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ZeoFill Review – Is It Better than Regular Zeolite Infill and EnviroFill?

Zeolite-based infill has become a popular product amongst artificial turf owners these days, especially those who have pets.

That’s because zeolite-based infill is an excellent material for neutralizing pet-urine odor.

And one of the largest producers of zeolite-based infill has been ZeoFill, and in the following article, we intend to review their premium infill products.

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What is ZeoFill?

ZeoFill is a high-grade infill that’s produced via refining the traditional process of using zeolite to manufacture infill, by removing all traces of silica crystals in the material.

This is highly desirable for homeowners since it permits them to remove some of the most common safety hazards associated with zeolite use.

Namely, the presence of sharp and jagged silica crystals which can cut individuals and pets.

Normal zeolite infill can also cause serious harm if ingested, but this hazard has been entirely removed from ZeoFill.

This has made it a very popular product since it is, by far, the safest variety of zeolite-based infill.

ZeoFill Benefits and Features

There are a number of unique features and benefits of using ZeoFill which primarily relate to the superior safety it offers.

Organic Infill

Zeolite is an entirely organic product that does not contain any potentially harmful or dangerous chemicals.

So, you can be entirely sure that the use of ZeoFill will not in any way contribute to the development of allergies.

Or otherwise cause health problems to individuals or pets who may carry sensitivities to exposure to more dangerous types of chemical present within artificial turf.

Pet Friendly

ZeoFill has been designed for pet-owners, and to accommodate the needs and wants of their pets as best as possible.

Consequently, ZeoFill is an entirely safe product to use with pets as it will not cause any physical injuries due to the absence of hazardous silica crystals.

And it will not result in any allergic reactions since it contains no harmful chemicals or materials.

Non-Toxic & Not Harmful – Even If Your Child or Dog Eats It

Another great benefit of ZeoFill is that it is entirely safe to consume by both animals and pets.

If you have pets and small children in your home, this is especially advantageous as even if both attempt to bite or eat the infill, they will not suffer any harm.

ZeoFill is safe enough to consume, so it offers maximum safety to your children and your pets.

Great Pet Urine Odor Control

ZeoFill has been designed for pet owners, so one of its primary benefits is that it has been designed to minimize the smell of pet-urine, a common concern that most pet owners share.

This is achieved through the implementation of effective urine-odor suppressants into the manufacturing and design of the product.

So, using ZeoFill as your infill material will guarantee that you have the least amount of discomfort caused by the smell of pet urine.

Great Drainage Properties

ZeoFill has excellent drainage properties as an infill material, so it will allow for smooth and effective drainage of all liquids including water, pet urine, and most spills.

Drainage is one of the biggest concerns when choosing an infill as you will want to maximize drainage for your turf in order to keep it clean and prevent pooling.

Due to ZeoFill’s excellent drainage properties, you can be sure that your turf will never experience pooling.

ZeoFill Price

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Zeofill Premium Outdoor Odor Infill Check Latest Price

ZeoFill sells its infill through independent distributors, so the price will vary to a small degree.

You can expect to pay around $18 to $20 for a 50 lb bag of ZeoFill turf infill.

This is enough to cover an area of about 30 square feet if you have one small dog.

For multiple dogs you’ll have to use more ZeoFill per square foot, so coverage for one 50 lb bag would be about 15 to 20 square feet.

What Makes ZeoFill Better Than Other Zeolite Infill

ZeoFill is not the only zeolite-based infill, so why should you choose it instead of other options? There are a number of reasons.

Doesn’t Discolor Turf

Discoloration has been a problem that’s been associated with zeolite infills for some time now.

Discoloration of turf is a serious issue since it greatly reduces the longevity of turf and turf-owners have often expressed it as one of the primary concerns with regard to turf maintenance.

ZeoFill addresses this issue by removing all of the naturally occurring chemicals present within zeolite that contribute to discoloration.

Thus, you can be sure that using ZeoFill will not contribute to a discoloration of your turf’s appearance, which may not be true for other manufacturers.

Doesn’t Contain Impurities

Zeolite is a material that naturally contains many different impurities such as silica crystals, which are a major health hazard.

ZeoFill’s manufacturing process involves the thorough and complete elimination of all of these impurities.

Hence, ZeoFill will never cause the same problems that other zeolite infills, whose manufacturers have not removed impurities, will cause to both your turf as well as those who use it.

This makes ZeoFill the safest option amongst all zeolite infill manufacturers.

Does Not Break Down in Wet Conditions

Infill material breakdown due to wet conditions is a genuine concern that nearly all turf owners share as a deterioration of infill material can cause substantial damage to their turf.

ZeoFill addresses this concern through the extremely effective drying properties of their infill.

ZeoFill does dry up rapidly and does not suffer from extensive exposure to water or wet conditions in general.

This makes ZeoFill an extremely durable product which is especially ideal for people who frequently water their turf.

ZeoFill vs EnviroFill

EnviroFill is another very popular choice of infill material that is designed very differently from ZeoFill


ZeoFill is made using zeolite while EnviroFill is made by applying acrylic to sand.

Pet Urine Odor Control

Both infills have pet urine odor technology, however, ZeoFill has comparatively better urine odor suppressants, so ZeoFill is better for any consumer who prioritizes effective urine odor control.

Cooling Properties

Both EnviroFill and ZeoFill have effective cooling properties, but if the two were to be compared ZeoFill has much more effective cooling properties.

Thus, ZeoFill is the superior choice of material for anyone who lives in a very hot climate or worries about the cooling ability of their infill material.

Safety for Children and Pets

Both EnviroFill and ZeoFill have been generally designed to be safe for use by both pets and small children.

But ZeoFill is much safer of the two. This is owed to the manufacturing process of ZeoFill which is completed by using zeolite which is a very safe and harmless material that does not have any adverse effects.

In contrast, it is possible for someone to be adversely affected by the use of acrylic-coated sand (EnviroFill).

ZeoFill vs Silica Sand Infill

Silica sand infills are also considered a very popular cost-effective infill solution, but there are a number of areas in which they contrast poorly with ZeoFill.


Silica Sand is made using silica, a chemical that is known for having carcinogenic properties.

While ZeoFill is manufactured using zeolite, an entirely harmless material.

Pet Urine Odor Control

Silica sand is not designed for use by pet-owners, and as such, it does not contain any real urine odor control.

If your pets urinate on an artificial turf that has silica sand as its infill material, you can expect the smell of urine to become very concentrated over time.

In contrast, ZeoFill has been designed with the specific aim of reducing unpleasant odors from pet-urine, so you can be sure that using ZeoFill will result in the least amount of urine smell.

Safety for Children and Pets

Silica sand has not been designed for safe use by either children or pets. Extensive exposure to it can cause harm, and consuming silica sand can potentially cause some significant health problems.

ZeoFill, on the other hand, is entirely safe for use by both pets and children.

It does not contain any potentially harmful substance and exposure to it will not result in any damage.

It is even safe for consumption by both pets and children which makes it a much safer choice.

How Much ZeoFill to Use Per Square Ft

This depends primarily on the size and number of pets that you have in your home.

The manufacturer recommends the use of 1.5 pounds per square foot of the material if you have a small dog.

1.5 to 2 pounds per square foot for medium-sized dogs.

And if you have multiple dogs or one large dog, you should use close to 3 pounds per square foot.

So the amount that you should use is entirely dependent on the number and size of pets you have with more material being needed for larger pets.

When to Replace ZeoFill Turf Infill

ZeoFill typically lasts indefinitely as it is a very high-quality product that has been designed with durability in mind.

So you will not need to replace a ZeoFill infill except in the condition that there has been excessive urination on your turf.

If your pets urinate excessively on a single area of the turf, especially if they are fed a high protein diet, the strength of the urine smell will eventually concentrate to the point that the infill will have to be removed.


ZeoFill is a great infill choice for anyone who’s looking to purchase a high-quality, durable, and entirely safe infill material for their turf.

Everything from its construction to its lack of maintenance makes ZeoFill a great infill material.