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Killing Bermuda Grass In Fescue

Fescue is one of the most common turfgrass species in North America and it can be found on golf courses, football fields, parks, and many residential lawns.

Fescue may have a shorter life span than other types of grasses due to its susceptibility to diseases like purple mite. It also has a higher degree of drought-resistance which makes fescue an excellent choice for homeowners in areas where summers are hot and dry.

One problem that occurs with this type of grass is when bermuda grass invades fescue lawns. Bermuda grass grows much faster than fescue so as soon as it comes into contact with the ground it will take over your entire yard if you don’t kill it quickly!

Are you sick and tired of not being able to keep up with this invasive weed that is taking over your lawn?  Luckily there are some easy ways to kill off this pesky plant so that your lawn can be healthy again!

Can You Kill Bermuda Grass Without Killing Fescue?

Yes, there are several selective herbicides that will only kill Bermuda grass. These herbicides will not harm the fescue at all. However, in order for these herbicides to work they must be applied at the correct time of year and when the Bermuda grass is actively growing (spring or fall).

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If they are applied too early or too late in the season, they may not work well or at all. Also, if your fescue is thick and healthy it may not need these herbicides because it may outcompete the Bermuda grass anyway. So, before applying them you should consider whether you need them or not.

Some Tips on Killing Bermuda Grass In Fescue

Here are 5 tips on how to kill bermuda grass in a fescue lawn:

1. Mow high, mow often.

The only way to really kill bermuda grass is to cut it off at the root. If you are going to kill Bermuda in a fescue lawn, the first thing you need to do is mow your lawn as high as possible. This will give the clippings a chance to fall onto and smother out the Bermuda grass. You can also use a mulching mower which will chop up the clippings into tiny pieces and help them spread out over your lawn more easily.

2. Fertilize properly.

The next step is to fertilize properly so that the fescue grass can grow vigorously and crowd out the bermuda grass in your lawn. In order for this method of killing bermuda grass in a fescue lawn to work, you need a thick healthy stand of fescue grass that will completely smother out any remaining Bermuda grass roots that are trying to grow back up through it’s roots system after being cut off at ground level by your lawn mower or trimmer.

3. Use herbicides correctly.

Herbicides are not recommended for killing bermuda in a fescue lawn because they can be very dangerous if used incorrectly and have been proven ineffective at actually killing bermuda grass anyway (they just slow down its growth). For this reason, I do not recommend using herbicides on your turfgrass unless you have done extensive research on how best to use them safely and effectively (and even then I would still proceed with caution!).

If you decide that you want to go ahead with using an herbicide anyway, make sure that it will not harm any other plants or animals around your home before applying it! Also remember that when using herbicides always wear protective clothing such as gloves and goggles when handling them!

And finally, never mix different types of chemicals together no matter what type of chemical they are! Mixing chemicals together can be extremely dangerous and even deadly! For more information on how best to use herbicides read my article about Using Herbicides Safely here: How To Use Herbicides Safely In Your Yard And Garden

4. Rototill / Aerate / Cultivate.

Another way of killing bermudagrass in a fescue lawn is by using rototillers or aerating equipment such as core-aerators or spike-tooth harrows which can be rented from local rental stores. Using these tools will help to loosen up the soil and allow air, water and nutrients to reach your fescue grass roots more easily. This will help it grow faster and stronger and crowd out any remaining bermuda grass that is trying to grow back up through the soil after being cut off at ground level by your lawn mower or trimmer.

5. Use a pre-emergent herbicide.

Another way of killing bermudagrass in a fescue lawn is by using a pre-emergent herbicide which can be applied in early spring before Bermuda grass begins to grow again for the season. These types of herbicides are usually applied as granules which are spread out over your lawn and then watered in (or you can use a watering can or hose). Pre-emergent herbicides work by preventing Bermuda grass from growing new roots into the ground which prevents it from spreading out its roots system throughout your lawn and crowding out other plants such as fescue grasses.

Will Bermuda Grass Choke Out Fescue?

Fescue should be planted two to three inches deep to make sure Bermuda has competition for root growth. Once it’s established, Bermuda will not choke out fescue because it can’t compete for nutrient resources below ground level.

There may be some competition in the first year when planting either type of turf, but there will be no long-term effect.

If that’s the case, you can still plant a mix called Buffalograss which only needs about an inch and a half of space from one another and does not require monthly waterings like Bermuda or fescue does.

What Will Kill Bermuda Grass?

Bermuda grass in lawns can be particularly problematic because it grows quickly and densely under most conditions, even where temperatures might not be ideal for this species.

Under these conditions, treatments such as applying herbicides (weedkillers) typically work best when applied regularly rather than all at once.

Keeping a lawn healthy with good soil food and watering practices often means keeping invasive weeds from getting established in the first place – plus investing time and effort on upkeep over time.

Does Vinegar Kill Bermuda Grass?

Yes, vinegar will kill Bermuda grass. It is a much better alternative to using Roundup or other herbicides. If you want to kill the Bermuda grass without killing your lawn, then you should use vinegar instead.