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Envirofill Prices Compared & Cheap Envirofill Infill Alternatives

If you’ve recently installed an artificial in your house, you will have come across the question of choosing a suitable infill material.

There are a number of different infill brands that you can opt for, which all have their own prices and benefits.

The following article will primarily address the price of Envirofill, a premium-grade infill that’s been designed to provide high-quality protection to your turf.

Envirofill Prices

Envirofill can be purchased in two different sizes:

  • 25 lb pound bucket
  • 50 lb bag

Which of the two is better for you is entirely a matter of how much infill you would like to purchase.

The material remains the same in either variant with only the quantity of infill differing.

Envirofill with Microban Price – 25lbs Bucket

The 25lbs bucket is the more affordable of the two sizes, naturally, and has a price tag of $22.97.

This makes it a relatively normal price for premium infill.

How Much Area Can This Bucket Cover?

It is recommended that a minimum of 1 pound of Envirofill should be used per square foot.

So the 25lbs bucket can be used to cover exactly 25 square feet of turf. This is recommended for low traffic areas.

If 2lbs per square foot is used then it will cover 12.5 square feet. This is recommended for medium-to-high foot traffic areas.

This makes the 25lbs bucket perfect for people with relatively small areas as it is more than enough to cover a small turf lawn.

Envirofill Price – 50lb Bag

The 50lb bag of Envirofill has a price tag of $51.22.

If you find the 25lb bucket insufficient for your needs, the 50lbs bag might be more useful.

How Much Area Can This Bag Cover?

Assuming that 1 pound per square foot is used, around 50 square feet can be covered.

If 2 pounds per square feet is used then the bag’s content can cover 25 square feet.

The coverage of the 50 bs bag is exactly double that of the 25lbs bucket (although it is higher in price per pound).

Envirofill Warranty

Having a good warranty with your infill is also an absolute necessity to make sure that you get the best possible product for your money.

Envirofill comes with a warranty that guarantees that it will retain its function for a total of 16 years.

This extremely long warranty period is evidence, therefore, of the company’s faith in their product. It serves as a testament to the durability of their design.

You can be absolutely certain, as a result, that your Envirofill will last for a minimum of 16 years, although you can expect it to survive for even longer.

Cheaper Alternatives to Envirofill

If you are a little intimidated by the price tag of Envirofill, there is no reason to worry as there are a number of alternative products.

These come with similar features, but lower price tags that you can have a look at. We will be covering two such products in this article.

Herofill Turf Infill – 50lb Bag

Herofill is medium-tier infill material that’s mostly designed for preventing mold and algae growth.


Herofill can be purchased in a 50lb bag which has a price tag of $21.99. This makes it far cheaper than Envirofill but at the cost of durability and longevity.


Herofill infill is designed to be extremely resistant to fungus and algae growth which it achieves through the use of an antifungal protection material.

Herofill is especially useful for anyone who is worried about weeds and algae growing underneath their artificial turf.


Herofill does not come with a warranty, so there is no guaranteed life expectancy of the product.

Zeodorizer Turf Infill – 40lbs Bag

Zeodorizer turf infill is a product that’s been designed specifically for use by pet owners who are worried that their pets may cause damage to their artificial turf.


Zeodorizer Artificial Turf Infill can be purchased in a 40lbs bag which has a price tag of $14.99. This makes Zeodorizer one of the cheaper varieties of infill material, but at the cost of quality.


Since it is specialized for use by pet owners, Zeodorizer Artificial Turf Infill has in-built urine odor suppressers.

It is also designed to assist in the easy removal of pet waste, especially urine. It can also protect artificial turf from damage caused by pet waste.


Zeodorizer Artificial Turf Infill does not come with a warranty, so there is no guaranteed minimum longevity of the product.

Overall, both of these varieties of infill material are much cheaper than Envirofill, but this is due to the fact that they have been designed with different considerations and offer much less quality, lower durability, and have no warranty at all.

What infill you should pick, therefore, depends on how high you rate quality vs price.

Envirofill vs Alternatives – A Price Comparison

ProductPriceQuantityPrice Per Pound of Infill
Envirofill 25lb Bucket$22.9725 lbs$0.91
Envirofill 50lb Bag$51.2250 lbs$1.02
Herofill Infill$21.9950 lbs$0.43
Zeodorizer Infill$14.9940 lbs$0.37

How Many Pounds of Envirofill Should You Use Per Square Foot?

The manufacturer’s recommendation is between 1 and 2 pounds per square foot for an average turf.

It is preferable to use the lower end of this range if you’d like to conserve material. So 1 pound per square foot would be on the conservative end of coverage to use for this product.

However, it is still possible for you to use a higher coverage of between 1.5 and 2 pounds per square foot if you feel that a higher coverage is more appropriate for your property.

Using lower than 1 or higher than 2 is not recommended.

Coverage of below 1 pound per square foot would render the infill material highly ineffective while coverage of higher than 2 would be excessive.

So, anywhere between 1 and 2 pounds per square foot is fine.

As for where you should fall within that range it is entirely dependent on how much you wish to conserve your infill, and whether or not you believe that your lawn requires extensive infilling.

How Long Does Envirofill Last?

Since it is a premium product, Envirofill will last much longer than more conventional varieties of infill, which tend to expire within a period of only 5 to 10 years.

In contrast, Envirofill can last upwards of 16 to 20 years which makes it one of the most durable of all infills.

Longevity is undeniably a very important concern with respect to infill material as you do not want to have to replace your infill frequently.

The reason why Envirofill is able to achieve this impressive longevity is due to the incorporation of microban antimicrobial technology.

This technology prevents wear due to exposure, pet waste, and standard wear-and-tear.

You can, therefore, be quite certain your Envirofill investment will prove to be worthwhile.

It will not be easily damaged or require frequent refilling in the way that other infill materials often do.

This impressive durability is another major reason why Envirofill is a relatively safe and desirable long-term investment that is truly worth making if you want the best for your artificial turf.

Can You Mix Envirofill with Sand for Cost Savings?

Envirofill is not an extremely budget-friendly product, at least within the context of typical infill prices.

So you may be thinking of ways to reduce the cost per square foot of using Envirofill.

An unsurprising way to do this is to mix it with sand.

Mixing Envirofill with sand will allow you to reduce the amount of the material spread per square foot.

Sand is a known infill material and mixing it with Envirofill will allow you to retain a consistent look as both materials have a very similar appearance.

This is especially beneficial if you have a very large property and would like to reduce the coverage per square foot which would, in turn, reduce the cost per square foot.

It must also be noted that you should only mix Envirofill and sand in low-traffic areas.

High traffic areas with Envirofill mixed with sand will result in a deterioration of the turf’s appearance.

So, only use this for those sections of your turf where you are sure that few people and pets will traverse over.

Main pure Envirofill usage over areas where there is normal and high traffic.


Envirofill is a great premium-grade infill material you can opt for your artificial turf to not only provide it with a unique appearance but also to protect it from damage.

Envirofill can be obtained in two separate sizes: 25lbs and 50lbs. The coverage of the material ranges from between 1lb and 2lbs per square foot depending on the depth of coverage desired.

Envirofill comes with a great 16-year long warranty period and the product is designed to be durable in the long-run, and you can mix it with sand in low-traffic areas to further reduce the cost per-square foot.

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