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How Much Infill for Artificial Grass Do You Really Need?

To make artificial grass look more authentic you’ll need infill. But how much infill for artificial grass do you really need? This post will help you answer this question, in addition to its uses and purposes.

Long gone are the days of using organic grass as a decorative aesthetic that was costly and a pain to maintain during the seasons.

Now is the time to look for an easier to maintain and long-lasting alternative – artificial grass.

How Much Infill for Artificial Grass?

The simple answer is, it depends on the application. There are many types of artificial grass applications, and infill amounts vary.

Infill Amount for Residential Landscape Application

Infill amount for residential landscape artificial grass is about 2.5 and 3.0 pounds of 12/20 or 16/30 turf infill per square foot.

If you want to make your residential landscape to be long lasting and beautiful at the same time be sure to use this recommended amount of turf infill.

This amount will make your landscape look good as new and will give it a more lively feeling rather than a sheet of plastic ground making it an eyesore for you and your guests.

It’s all about the application of where to use the infill, knowing the right amount of the specific types will guarantee a pleasant and gorgeous sight.

Infill Amount for Pet Lawns

For a small and medium-size dog you’ll need to use 7-8 kg per square meter of infill. For large dogs, you’ll need to use about 10-12 kg per square meter and if you own multiple canines then use as much as your artificial grass can hold.

So, you love animals especially dogs but don’t want your newly installed artificial grass to get ruined by their routine habits. Be sure the recommended amount of infill to make sure your artificial grass is comfortable for your furry friends.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it also depends on the size and number of the canines you own. This amount will make sure you’re not stressed out about the dogs ruining your precious artificial grass and will allow them to have performed their routines with leisure.

Infill Amount for Soccer or Multi-Purpose Fields

Now if you want to make a multi-purpose or sports-oriented field where kids and adults can perform their desired hobbies without any hassle then the right amount of infill to be used on that synthetic field should be about 1 pound per square foot or 5 kilograms per square meter.

This will give the grass more bounce and grip making any person perform their athletic activity with grace. Not only does it make the athletes perform well, but it also makes the field more attractive and pleasant looking which motivates the athlete to practice and perform more on it.

Types of Turf Infill

Silica Sand

Suppose you bring over guests and want to show off your lovely balcony but you feel like something is missing, something that will make your lovely balcony more vibrant and that’s where silica sand infill comes to play. Silica sand consists of small sand granules made up of silica, it’s usually placed over artificial grass that doesn’t get much foot traffic i.e. like your patios and balcony.

Durafill Sand

If you want to keep your artificial grass from smelling and causing an unpleasant odor due to the building up of junk and bacteria in the grass then ‘Durafill Sand‘ is a good option. It consists of round shaped small granules made up of quartz which prevents any liquid and heat to get trapped in it.


If you’re Feeling athletic and want to play sports like a champ then “Rubber infill” is the perfect option. It consists of small granules that have been recycled from rubber tiers though because of that the infill will trap the heat in it which increases the heat around you and will cause problems in the summer.

Sand-Rubber Mix

Now if you Don’t want a more solid and hard-packed infill on your grass then a “Sand-Rubber Mix” is the choice for you, the mixture of the Sand with the rubber prevents it from becoming hard and gives it a more bounce on the texture.

Now the quantity to use these types of infill over your desired places must be 1-2 pounds’ infill per square foot of artificial turf. This will make the grass look more vibrant and authentic.

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Do Not Use Infill for Indoor Turf Application

Even though infill makes artificial grass look more vibrant and helps it perform well for a specific need.

It can be a hazard when it comes to indoor turf application because when it comes to indoor turf they’re enclosed with walls and no drainage system.

So if you use an infill that is for sports i.e. rubber infill, it will trap the heat and moisture from the environment which may lead to heat strokes and suffocation.

Without proper ventilation and a proper drainage system, a lot of problems can occur in the enclosed environment. So better safe than sorry and try to put your infill on a synthetic grass that’s outside.

Why You Need Infill for Artificial Grass

“But why do I need infill?” you ask, Well like any other normal grass without infill the synthetic grass after being used multiple times will become flattened and depressed.

Making it look unappealing and lifeless and it may even start to smell during the seasons. You won’t be able to fix that if you are too careless about your synthetic grass.

That’s why infill doesn’t only make the grass look vibrant and full of life but it also makes the grass rise and come back to its official state like memory foam.

It preserves the original state of the grass and supports the internal system of the grass. So not only does infill save your grass from being ruined, but it also increases the life span of the grass to about 20-25 years.

What is Infill For Artificial Grass

Before using infill, you must know what it is and what it consists of.

The generic term refers to the crushed material in small granules that are placed over the artificial grass you have placed at the desired location.

Its purpose is to make the grass look more vibrant and real, preserve its shape and increase its life expectancy. It brings life to the aesthetic you desire whether the grass is on top of our balcony, patio, landscape, etc. It guarantees a pleasant and heartwarming sight that you and your guests will enjoy.