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How To Keep Geese Off Lawn

Geese are harmless birds, but they can cause significant damage to your lawn. Geese love to graze on grass, and they can eat a large amount of it in a very short time.

Geese are also known for their loud honking noise. If you’ve ever lived near a pond with geese, you probably know what I mean.

They are also notorious for causing damage to cars and other vehicles. If you have a pond in your yard, chances are you’ve experienced this firsthand. Geese will often walk on the road and end up getting hit by a car.

If you are tired of geese walking through your yard and eating your grass, there are several things you can do to keep them off.

Note however, that you have to be committed to following through. Geese can be very persistent and determined creatures.

They will fight hard to stay where they are. You need to be equally determined if you want them gone for good!

How To Keep Geese Off Lawn

Here are some ways on how to keep geese off lawn:

1. Use a scarecrow

A scarecrow is an effective way to keep geese off your lawn. The motion of the moving parts of the scarecrow will make the geese think that there is a human nearby, and they will stay away from your lawn.

You can also put up flapping flags or streamers in order to distract them from your lawn.

2. Ultrasonic sound device with motion sensor sprinkler

If you don’t want to use a physical scarecrow, then you can use an ultrasonic sound device to keep geese off your lawn.

These devices emit sounds that are too high-pitched for the human ear to hear, but geese will hear it and stay away from your lawn!

You can also put up a motion sensor sprinkler on your lawn so that the water from the sprinkler will get them wet when they come near it.

3. Use predator urine spray

Predator urine spray is another great way to keep geese off your lawn. The smell of predator urine will make them think that there are predators nearby, and they will stay away from your lawn.

There are various brands of predator urine sprays available online and at pet stores, but you should check if they are safe for humans before using it on your lawn.

You can also use fox or coyote fur as a natural deterrent for geese because they associate these smells with danger, too!

4. Buy fake owls or hawks

Another great way to keep geese off your lawn is by buying fake owls or hawks.

These scarecrows look like real birds when they flap their wings, and they will deter the geese from coming near you or your property because they don’t want to get eaten by these predators!

5. Use a fake dog

A fake dog is another great way to keep geese off your lawn. Geese will associate dogs with danger, and they won’t come near your property if they see a fake dog!

6. Hire a Professional

Hire a professional exterminator to remove them for you or set up a trap for them to go into so that you can relocate them.

This is costly and time consuming, but will rid you of the geese permanently if done correctly and quickly enough before they start reproducing again in the spring.

Are Geese Bad for Your Lawn?

Yes. Geese will eat the grass and other vegetation in your lawn. They also leave their waste behind on your lawn, which can cause problems with disease.

Here are some other inconvenient ways geese will damage your lawn:

They Eat Grass

They eat your grass and other plants. Turfgrass is not their favorite, but they will eat it if nothing else is available.

This can cause a thinning of the lawn where they are feeding or even kill the grass completely.

Physical Damage

They scratch up your lawn with their feet and beaks while foraging for food, leaving unsightly bare spots in your lawn.

Dirty Mess

Their droppings create a mess on your lawn that you have to clean up.

Danger to Pets & Kids

If you have small children or pets, geese can be a danger to them because of their size and weight (up to 20 lbs.) and aggressive behavior when defending their territory or young from predators such as dogs or cats.

The goose’s long, sharp bill could also injure a child or pet that gets too close to it.