced to around 8 years if the installation process is not carried out by a ProGreen certified installer.

The exact warranty offered on the ProGreen Supreme depends on the location where the site will be installed, and it depends on who will complete the installation process.

Natural Premium

The Natural Premium is another one of ProGreen’s major products, and it has been designed primarily to mimic the appearance of natural grass.

So it is very suitable for use in an outside setting since it is also designed to withstand medium to heavy traffic.


The individual height of the grass blades is 1.5″, which makes them mimic the appearance of natural grass effectively.

Natural grass also has a similar average height.

Hence, natural Premium has simply been designed very effectively to mimic the appearance of a natural lawn.

This makes it a great product for anyone who wants artificial turf to replace their natural lawn.


If the turf is installed by a ProGreen certified installer, you can expect the warranty period to range somewhere between 8 to 15 years.

While an installation by a non-ProGreen installer brings that figure down to around 8 years.

The exact warranty terms will depend on the individual location where the turf is installed as well as who completes the installation process.

ProGreen’s Pet Turf – K9 Deluxe

ProGreen features an impressive line of pet-turf, artificial turf that has been specifically designed for use by pets such as cats and dogs.

And like with the rest of their catalog this line of product is also very high quality.

There are two versions of the ProGreen Pet Turf, we have outlined both of them below.

K9 Champion

The K9 Champion is a high-quality line of artificial turf that’s been designed more for indoor use, although it is also suitable for outdoor use as well.


  • Its low pile height makes it very suitable for use by dogs and assists greatly in clean-up as well
  • Additionally, it has also been designed with superior drainage capabilities to ensure that the turf does not experience the pooling of pet urine
  • The K9 Champion is also very durable with it being highly resistant to extreme foot traffic, making it a very ideal location for your pets to play on


If it is installed by a certified ProGreen installer, the warranty location will be somewhere between the range of 8 to 15 years.

Whereas if it is not installed by a ProGreen certified installer, it will have a warranty period of no more than 8 years.

The warranty provided for the K9 Champion depends on location as well as the installer.

K9 Terra

The K9 Terra is another great pet turf product that’s been designed mostly for outdoor use.

It is intended to be a sort of artificial pet-friendly alternative to a traditional lawn.


The K9 Terra has been engineered specifically by the use of pet owners who want an artificial pet-friendly turf that mimics the appearance of natural grass.

So it has many features such as brown thatches that enhance its resemblance to natural grass.

The K9 Terra is remarkably resilient in its design since it has been constructed using an alternating mesh of S and diamond-shaped fiber blades.

So it is very suitable for use as an outdoor lawn alternative.

The K9 Terra has a superb drainage system in the form of ProGreen’s proprietary ProFlow drainage technology that ensures the effective drainage and cleanup of all pet waste matter.

This makes it a great choice for anyone who worries about drainage-related problems with their pet turf.


If it has been completed by a ProGreen certified installer, the warranty period will fall within a range of between 8 and 15 years.

If it is not installed by a ProGreen certified installer, the warranty period will be reduced to only 8 years.

The exact warranty period you receive with a K9 Terra is dependent upon the location of the installation site and whether or not the installation is completed by a ProGreen certified installer.

ProGreen Cool – Artificial Grass That Stays Cool

ProGreen Cool is an artificial turf product that’s been designed for use by individuals worried about heat exposure causing damage to their turf.


  • The plant-based organic infill used in the turf guarantees that it will not suffer from changing temperatures, and remain within a reasonably cool temperature at all times.
  • This allows the turf to be enjoyed safely by both people, even when barefoot, as well as pets during hot temperatures.
  • The ProGreen has also been designed to be environmentally sustainable with the infill being entirely recyclable.
  • Its high-quality construction also makes it a very durable product that will not easily suffer from damage due to heavy traffic or constant pet use.


ProGreen Cool, depending on the location of installation, will have a warranty period of between 8 and 15 years if it is installed by a ProGreen certified installer.

And a warranty period of 8 years if it has not been installed by a ProGreen certified installer.

ProGreen Grass Cost

ProGreen is a very high-end, yet affordable brand of artificial turf that provides a lot of value with respect to their products.

The exact cost of any project is dependent on a number of factors such as location, size, drainage requirements, whether or not the turf will be installed by the company itself, etc.

ProGreen Turf Cost

The cost of ProGreen artificial turf ranges between $8 and 14 per square foot on average but this includes the cost of installation and not just the turf.

ProGreen Turf Installation Cost

The installation cost of the turf is typically around half of the cost, so between $4 and $7 per square foot is the cost of installing the turf.

Should You Install ProGreen Turf Yourself?

You should consider installing ProGreen turf yourself if you want to maintain a small budget and have a relatively small installation site.

A small installation site incurs a higher cost per square foot, so it is better to install ProGreen yourself if it has a size smaller than 400 square feet.

Where to Buy ProGreen Synthetic Grass

You can use the ProGreen website to find a dealer near your location and contact them to provide you a quote for your project.


ProGreen is one of the best manufacturers of artificial grass, and the company has a very strong reputation for the quality of their products which range from commercial to residential and pet turf.

ProGreen turf has a strong reputation for being high-quality in construction, durable in maintenance, and having excellent drainage features.

You can acquire their products from their website and either install them yourself or have a certified installer do it for you.