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SYNLawn Prices & Costs – Installation and Maintenance Costs

By investing in SYNLawn artificial turf, you can forget the hassle of maintaining traditional organic grass and enjoy the freedom of having a low maintenance alternative.

Not only does it save you time and money, but its material is environmentally conscious, made from plant-based polyol produced using recycled soybeans. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the installation and upkeep costs, as SYNLawn is a leading manufacturer of artificial turf and provides detailed information regarding price per square feet and associated installation and maintenance fees.

Therefore, upgrading to a SYNLawn artificial turf solution will help you to maximize your free time and resources, so you can focus on the better things in life.

SYNLawn Prices

SYNLawn Cost Per Square Foot

Are you interested in finding out the cost of having a lawn or play area with SYNLawn artificial grass? Then, let’s break it down for you. As mentioned earlier, there are two main factors that come into the equation when determining the cost; the surface area and the type and quality of grass used.

At SYNLawn, we offer more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality artificial grass. Our variety of options suit different needs and applications, be it playgrounds, sports fields, pet areas, or balconies. Each type of artificial grass offers unique characteristics, depending on the purpose it is meant to serve.

For instance, artificial grass with a firmer and rougher grip is used in athletic areas such as stadiums, while softer and bouncier options are great for areas with less foot traffic. Generally, SYNLawn artificial grass costs between $5.5 and $7.5 per square foot.

SYNLawn Installation Cost

On average SYNLawn installation costs $13 per square foot, however, for a truly professional look and feel you may want to consider hiring the experts.

Hiring the SYNLawn installers ensures that the job is done correctly from the start, ultimately saving time and money in the long run. In addition to the cost of installation, SYNLawn offers annual cleanup services to ensure the grass looks great all year round, at costs of under $50.

Of course, if you are feeling confident in your own DIY skills, you may want to give it a go and install the grass yourself. But remember, if you want something done right, it is best to hire the professionals.

SYNLawn Pricing – Turf for Low to Medium Foot Traffic Areas

Areas with low to medium foot traffic don’t need extremely durable turf. Soft and comfortable turf is a great solution for these locations, and SYNLawn has an array of different turf products that could work perfectly.

From their PremierTurf line, to their CYCL One Series, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find the product that best suits your needs. These products are not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing, making them a great addition to any area.

And since they’re from SYNLawn, you can always count on the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. So, if you are looking for turf that is comfortable and looks beautiful, then you should definitely look into SYNLawn’s turf options.

SYNLawn 7.5-ft x 11-ft Fescue Artificial Grass

Are you looking for the perfect artificial grass to use for your patio? Look no further than SYNLawn’s precut Fescue Artificial Grass! This turf is designed to perfectly fit an average sized patio, and does not require any cutting or trimming.

It features the same great quality as SYNLawn’s original artificial turf and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Not only is it especially beautiful, but its polypropylene material makes it environment-friendly. With a face weight of 45 oz., this turf is sure to make your patio look amazing.

With its 8-year warranty and only $199.99 price tag, you won’t be breaking the bank. Installation is easy enough to do yourself, or you can pay the company for installation if you prefer.

SYNLawn 5-ft x 7.5-ft Artificial Grass

Are you looking for a way to enhance your outdoor landscape and add a touch of vibrant color? Look no further – SYNLawn’s precut landscape turf offers the perfect solution.

Its dimensions of 5 feet by 7.5 feet create a lush and natural look without the hassle and expense of traditional grass. For added convenience, this eco-friendly turf requires little to no maintenance, is UV resistant, and comes with an 8-year warranty.

Not only is this an attractive option for your yard, but it has a 58 oz face weight and is fire resistant, making it perfect for playgrounds, too! Best of all, it’s affordably priced at just $99.99, so you can enjoy all these benefits without breaking the bank.

SYNLawn Prices – Turf for Dogs and Pets

SYNLawn’s pet turf is designed to make sure your pet can comfortably play even on the hottest days. It has a special technology that allows it to drain away liquid waste, making it so that your pet won’t be standing in their own mess.

And what’s more: its anti-microbial protection provides your pet with a clean and healthy environment, free from any potential harmful microorganisms.

So if you are looking for a grass alternative that is easy to take care of and will keep your pet safe and comfortable, SYNLawn’s pet turf is the perfect solution!

SYNLawn Hunter 15-ft W x Cut-to-Length Fescue Artificial Grass

If you’re like many dog owners, you know the struggle of trying to keep your organic grass in pristine condition when your dogs are running around, playing, and leaving their mess behind. Not only is it a hassle to continuously mow, seed, and fill in the holes they dig, but it can be expensive too.

The perfect solution for dog owners who want a low-maintenance and mess-free alternative to organic grass is SYNLawn’s Hunter turf. This artificial grass is designed specifically for high-traffic areas, such as those created by multiple canines. It features a urethane-coated backing that won’t tear, even with vigorous play, and each strand of grass comes with a 10-year warranty. In addition, its drainage system makes sure that any waste your pets leave behind never lingers on the blades.

The turf comes in pre-cut pieces; one cut measuring 15ft x Xft will cost you around $57.39.
So if you own multiple dogs and want a clean and green yard, try SYNLawn’s Hunter turf. Not only is it pet friendly, durable, and easy to maintain, but it’s also affordable!

SYNLawn Multi-Use 15-ft W x Cut-to-Length Artificial Grass

If you are a pet-owner looking for the perfect outdoor solution for your furry friend, then SYNLawn has just the thing! Their Multi-Use precut turf guarantees comfort and long-lasting vibrancy with low-foot traffic tolerance.

Not to mention, this nylon-based turf is equipped with rubber backing to ensure it can withstand any rips or tears that might occur due to playtime fun. The face weight of this special turf is 28 oz., making it highly durable, and it comes with an attractive 9-year warranty.

You won’t have to worry about excessive water usage when cleaning up pet waste as this turf requires minimum water for maintenance. At only “$43.53”, this turf provides the perfect solution for pet owners on the lookout for a safe and comfortable outdoor space for their beloved companion.

SYNLawn Fern 15-ft W x Cut-to-Length Fescue Artificial Grass

Are you looking for a pet-friendly landscape solution? Then check out SYNLawn’s fern precut turf!

This amazing turf is designed to withstand medium foot traffic, making it perfect to let your furry friend enjoy playing without ruining the lawn. It’s also easily washable and has great drainage so no waste will be left behind during clean up.

With a face weight of 53 oz, it’s perfect for both landscaping and pet turfs.

Prices starting from “$32.85” with a 10-year warranty make this an unbeatable deal. Make your pet happy and environmentally friendly – go with SYNLawn’s fern precut turf!

SYNLawn Prices – Turf for Putting Green

SYNLawn’s products and services allow golfers to practice their swings and strokes while enjoying the convenience of never having to leave the comfort of their own backyard.

Our premier artificial grass and golf green turf is designed to replicate real golfing terrain while providing luxury, low-maintenance style. Our revolutionary turf is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their game in a realistic and enjoyable environment.

With our easy-to-install products, all that’s required is for the player to show up, ready to play and begin their golfing journey.

SYNLawn 3-ft x 11-ft Artificial Grass

Are you looking for a way to save time and spend more time at home while still getting the opportunity to practice your golf game? SYNLawns’s putting green turf is just what you need!

Our precut turf has been designed to withstand medium foot traffic, so you can hit that hole in one with no worries about wear and tear.

Our triple-coated grass stands are engineered for maximum durability and grip, to give you the most responsive performance when you step up to the tee. And for only $74.99, you can enjoy 8 years of worry-free artificial grass putting. It doesn’t get much better than that!

SYNLawn Cost vs Natural Lawn Cost

Are you looking for ways to save money on lawn maintenance? If so, there are several options available that can help reduce the costs associated with maintaining an organic lawn.

For example, instead of watering the grass multiple times per month, a more efficient method would be to water it deeply but infrequently. Mowing and cutting the lawn could be done fewer times each year, and using natural fertilizer such as compost can be less expensive than chemical fertilizers, yet still yield satisfactory results.

Sprinkler maintenance can be minimized by utilizing a more efficient irrigation system. Aeration can be done on an as-needed basis, instead of annually, and natural weed killers can be used in place of highly toxic chemical products.

With some thought and consideration, it is possible to maintain an organic lawn while greatly reducing the associated costs.

How much does SYNLawn cost

Investing in SYNLawn artificial turf is a great decision for those seeking a long-term solution that can save time and money.

Not only does installation cost a mere $13 per square foot, but the turf requires no maintenance, no cutting or fertilizing, and no weeding – meaning you won’t have to spend more than $50 annually to brush and clean up waste.

The initial cost of the turf and infill required is around $6,500, however, this should prove to be a worthwhile investment, given that your yearly expense will be so low.

With all the money and hours of manual labor you’ll save in the long run, investing in SYNLawn artificial turf is an excellent choice.

What is the best artificial grass for residential?

Say goodbye to the outdated and inefficient organic lawns of the past, and welcome in a new era of convenient and affordable lawns with SYNLawn.

Not to mention that with SYNLawn you will be saving money over time thanks to its reasonable and affordable prices. You no longer have to worry about using excessive amounts of weed killers and bug repellents which can cause health problems.

Instead, SYNLawn offers an environmentally friendly solution that keeps your family, pets, and yourself safe and secure.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch to SYNLawn today and experience a world of new possibilities on your lawn that you couldn’t get from traditional grass!

Final Thoughts

Instead of spending thousands of dollars each year in tending to your lawn, countless hours on upkeep and repair, SYNLawn’s artificial turf offers you an ease of ownership with remarkable durability and sustainability.

With SYNLawn, pesky yellow spots and fading grass are a thing of the past. Plus, you can save time and money by reducing the time spent on heavy-duty outdoor maintenance.

Enjoy your spare time with loved ones or take a break to treat yourself without worrying about lawn upkeep. Spend just minutes a day to water and sweep away messes instead of hours.

Let SYNLawn help make your desired aesthetic come true and make it everlasting.

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