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SYNLawn Prices & Costs – Installation and Maintenance Costs

Your organic grass is a hassle to maintain and instead of taking care of it to the point of exhaustion, you may want to save time and money to enjoy the better things in life

Artificial grass like SYNLawn saves you time and money because of the low maintenance requirements.

SYNLawn’s artificial turf consists of a plant-based polyol made using soybeans, making SYNLawn a leading manufacturer of artificial aurfs.

This article will inform you how much SYNLawn artificial turf costs per square feet and its installation + maintenance fees.

SYNLawn Prices

SYNLawn Cost Per Square Foot

The average cost of SYNLawn artificial grass is $5.5 – 7.5 per square foot.

How much does a lawn or play area using this artificial grass cost? Well, that depends on two main factors

First is how much surface area you want to cover with the artificial grass and second is the type and quality of grass you want to use on the desired patch of land.

With over 45+ years in manufacturing artificial grass, SYNLawn brings different types and variety of artificial grass with multiple applications i.e. for playgrounds, sports, pets, etc.

Each type of artificial grass serves different purposes and is made with unique designs like the artificial grass with a sturdier and rough grip is used for athletic purposes i.e. in stadiums and artificial grass that has more bounce and is softer is used on places like balconies which expect less foot traffic.

SYNLawn Installation Cost

On average SYNLawn installation costs $13 per square foot. If you want to maintain the grass as well, SYNLawn has annual cleanup costs of under $50.

Can’t I install the artificial grass myself and avoid extra this cost? Yes, you can but if you want something to be done right then you hand it over to the professionals.

These people have years of experience when it comes to installation of artificial grass and SYNLawn has the installers for the job.

SYNLawn Pricing – Turf for Low to Medium Foot Traffic Areas

Low to medium foot traffic areas do not require turf that is exceptionally durable and hard. They will do just fine with soft, comfortable turf and SYNLawn offers several turf products like these.

SYNLawn 7.5-ft x 11-ft Fescue Artificial Grass

What type of artificial grass should you use for you patio?

Well, SYNLawn’s precut Fescue Artificial Grass is perfect for an application that undergoes less foot traffic

The dimensions “7.5-ft x 11-ft” are measured precisely according to the dimensions of an average patio, so no need to cut or trim the turf to fit in the patio.

It’s the same quality as the original SYNLawn artificial turf so it will bring out the beauty within the desired place you put it on. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

It’s also environment friendly with its polypropylene material. Its face weight is about 45 oz.

The pre-cut artificial grass costs “$199.99”  with an 8-year warranty. It’s perfect to install it yourself if you don’t want to pay the company for its installation.

SYNLawn 5-ft x 7.5-ft Artificial Grass

Is your landscape looking dull and depressing because the old organic grass keeps on growing and fading due to the passing of seasons?

And you want to find a better, long-lasting alternative that requires little to no maintenance?

Well, SYNLawn brings you the perfect alternative that is their precut landscape turf with the dimensions of “5-ft x 7.5-ft”.

This is an eco-friendly turf that consists of UV protection and is fire resistant with 8 years of warranty.

Its face weight is about 58 oz. This precut turf can also be used on playgrounds for your kids to enjoy. The cost of this precut turf is “$99.99” with an 8-year warranty.

SYNLawn Prices – Turf for Dogs and Pets

Owning a pet is a huge responsibility and especially with dogs, you have to take care of their waste which can be a hassle taking care of.

What makes artificial turf so special? Will the work of waste cleanup be double that of the organic grass?

No, it won’t be because with SYNLawn’s artificial pet turf you won’t have to worry about the cleanup of your pet’s daily waste.

SYNLawns pet turf makes sure that there is no urine odor and bacteria build-up from your pet’s waste.

And is it even safe for your pets? Yes, SYNLawn is the highest quality turf manufacturer so there will be no product and chemical degradation.

SYNLawn Hunter 15-ft W x Cut-to-Length Fescue Artificial Grass

So you own multiple dogs that run around and cause havoc on the field.

If you have organic grass then can be a nightmare to clean up the waste of 3 or more canines. All that cutting and covering up the dugout holes can be avoided with artificial turf.

With SYNLawn’s precut Hunter turf you can be at peace when your dogs go out to play on the field.

The strand of the artificial grass has a urethane-coated backing, its precut dimensions are “15ft” (sold as 15ft x Xft cuts) and it costs about “$57.39” per cut with a 10-year warranty.

This turf can withstand high foot traffic and has durable backing within each strand of artificial grass so no matter how hard your dog tries it can’t dig through it.

It has a properly working drainage system so no urine or waste will be stuck onto the grass.

SYNLawn Multi-Use 15-ft W x Cut-to-Length Artificial Grass

So you own a single pet and want it to feel safe and comfortable while going outside onto the field, well SYNLawn has the perfect precut turf for you.

This multi-use turf can withstand low foot traffic and does not lose its vibrant colors after your pet uses it.

It also does not require too much water and while cleaning up pet waste, about 50% of water usage is reduced.

SYNLawn Multi-use turf is made up of nylon so it’ll be comfortable while playing on the field.

The face weight of this precut turf is about 28 oz., the grass stands are re-enforced with rubber backing so the turf can withstand any rips and tears by the pet.

The SYNLawn Multi-Use turf costs at least “$43.53” with a 9-year warranty.

SYNLawn Fern 15-ft W x Cut-to-Length Fescue Artificial Grass

If you want a pet-friendly landscape then, SYNLawn’s fern precut turf is built just for that.

It can withstand medium foot traffic and is perfect for your dog’s playful nature.

It is easily washable with great drainage so no waste is left behind during cleanup.

Its face weight is about 53 oz and it’s recommended for both landscaping and pet turfs.

Prices start from “$32.85” with a 10-year warranty.

SYNLawn Prices – Turf for Putting Green

So you’re a golf player, but don’t want to go all the way to a golf course to practice your swings and strokes.

SYNLawn offers products that will allow you to play golf in your backyard so there’s no need to worry about life and work while playing far away from home.

SYNLawn 3-ft x 11-ft Artificial Grass

You want to save time and spend more time at home but have the urge to play golf? Well SYNLawns putting green turfs are perfect for applications that consist of medium foot traffic.

The artificial grass stand is triple coated so they have high durability, they’ll have the grip you need while you swing and the right bounce you need for mobility.

This precut turf costs about “$74.99” with an 8-year warranty.

SYNLawn Cost vs Natural Lawn Cost

Let me tell you that your default organic lawn’s maintenance costs a lot more than you think.

For watering the grass it costs about $100 per-month. If you are mowing and cutting that grass 25 times per year then it costs you about $600.

If you are using fertilizer 4 times per year then that costs about $175. Sprinkler maintenance costs about $275.

If you do aerating annually, that costs about $100 and for the weed killers (that are highly toxic) you’re spending about $200.

How much does SYNLawn cost

On the other hand you have SYNLawn, which costs $13 per square feet for installation. Annual brushing and cleanup of waste on the turf costs about $50.

Now adding the type of turf you’ll use plus the infill required for that turf, that’ll make your initial cost $6,500 and yearly expense will be less than $50.

After installation – unlike organic lawns – you won’t have to maintain, cut, fertilize, de-weed the SYNLawn artificial grass.

SYNLawn artificial turf is a long-term solution that will save your time and an ample amount of money.

What is the best artificial grass for residential?

Long gone are the days to stay loyal to organic-based residential lawns and turfs now is the time for a more convenient and cheap alternative.

SYNLawn offers its customers reasonable and affordable prices that might seem a lot during installation phases but in the long run, there’s nothing but smooth sailing and peace of mind.

Leave behind the old and unreliable organic green grass that not only cost you money but also your health with the usage of weed killers and bug repellents.

With SYNLawn you, your family along with your pets will stay safe, healthy and secured.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners with organic lawns spend thousands annually only to maintain the grass and spend hours just to make sure every patch and strand of grass is in tip-top shape.

No more worrying about yellow spots or the fading of the grass, SYNLawn will make your desired aesthetic come true and will make it everlasting.

Organic lawns require force and heavy lifting but with SYNLawn’s artificial turf you’ll barely lift a finger.

With SYNLawn, instead of spending all that money and time on lawns, you get to spend it on yourself and your family. Just water and sweep the mess away from SYNLawn’s artificial turf in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

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