Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass for Fish Tanks – Not All Artificial Grass is Fish Friendly!

Whether you are a professional aquarium breeder or a novice who wants to participate in this hobby, you may have questions about which type of decoration should be used in ordinary fish tanks.

On the one hand, we have fish farmers who prefer to use artificial plants to decorate their tanks. On the other hand, many fish farmers prefer to use live plants in fish tanks.

Artificial grass is a great addition to fish tanks, it not only makes it look fresher and more aesthetic, but it can also be healthy for the fish.

Can You Put Artificial Grass In A Fish Tank?

Yes, artificial grass can be put into a fish tank; they don’t require lights, CO2, fertilizers or pretty much anything for that matter.

You just need to wash the grass in bleach and let it dry before you place it into the aquarium. The fish won’t eat your plants and it will last much longer than real underwater plants.

Is There Any Artificial Grass For Fish Tanks?

The answer is yes, you can place artificial grass inside your aquarium without worries or hesitation. However, you need to consider the material of the grass as well.

For instance, materials which can be leeched into the water can be toxic for the fish. Also, if you use older artificial grass, get the lead levels checked first.

Lead toxicity can occur for the fish if the brand of artificial grass is non-reputed and the product is over 15 years old.

Newer products are safe, often made up of bio-materials which won’t cause an issue with the fish.

Common Issues with Faux Grass in Fish Tanks

  • Water leeching. Some materials may not be suited to be submerged in water. The materials can leech into the water and make it toxic for some fish.
  • Older faux grass. Older grass, manufactured with volatile materials can cause fishes to die off and become sick. Lead is a major problem with older grass which you need to look out for.
  • Low-quality grass. Some grass can start to discolor and break down. You need to consider getting high-quality grass

Pet-friendly Grass In a Fish Tank

Pet-friendly grass is generally safe for your fish. It doesn’t have any runoff concerns and it is made up of bioavailable materials. This means that you can be sure there are no leeching concerns.

Also, pet-friendly grass is generally more durable than other kinds of artificial grass. Making sure your fish will be safe and sound.

How To Use Artificial Grass In An Aquarium

The first step to using artificial grass in an aquarium is choosing a brand that is known to be safe for water. The other step is understanding whether the grass is durable underwater or will breakdown.

Here’s how to use artificial grass in a fish tank:

  • After you have your grass, you need to first wash it in bleach; this will kill any microorganisms on it as well as wash away any dirt and debris.
  • After the bleach has dried and the wash is clear, you need to vacuum the grass for a few minutes making sure it is clean and ready to submerge.
  • After you’ve prepped the grass, you need to slowly lower it down into the aquarium wherever you need it. If the grass isn’t going down all the way, you can poke it down with a wooden or plastic rod.

Which Type Of Artificial Grass To Avoid For Fish Tanks

Other than low-quality artificial grass, you should avoid using grass older than 10 years, you should also avoid using grass that might injure the fish.

Also, grass that can leech into the water is also a no go, because it can be toxic for the fish. Plus, artificial grass that the fish can get stuck in, is also a no-go.

AVOID – Hard artificial grass

Hard artificial grass, generally made up purely of nylon can be injurious to the fish. In fact, a little fish can poke its eye or even its body, leaving a nasty wound.

If the grass is long as well, it can be bad for fishes that often tend to take small bites of the grass and play with it in the fish tank.

This means that they can not only get external wounds, but inside their mouths and gills as well.

Avoid hard artificial grass to preserve your fish’s health.

Mixing Fake Grass with Real Grass

You can mix the real plants in your fish tank with artificial grass; it’s undoubtedly a great aesthetic choice.

Fake grass looks amazing alongside real plants, giving a natural look that your fish will both be comfortable in and enjoy.

Mixing grass in an aquarium gives it a rustic, modern vibe which makes the whole fish tank feel more natural.

There are countless combinations you can try with plants and fake grass that looks amazing.

Artificial Grass Alternative: Reptile carpet

Reptile carpet is a great alternative to artificial grass for your aquarium. Much like faux grass, reptile carpet can also be used. Here are a few steps you need to do if you’re installing reptile carpet:

  1. Clean the carpet thoroughly. There may be left over burrs and debris which can seep into the water
  2. Give it a thorough wash in order to remove any remaining volatile materials
  3. Vacuum it thoroughly
  4. Install at the bottom and let it sit

Reptile carpet gives a very nice feel to the fish tank, it allows you to place real plants and give off a rustic vibe which looks natural and fresh.

Conclusively, artificial grass is a great addition to your aquarium, fish or turtle tank and will allow you to decorate it naturally and in a unique way.