Artificial Grass Reviews

K9 Grass Mat Reviews

K9Grass Mats are made of a natural, hypoallergenic material that is perfect for pets with sensitivities or allergies.

They can be used inside the house to cut down on indoor allergens and outside in areas like dog potties where they help keep your pet clean from bacteria and dirt.

K9 Grass Mat Reviews

In this article we’ll be reviewing K9Grass Mats to see whether they’re worth your time and money.

K9 Grass Mat Features

Anti Microbial

Antimicrobial technology is built right into the blades of K9 grass mats so that you can have a cleaner and more pleasant environment for your pet.

Easy to Clean

K9Grass Mats are great way to keep your pet’s space clean and sanitary with a simple hose down.

No more scrubbing or chemical smell. K9 Grass is eco-friendly, nontoxic and resistant towards mold/mildew growth.

K9 Grasses mats offer a convenient solution that will make cleaning up after your pup easier than ever before without relying on harsh chemicals or time consuming scrubbing sessions in order to freshen things back up again.

The mat lets you wash away all of those pesky messes from outside inside quickly and easily by simply taking out into the yard where it can be simply hosed off.

Great Drainage

K9Grass Mats have great drainage that ensures your turf stays clean and dry. The backing has an innovative design which channels urine away from the surface of the lawn so it doesn’t have to sit in one spot.


K9Grass mats are the perfect solution for people who want to provide their dog with a comfortable and cozy place to rest.

These top-of-the line products will not only keep your floors clean, but they’ll last a very long time.

K9 Grass Mats discourage digging and last longer natural grass. the knitted backing also provides lasting durability so that you won’t have to worry about buying another one soon after purchase.

Non Toxic

K9 Grass Mats are not only made with lead-free materials but they’re also non toxic to humans and animals.

With your pet’s safety being a top priority, these mats will be the perfect addition for any room in your home.

Great Feel

K9Grass Mats are perfect for pet owners who want to give their dog a place of his own that is reminiscent of the outdoors.

They can be used as an alternative to potty training, or they can offer your pup some space in tight quarters when he needs it most.

K9 Grass mats will provide your furry friend with plenty of room and comfort while also providing them with a natural feel on which they’re accustomed.

The mat provides a feel typically found outside; this makes K9 Grass Mats ideal for transitioning from indoor potty-training methods to outdoor ones without any major changes needed!


K9Grass Mats are the perfect solution to your dog’s need for a comfortable surface.

You can use them in any room of the house or on the patio, and they’re great if you want to bring one with you while camping!

K9 Grass Mat Types

K9Grass Mat with Unbound Edges

K9Grass Mats have been designed to seamlessly fit any space inside or outside the house, providing a soft and comfortable surface for your pet.

Perfect for use in crates kennels carriers as well as a replacement for grass in dog potties.

These mats come with unbound edges that are perfect underfoot both indoors and outdoors, fitting snugly into crating spaces of all kinds making them an ideal choice.

K9Grass Mat with Bound Edges

These K9Grass mats have a nice, finished edge that is bound for your convenience.

The edges on these dog beds help keep dirt off of carpets or furniture if you prefer not having an unbound mat.

K9Grass Mat Maintenance

K9 Grass Mats are a new and innovative way to keep your dog’s paws clean while making pet owners lives simpler.

These mats can be easily washed when they get dirty with the use of soap or detergent, water, sponges (for areas that need more scrubbing), and an enzyme-based cleaner – all you have to do is pick up any solid waste on the mat before spraying it down!

K9Grass Mats are designed for easy maintenance by simply picking up debris from pets’ feet after walking over them so that they stay nice looking all day long.

K9 grass mats also make life easier for pet parents because these reusable surfaces will never require re-seeding since there’s no soil at all.


Do dog grass mats work?

Dog grass mats are a great way to control the amount of hair your dog sheds, but they’re not a cure-all.

If you have a furry dog that sheds, you’ll still need to brush them regularly and vacuum frequently.

But if you have a short-haired dog that doesn’t shed much, dog grass mats can be a great investment.

They keep the fur on your floors and furniture where it belongs instead of flying around in the air and sticking to everything else!