Artificial Grass

Most Realistic Artificial Grass – 7 Tips on Which Faux Grass Brand to Buy

If you’ve finally decided to get artificial grass and are wondering what the best kind of it is available on the market, you’d be pleasantly surprised with the amount of options available.

Firstly, there are a lot of different materials such as nylon, polyethylene and polypropylene. There are also different lengths of grass available, short, medium and long.

Also, you can have nylon as a secondary material along with your primary material to give it strength.

Whether you’re installing artificial grass in your lawn, or in a commercial setup, there are various options available to choose from.

1. Which Brand Makes The Most Realistic Artificial Grass?

Synthetic Turf Northwest is a great manufacturing company; if you’re looking for a natural looking lawn, made up of high-quality materials with various lengths, these guys have your back.

Synthetic Turf Northwest

This artificial turf brand is known for its quality and value. They are known as highly professional and ethical manufacturers and installers of artificial turf. You will not only get grass made of approved high-quality materials, but also artificial grass that meets your needs.

Whether you are buying a commercial product or a residential product, you will get a product that meets the needs of the next few years.


Easy Turf is produced by FieldTurf, which is one of the most well-known companies in the industry. One of the reasons their products are so realistic is that they use various colored blades that are as real as natural grass.

Easy Turf also provides one of the best drainage systems, called MaxxFlow, which can maximize drainage.

The grass has 100% permeability and has an impressive 15-year warranty. The well-known dog handler Cesar Milan recognizes Easy Turf professionally and uses it in his dog training facility.


SynLawn is one of the most famous and respected artificial grass manufacturers. Although the materials are different, their products are also very realistic.

SynLawn products are manufactured entirely in the United States using BioCel technology. The technology uses renewable resources (such as soybeans) to create bio-based polymers instead of the more common petroleum-based polymers.

SynLawn products also have an “Enviroloc” backing, which can hold the blade in place even under the most extreme conditions and is very durable.

Frass Grass

Frass Grass is another very natural artificial grass product. It is made of materials that look and feel as close to natural grass as possible. Although some turf looks like natural grass, Frass Grass also looks very attractive.

The company produces several different types of artificial turf, each with unique different piles and textures to suit specific purposes. Popular examples include turf used in pet areas, sports fields and lawns.


AstroTurf has the longest history in the United States and is undoubtedly the most famous artificial turf company. Its origin and name have been used in sports for decades.

Over the years, AstroTurf products have been continuously improving in durability and structure, and have now become one of the most realistic choices. The company offers a money-back guarantee.


MegaGrass dog outdoor turf is perfect for you. Because our dog turf is breathable, we no longer worry about avoiding puppy puddles or dealing with strong ammonia smells.

This grass is considered a high-quality pet-friendly grass, leaving no smell and substance.

MegaGrass artificial grass for dogs is not only made of typical materials.

Using the latest technology, we can create realistic artificial grass that looks like it can compete with Mother Nature, your family and your pets. Our premium materials have UV protection and help prevent fading.

2. How To Choose Realistic Artificial Grass

The quality of artificial grass depends on many different factors. Well-known manufacturers provide high-quality products, but there are also big differences in this market. Some aspects that determine grass quality are fiber thickness, carpet backing and coating.

Other than those factors, you should also look if the artificial grass looks natural and real. The look and the feel are two major factors when it comes to how real artificial grass is.

The Look of Fake Grass

Grass that grows well nearby may not be common elsewhere, which is why artificial grass has many colors and styles. If you like tall fescue or Bermuda grass, you can replicate the turf on the artificial lawn, and there are many other options.

The color of the grass blades is also different. If your neighbor’s lawn tends to be yellow-green rather than bright green, you can match the lawn that is popular in your city (until your neighbor also replaces their lawn).

The shape of each artificial grass blade in the lawn determines how light will be reflected from the blade and greatly promotes the overall appearance of the grass.

For example, residents in sunny weather may choose a blade shape different from that in coastal fog.

The flat blade reflects light in a way that produces the consistent glossy (or counterfeit) appearance often associated with artificial turf.

Note that any newly installed artificial turf will have a greater gloss than after a period of use. M-shaped grass blades can reflect light in all directions, thereby avoiding reflections from the blanket, resulting in a more natural appearance.

The Soft Feel of Fake Grass

Artificial grass can be softer than real grass; in fact, there are so many different types of artificial grass and it can feel very soft and supple when you walk on it barefoot or touch it with your hand.

If you are not satisfied with the feeling of your artificial turf, please ask the installer to bring various samples. The improved technology eliminates the roughness associated with the turf on the tennis court. Depending on the type, artificial grass can have the same soft texture as the lawn for life.

Shape also plays an important role in durability and temperature. V-shaped grass can make the blades stand upright and hard even after heavy foot traffic.

Hollow leaves tend to retain moisture and lower the lawn temperature so they might feel cool, kind of like real grass.

Types of Fake Grass

There are also different types of artificial grass, which means you will be able to choose the type that best suits the natural environment and suits your personal taste.

Three different materials are used to make artificial turf, including:

  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Nylon

There are different combinations of these materials along with a backing material to create artificial grass. Different combinations can create different softness, length for different purposes.

For instance, recreational lawn, commercial lawn, residential lawn, sports lawn, etc.

4. Where the Fake Grass Is Used

Fake grass is just like real grass, you can use it for just about any reason you can use real grass. If you’re the type of person that likes to walk around on the grass barefoot, or play in the lawn.

Hosting barbecues, hosting parties, for golf courses, for children’s playground, indoor settings, decorations or anything in between, Fake grass just makes sense.

Dog Runs

Outdoor artificial grass is designed to be much more durable than indoor grass; it can easily withstand your energetic dog, running around and playing. If you like running with your dog and playing fetch, fake grass could easily withstand it.

Get artificial grass that is backed up with nylon fibers; it not only adds rigidity, it also adds durability that will last you up to and even more than a decade.

MegaGrass outdoor turf is a perfect fit if you have a dog; not only is this grass breathable, allowing good drainage, it is also odor-resistant, dealing with ammonia smells nicely.

MegaGrass is a pet-friendly grass, keeping your dog safe and healthy. This grass also looks natural and realistic, giving your dog the feel of real grass.

EasyTurf is another great option; this grass has a high-level of permeability and comes with a 15-year warranty. Cesar Milan uses this turf in their dog training facility. So, you shouldn’t worry about your dog tearing this lawn up any time soon.

Children’s playground

Children’s playgrounds that use artificial grass have resulted in lesser injuries, better health for children and less playground related accidents.

The reason behind it is that artificial grass naturally doesn’t have a lot of water in it, nor does it attract insects; with antibacterial properties, you get a safer experience for your child.

Also, you can get a softer grass so if children fall on it, they don’t get hurt. It’s a very versatile solution.

Sports field

Professional sports fields are almost always made up of fake grass; the reason behind it is that when fake grass gets damaged, it can get repaired relatively easily. It is also much more durable than real grass and it doesn’t need to be replaced as often.

Plus, you can’t have green grass all year round, and events happening in the winter with dull grass or no grass doesn’t look appealing and is relatively less safe for the player.

Fake grass is not only safer, it can keep dirt and debris off of players in a professional setting, it doesn’t attract as many bugs and it can be cleaned relatively easily.
It’s a perfect solution for sports.

Here, Astro Turf might be the best fit for you. Astro turf is one of the most well-reputed artificial grass manufacturers. They have been used in sports for decades now.

AstroTurf grass has been constantly improved and enhanced for durability and structure and is one of the most reasonable choices for sports.


Lastly, fake grass is obviously great for your lawn. If you’re the type of person who works late hours, doesn’t have time for gardening and doesn’t hire a gardener, getting fake grass is the way to go.

It’s cleaner, safer, doesn’t get muddy and is easy to clean. Plus, it stays green all year long, doesn’t require maintenance and is a great investment if you want to sell your home in the future.

FrassGrass is a great choice for lawns, since the grass looks and feels natural and realistic. If you’re looking for an evergreen-grass vibe, with a texture that matches real grass, all with the benefits of synthetic grass, this company’s products are for you.

EasyTurf is another great option; they produce very natural looking grass that are multi-colored to give a very realistic look to your lawn.

5. What is the most realistic artificial grass? It depends

There are many different artificial grass brands on the market, each one of these manufactures have some sort of advantage and disadvantage over another brand. However, realistic synthetic grass depends on a few different factors.

These factors include the pile height, the length of the individual blades, the material used and the color as well. Some of the well-respected brands include:

  • Synthetic Turf Northwest
  • SynLawn
  • EasyTurf
  • AstroTurf
  • FrassGrass
  • MegaGrass

These brands are well-known in the artificial grass community and make excellent, lead-free grass that has been known for its durability and ease of installation.

Plus, since they are well known brands, the chances of you getting something harmful for your children or your pets is zero.

6. Other Considerations

There are a lot of things you might want to consider before you make your investment. Firstly, there are eco-friendly synthetic grass solutions, then there are many different lengths of synthetic turf along with different material choices.

Whatever you do choose, depends on the location you’re from, the reason you’re getting fake grass installed and what its use case is.

Eco-friendly Synthetic Turf

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce water pollution at the same time, getting eco-friendly turf may be the best way to go.

Real grass is a huge pollutant which causes terrible ecological issues. For instance, it requires a lot of water; sometimes twice a day; it attracts insects and weeds which can require insecticides and herbicides.

Polluted water can end up in rivers and water sources and end up in the water supply.
Eco-friendly turf is artificial grass that is made up of recycled or reused material that doesn’t have any run-off.

SynLawn is one of the best known and respected artificial grass manufacturers. They produce their grass with BioCel technology, which are created using renewable resources such as SoyBeans and natural polymers instead of petroleum-based plastics.

Short, medium or long synthetic turf

While it’s essentially an aesthetic choice, there are many practical reasons why one would choose long, medium or short grass.

If you have a short dog, you can get short grass because their tiny legs can’t run freely in taller grass. Short grass may be a better option for you in that case.

Medium grass may be good if you want the best of both worlds, aesthetic and walkability.
Long grass may be good if you want to go for a certain look. It may also look good for indoor and creative projects.

7. What is the best artificial grass?

With artificial grass, “the best” is subjective to the pricing, availability, location and use case. Some artificial grass companies work for some people, while others work better for some people.

As mentioned before, you can go for many different types of artificial grass with different materials, lengths and more. Different companies have different unique selling points such as soybean grass, while others focus on antimicrobial properties.

Some companies are priced less than others while offering a decent product as well. The artificial grass company is the best for you, ultimately depending on what you’re going for. It’s subjective and different for everyone.

Final Thoughts About Realistic Artificial Turf

At the end of the day, realistic grass depends on the manufacturer, the material used and the length. If you’re placing the grass outdoors in your lawn, different factors will make it look realistic, whereas if you’re installing grass in a commercial setting, there are different requirements.

The aforementioned synthetic grass manufacturers have been in the business for many years and spend a lot of time and effort in Research and Development, allowing them to be ahead of their competition.

Whatever grass you do go for, do some research and understand the use case and you will get synthetic grass that will last you for many years to come.