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How to Cut Artificial Turf in 9 Simple Steps Without Hurting Yourself

When talking about how to cut artificial turf, we are not talking about how to trim it, because only natural turf needs to be trimmed.

We are referring to solving possible doubts when the ideal cutting method for installation is not clear.

Remember that the cuts on your artificial grass must have the appropriate shape, which is very important. In addition, you should pay close attention to poorly-cut cuts, which often lead to erroneous measurements and ultimately poor artificial grass installation.

1. Tools for the Job

The right tools for cutting artificial turf are a must. Also note that the cutting will be done on the back because there are no fibers and the process is easier.

Large Scissors

Although the ideal situation is to use industrial scissors whose blades are proportional to the thickness of the lawn, large scissors can cut in a very simple way.

Industrial Cutters

These are another way of cutting artificial grass; while it is obvious that you need to know what you’re doing, when using such a tool, the job becomes easier.

Measuring Tape or Yardstick

In order to measure out the artificial grass you need to cut, you will need measuring tape or at the very least a yard stick. Accurate measurement will allow you to get your grass cut easily.


In order to mark out the area where you need to cut, you can use chalk. Chalk can easily wash away, it’s non-toxic and won’t trouble you at all.

Use Gardening Gloves for Safety

It is recommended to wear gloves and there are some very useful garden gloves on the market. This will avoid the possibility of unconsciously cutting and hurting yourself.

These use two layers of cut-resistant and puncture-resistant fabric design.

The fabric on the palm side surface is slightly sticky, which helps to grip long and smooth tool handles.

2. Measuring the Area You Want to Cut

First, get excited and start to be enthusiastic. We will treat cutting measurements as the first step. Although this is obvious, many people ignore this crucial step.

Once the measures are known, the grass can be cut and installed and it must be measured accurately.

In this way, you will know how much you need.

Then, you must measure and point out through a chalk. The measured value should be correctly marked on the back of the artificial grass, not the green part.

After this you can start cutting, which will be the next step. It will be cut into pieces for installation. It is important that we have time: if it is done in a hurry, the work may be wasted.

Third, place the lawn on the ground. You should expand it. This is because, although the installation at this time is like a mold, there are certain conditions that must be kept in mind, such as drainage holes.

3. Cutting – How to Cut Artificial Turf for Your Lawn

4. Measure the Surface

First, we must measure the surface perfectly. It seems obvious, but sometimes it is ignored. The measures must be accurate. The main thing is that you need to cut the fake grass before installation. Ideally, the installation surface should be flat.

5. Buy the Grass

After the above step, you can purchase the turf you need. However, it is recommended to purchase approximately 10% more surface for installation. We will lose these meters with joints and other cuts.

Any excess grass that you have left can be reused in different projects; possibly for artificial grass in aquariums or indoor artificial grass installation.

6. Arrange Artificial Grass

You need to lay the artificial grass on the surface; you need to lay the parameter of the grass first before you start moving inwards and filling the lawn in. Also, you need to make sure that it looks like it should and that you have enough.

7. Measure, Mark and Cut the Turf

Measure and mark out the artificial grass backing. The next step is to cut the lawn precisely. Take your time, this is one of the most important steps.

An accurately measured cut can save you more time than anything in this process; not only will the joints meet up perfectly, they will not look bad when placed together.

8. Cut the Joints

Joints should be cut with great accuracy; use a measuring stick and line out the cut with chalk first. This will allow you to visualize the line and cut accurately.

The reason behind it is that there is a thin line between artificial lawn looking real and looking fake. Accurately cut joints can make it look natural.

9. Trim the Parameter

Finally, we will cut the perimeter. If you perform all these steps correctly, your artificial turf will be perfect, beautiful and durable

Tips for Cutting Artificial Grass

Cut Accurately

Accurate cuts are extremely important when installing, removing or modifying artificial grass. It will allow you to be stress-free during almost all of the installation process. Cutting your work short and giving better results.

In this process, accurate cutting is very important. Measures must be accurate and we need to work without stress. So everything will be fine, and we will have an excellent installation.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to cut your grass and you need help from start to finish, this article will give you a good idea of what you’re doing.