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Artificial Grass San Diego – 5 Turf Vendors Compared – Prices & Features

Artificial grass has become one of the most popular recent trends in gardening as more and more people have found it to be a cost-effective solution to their landscaping needs.

In the city of San Diego, there are a number of great options for you to choose from, and the purpose of this article is to help you decide which company could be the best for you.

Best Artificial Grass San Diego – SYNLawn

SYNLawn offers high-quality products at an affordable budget with a primary emphasis on the importance of aesthetics and durability.

SYNLawn provides both residential and commercial clients with various types of synthetic grass.

The company is also known for providing a number of unique designs and custom solutions to synthetic grass needs.

As such, it is a high-quality brand that can be a great choice for you if you’re interested in having a premium exterior for your San Diego property.

SYNLawn Pricing

SYNLawn’s pricing is dependent on the individual customer’s need, and the company does not have standard prices for clients.

So, custom quotes are provided on the basis of individual needs.

We have provided estimated SYNLawn pricing and installation costs in a dedicated writeup.

Artificial Turf Variety

SYNLawn offers a number of different types of artificial grass products including:

  • Artificial green walls
  • Pet-friendly artificial turf
  • Artificial grass fields for sports and residential purposes

As such SYNLawn offers a great variety of artificial grass products that cover both residential as well as commercial purposes and cater to a wide niche of needs ranging from pet-owners to golf enthusiasts.

This makes SYNLawn one of the most versatile providers of artificial grass products in the entire market in San Diego.


SynLawn offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products which covers damages such as UV degradation.

San Diego Artificial Lawns

San Diego Artificial Lawns is one of the oldest continually operating artificial grass providers in the U.S, which makes this company one of the most competitive in the industry.

San Diego Artificial Lawns has developed a reputation for being a very technologically-oriented firm, as opposed to the more artistic nature of certain other firms in the San Diego region.

One of the company’s founding priorities is the use of post-consumer material to develop sustainable products.

This makes San Diego Artificial Lawns one of the most established and progressive of all providers of artificial turf products in the whole San Diego region.

San Diego Artificial Lawns Pricing

San Diego Artificial Lawns provides custom solutions to individual homeowners and businesses.

As such they provide an individual quote depending on a number of factors such as the size of the area that needs to be covered, the type of artificial grass product requested, etc.

Types of Artificial Grass Offered

San Diego Artificial Grass provides a number of different products that range from products for businesses to residential products. This includes:

  • Grass lawns for offices & homes
  • Turf for sport facilities especially golf courses
  • San Diego Artificial Grass also provides solutions for playgrounds and pets

This diverse product catalog is what makes San Diego Artificial Grass one of the most diverse companies in terms of products.


San Diego Artificial Grass offers a 15-year warranty on all of its synthetic lawn products.

US Turf San Diego

US Turf San Diego is also one of the largest providers of artificial products in San Diego.

Their primary focus is on producing unique designs made of high-quality material and providing solutions to residential needs although they do assist in commercial projects as well.

US Turf San Diego also provides self-install products for clients as well, which is one of the unique qualities of this company.

Their high-quality products make them one of the most popular options in the San Diego region.

US Turf San Diego’s Pricing

US Turf San Diego providers free estimates on cost with the quote depending on individual needs.

Types of Artificial Grass

US Turf offers a wide number of different products that range from residential to commercial products. Some of these products include:

  • Pet-friendly grass products
  • Golf fields
  • Children’s playgrounds

This makes US Turf products quite diverse, but they are primarily intended for residential use rather than commercial uses.


US Turf provides a limited lifetime warranty for all of its synthetic grass products.

SD Home Turf

SD Home Turf is a high-end synthetic grass provider in the region of San Diego which offers artificial grass products for residential, commercial, and sports circumstances.

They are known for providing both indoor and outdoor solutions for residential and commercial clients which even includes pet turfs, goldfields, and landscaping.

SD Home Turf provides a very diverse product catalog that includes different high-end products for luxury purposes.

This makes SD Home Turf a slightly more expensive option in the San Diego region, but it is considered one of the best choices for anyone interested in artificial grass products for sports venues.

SD Home Turf’s Pricing

SD Home Turf’s price point begins with $5.99 per square foot and the exact cost for a project is subject to individual needs and circumstances.

Type of Artificial Grass Offered

SD Home Turf provides a number of unique products which include:

  • Landscaping services
  • Rock pool slides
  • Playgrounds

SD Turf provides both indoor and outdoor products, but the company specializes in providing unique sporting solutions such as rock pool slides, playgrounds, pet turfs, and golf course tracks.

SD Home Turf products are very high quality, and the company is most well-known for its diverse array of outdoor products making it a luxury provider of artificial grass providers.


SD Home Turf provides a lifetime warranty on their products.

EasyTurf San Diego

EasyTurf San Diego is one of the most reputed companies in the San Diego region with respect to realistic and stylishly designed products.

The company has a great reputation for being one of the best providers of pet-friendly grass products, and indoor turf.

EasyTurf does offer outdoor artificial grass as well as commercial products, however, it specializes primarily in providing residential and golf products.

This makes it one of the best companies to consider if you’re interested in indoor pet-friendly products.

EasyTurf San Diego Pricing

EasyTurf provides individual quotes depending on specific needs for an individual project.

Types of Artificial Grass

EasyTurf San Diego offers a range of products that include:

  • Residential and golf-field products as the main items in its product catalog
  • Pet-friendly products and DIY options as well

One of the key distinguishing features of EasyTurf San Diego is that their products are reputed for having one of the most realistic textures of any artificial grass provider.

EasyTurf is also known for being an expert with respect to the installation of artificial grass products.

This company is one of the largest providers of artificial grass products not only in the San Diego region but also in the whole U.S. itself.


Easy Turf offers a ten-year warranty for the surfaces of their synthetic grass products.

Why You Need Artificial Grass in San Diego

Artificial grass is a novel solution to many of the traditional problems related to grass products, lawn and gardening in general.


Traditional grass requires a lot of maintenance effort in terms of watering, cleaning, the use of fertilizers and pesticides as well as mowing.

Artificial grass is much easier to maintain than natural grass, so there is an abundance of practical benefits to be gained from adopting artificial grass products in preference to natural grass lawns.


Artificial grass is a very durable product that does not require the same extensive maintenance since it neither requires watering nor mowing.

Water Use

Additionally, we live in an era of time where the earth is suffering from climate change and acute water shortages.

As such, it is almost a moral imperative for the collective majority of people in the world to consider ways to reduce water use.

Adopting artificial grass, in place of natural grass, will greatly reduce water use and contribute to environmental sustainability.

How to Hire a San Diego Artificial Grass Company

For your home or business, you should find the best possible company by drawing up a list of requirements and comparing different companies to find out which one has the best possible mix of qualities that you want.

Once you have made a decision on what company you would like to hire, you will need to contact them through their official phone number or email, and request them to visit your property to inspect how much it would cost after which they will provide you a quote.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Artificial Grass in San Diego?

Generally speaking, the normal range for an artificial grass lawn ranges from $5 per square foot to $16 per square foot.

However, most manufacturers of artificial grass products will provide you a custom quote depending on the exact specifications of your project.

The cost of installing artificial grass products depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Location of the property
  • The size of the area that needs to be covered
  • The precise quality of material requested
  • Whether or not your artificial grass needs to be pet-friendly

How to Choose an Artificial Grass Company in San Diego


Choosing the right artificial grass company is vital to ensuring that your project is completed correctly. So, you should research each of the companies that you find in your area.

Consult Independent Websites

With respect to San Diego, we have highlighted some of the best grass companies in the area, and each one of them has an associated set of advantages and disadvantages.

Indoor or Outdoor Turf

Some companies are more specialized in indoor artificial lawns while others are more focused on outdoor and sports purposes.

As such, you should first decide whether or not your needs are for outdoor or indoor purposes, whether you require pet-friendly products, and how realistic you want the texture of your artificial turf.

Given these above considerations, you should be able to make your decision by matching your personal needs with the relative strengths and specialties of each of the major providers of artificial grass products.

Things to Consider When Looking for an Artificial Grass Company in San Diego

1. Pricing

You should prepare a budget for yourself, and act accordingly. It is very important to consider price as a major factor and to select a company that is most appropriate for you in terms of cost.

2. Product Quality and Durability

You should always aim for purchasing the best quality of turf that you can find.

And you should always prioritize durability as one of the most important concerns since you will want a lawn that will last as long as possible.

3. Dog-Friendly Turf (If Required)

If you have a pet dog, you may wish to purchase a specifically pet-friendly artificial grass product so that your pet does not suffer from any harm or discomfort from the use of artificial turf products.

4. Warranty & Returns

Like any other product, artificial turf can also be damaged intentionally or accidentally.

Therefore, it is ideal to procure an artificial grass product that has the best possible warranty and return policy if your product ever gets damaged.

5. Customer Service

A good customer service experience is vital in assessing the overall qualities of a company.

After all, if a company is unable to provide its customers with the right quality of service, who is to say that their products also live up to their reputation.

A company that provides you with very pleasant customer service is likely to be much more reputable and reliable as a service provider since it implies that they actually invest a lot of time and effort into their work.


There are a number of major artificial grass providers in the San Diego region.

As such, we have outlined the respective strengths and reputations of each company in addition to providing you a set of criteria that you can use to judge which company you should choose for your needs.

Hopefully, this information will assist you in making an informed decision as an individual consumer.