Grass Seed Calculator

Calculate the amount of grass seed you need for your lawn!

How to Use Our Grass Seed Calculator

Enter Lawn Dimensions

On the home page of the Grass Seed Calculator, you’ll find sliders and input fields.
Use the sliders to adjust the “Length of Lawn” and “Width of Lawn” to match the dimensions of the area where you plan to sow grass seed. As you move the sliders, the displayed values will update in real-time.
Alternatively, you can manually enter the dimensions in the input boxes next to the sliders.

Select Seed Rate and Measurement Units

Enter the “Seed Rate” in pounds per 1000 square units. This information is usually provided on the grass seed packaging or can be obtained from the supplier.
Choose the appropriate measurement unit for your lawn area: “Square Feet” or “Square Meters.” Select the corresponding option from the dropdown menu.

Click Calculate

After entering the lawn dimensions, seed rate, and selecting the measurement unit, click the “Calculate” button. The Grass Seed Calculator will process the information and perform the necessary calculations.

View Results

The calculator will display the amount of grass seed you need in pounds based on your inputs. The result will be shown below the “Calculate” button.

Adjust Inputs (Optional)

If you want to calculate seed requirements for a different area or change the seed rate, you can adjust the sliders, input fields, and dropdown menu accordingly.
Click the “Calculate” button again after making any adjustments to view the updated results.

Obtain Your Grass Seed

With the calculated amount, you can confidently purchase the right quantity of grass seed for your lawn, ensuring you have enough for effective coverage without wastage.


Precision: For more precise results, try to measure the dimensions of your lawn area as accurately as possible.

Consultation: If you’re uncertain about the seed rate or any other factor, consult with a gardening expert or the grass seed supplier for personalized recommendations.

By following these steps, you can efficiently use the Grass Seed Calculator to determine the appropriate amount of grass seed needed for your lawn, helping you achieve optimal coverage and a lush green lawn.

Benefits of Using Turf Explorer’s Grass Calculator Tool

Using our Grass Seed Calculator tool provides several benefits, making your lawn-seeding process more efficient and successful:


The calculator ensures accurate calculations based on the specific dimensions of the user’s lawn and the recommended seed rate. This accuracy helps users avoid overbuying or underestimating the amount of grass seed needed, saving them money and effort.

Time Saving

By quickly determining the required amount of grass seed, users save time that would otherwise be spent on manual calculations. The tool provides instant results, allowing users to focus on other aspects of lawn preparation and maintenance.


The precise calculation prevents users from purchasing excessive grass seed, reducing unnecessary expenses. Users can buy the exact quantity needed, optimizing their budget for lawn care.

Efficient Planning

Users can plan their lawn-seeding project more effectively by knowing the exact amount of grass seed required. This knowledge helps in organizing the project timeline, ensuring all necessary materials are available, and avoiding delays caused by last-minute purchases.

Optimal Lawn Coverage

By calculating the appropriate amount of grass seed, users can achieve optimal lawn coverage, leading to a lush and uniform lawn. Overcrowding or sparse growth is minimized, resulting in a visually appealing and healthy lawn.

Environmentally Friendly

Avoiding excess seed purchase reduces wastage, which is environmentally friendly. Users contribute to sustainable practices by minimizing unnecessary consumption of resources.

Confidence in Decision-Making

The calculator provides users with confidence in their decisions regarding grass seed quantity. Knowing they have the right amount gives users peace of mind, allowing them to focus on proper planting techniques and lawn care.

Educational Tool

For novice gardeners or homeowners new to lawn care, the Grass Seed Calculator serves as an educational tool. It helps users understand the relationship between lawn area, seed rate, and the quantity of grass seed required, enhancing their knowledge of gardening practices.