Artificial Grass

Tiger Turf Synthetic Grass Review – Tiger Turf Cost – Is It Dog Friendly?

Your ordinary organic grass has its lifespan and natural limits which will give in when the time comes, that will leave you worrisome

But what if there was an alternative, something that would last longer and could withstand the harshest of conditions?

What is Tiger Turf Artificial Grass?

Well, Tiger Turf’s artificial grass is the answer you’re looking for. Tiger Turf’s artificial grass is made up of synthetic fibers that can withstand any harsh conditions and can be used for multi-purposes i.e. sports, landscape, pet purposes, etc.

Long gone are the days of organic grass which faded away due to the change of seasons and were a pain to maintain.

Tiger Turf Cost

Tiger Turf costs – on average – about $2.99 per square foot. But this can differ because there are different products for different applications.

So what do the different products cost? Well it all depends on the application, every place has its purpose and with each purpose come different requirements.

Tiger Turf brings out a variety of products that are used for multiple purposes whether it be for your garden, pets, kids, etc.

Tiger Turf has all you need and desire. So no more worrying about using the same grass for every place, Tiger Turf has got them all for you and at a reasonable price.

Tiger Turf Pet Turf Price

The cost of Tiger Turf’s “Pet Turf” is 2.99$ per square foot.

Tiger Turf brings you the “Pet Turf” solely focused on the purpose of retaining its shape after your canines use it, so no more digging of holes, no more lice or insects.

The turf’s curvy fibers prevent any rip and tears that your pets may try to cause thus making the fibers maintain their shape.

Tiger Turf Landscape Turf Price

Tiger Turf’s “EVERGLADE FESCUE” costs about 2.99$ per square foot.

A lovely natural scenery is needed to keep your mind at peace but when that scenery consists of organic grass, it can make you realize that you have to maintain and nurture it to keep it looking ever so lovely.

Well, the days of cutting and watering the grass are over because Tiger Turf brings you “EVERGLADE FESCUE”.

The type of turf that’s used for landscape applications and does not require the hassle of maintenance and doesn’t face the fading of color.

This turf consists of omega-shaped fibers that are triple reinforced to resist the pull force that the grass may face. Its color of olive green and dual shades will remain the same no matter how much sunlight is exposed to it. Making your lawn everlasting and peaceful.

Bring your aesthetic to life with Tiger Turf’s vibrant colors and organic grass imitating technology, with the smoothness of the artificial grass and its natural olive green color you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Now you and everyone you know can take pleasure in the sight-seeing of your lovely landscape.

Tiger Turf Playground Turf Price

“Playground/Multipurpose” turf costs about 2.99$ per square foot.

Kid’s happiness involves playing outside and enjoying the little moments but those moments are ruined when there’s no proper surface to prevent them from getting hurt.

No need to worry because Tiger Turf Brings you “Diamond Light Fescue” and “Playground/Multipurpose” turf, that is focused on preventing any fall and frictional damages to your children.

These types of turfs are also usually used at places that expect high foot traffic. These turfs are not only safe for kids but also for adults, they can be used for sports and other athletic purposes.

Their Synthetic 3D curvy “W” shaped fibers give a bounce to the artificial grass and a strong grip that will prevent the fibers from tearing when force is applied on them.

Tiger Turf’s “Diamond Light Fescue” is excellent for playgrounds because no matter how rough or how much heat this Turf will face, it won’t lose its field green color.

Tiger Turf Pet Turf

Owning pets takes heart and patience, especially when it comes to dogs that have their routines based on the outdoors.

With ordinary grass, owners had to worry about the dog’s daily routines whenever they went out on the organic grass field.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Pet Odor Reduction

No more worrying about the smell or the waste that’s left behind on your precious lawn.

Tiger Turfs synthetic grass does not allow any buildup of bacteria that will cause any smell within the grass so a weekly rinse will allow your field to be fresh and odor-free.

The pet turf also consists of urine neutralizing ATD, perforated drain-core, and anti-bacterial DuraFill, so that the pet owners do not face any hardship during cleanup.

Every owner’s fear is the cleanup of their pet’s waste on their gardens and landscapes.

Well Tiger Turf’s artificial grass has that covered for you now so there’s no need for any grass cutting.

Is Tiger Turf Pet Friendly?

Yes, Tiger Turf synthetic grass is safe for all animals especially for canines that love to run around and play with each other on the grass.

Tiger Turf’s state-of-the-art technology makes sure there’s no product degradation or de-coloration of the fibers so that you and your pets can stay safe.

All Tiger Turf’s products are non-toxic and lead-free for they care about both animals and people that use their products.

Why Choose Tiger Turf?

With Tiger Turf’s synthetic grass, you can be at peace knowing that it will last much longer and can be easily be maintained.

Not only is it high on performance and durability, but it will also bring your field a more vibrant and lively look that will not only bring satisfaction to you but to everyone that uses it.

Tiger Turf Warranty

Tiger Turf is also one of UK’s leading manufacturers in artificial grass so they guarantee the best quality and great service.

They have such faith in their product that they provide a 15-year manufacturer warranty. They use the most advanced technology during the manufacturing of their fibers to make a product that durable, reliable, and everlasting.

Tiger Turf Synthetic Grass Features

As time progresses the old ways become obsolete and new methods of convenience are invented to not only bring an easy way out for a person but to also improve time utilization.

Tiger Turf’s artificial grass makes sure you don’t waste time on its maintenance or worrying about its life span.

Unlike the dated and maintenance-heavy organic grass, Tiger Turf’s artificial grass consists of features that make it long-lasting and resilient.


What matters at the end of the day is the durability of the product.

Will it last more than a year? Will you have to buy another if the previous one gets used up?

Fear not, Tiger Turf’s state-of-the-art technology makes sure that your artificial turf stays everlasting and beautiful as the day you bought it.

Through reinforced layered fibers, its artificial grass retains its shape and withstands all harsh conditions with no need for extra care or maintenance.

Even with minimal care, Tiger Turf’s artificial grass can last up to 20 to 25 years and during that lifespan, it will keep its pleasant organic look.

No longer does the word “artificial” relate to “plastic” anymore because Tiger Turf’s artificial grass design captures the organic look of real grass through its olive green color that never fades away.


What about the design? Does it matter for the turf? Yes, a design can determine the durability and the purpose of the product.

That’s why Tiger Turf consists of different varieties of products that are specifically designed for your applications each with their textures and fiber shapes that allow specific performances on the areas that require them

Tiger Turf’s “EVERGLADE FESCUE” is used on the balcony because it can withstand less amount of people. So no need to use the same old and fragile organic grass,

It’s time to use the products that will get the job done and will give the maximum output.

Tiger Turf has made sure that their fibers have an extremely long life span and aren’t easy to tear or compress.

This is achieved through their advanced manufacturing technology and triple-layered coating on each fiber.

Easy Maintenance

The days of fertilizing, watering, and weeding grass are long gone, no one has to face that costly hassle anymore.

With Tiger Turf’s synthetic turf you’ll get to utilize your time in sightseeing and admiring the view of the olive green synthetic grass.

Unlike organic grass, Tiger Turf’s synthetic grass only requires a spray of water and an occasional brush and that’s it.

No needs to worry about any rouge grass or weeds anymore. You don’t even need to call a landscaper anymore to do the exhausting work of maintaining your field.

With tiger turf artificial grass you’ll spend less time worrying and more time admiring the beauty of your field.