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How To Get Dog To Pee On Fake Grass

A lot of people love their dogs, but they don’t always like where the dog pees. Dog pee can be a problem when it’s on your carpet or if you have toddlers who are crawling around.

If you want to avoid having to clean up after your pet and worry about them ruining the flooring in your house, there is an alternative solution – fake grass! This article will explain how to get a dog to pee on fake grass so that you no longer have urine stains all over the ground in your home.

How To Train Your Dog To Pee On Fake Grass

1. Find a fake grass that is easy to clean. It should be able to be washed, and it should not be slippery.

2. Put the fake grass in an area where your dog can easily access it but also where you want him to pee on it. This may be in your garden or on your lawn, depending on how many dogs you have and what size their bladder is.

3. When you find your dog going on the fake grass, praise him and give him a treat! If he doesn’t go there, take him there and wait for him to pee on it. Once he does, give him praise and a treat! Repeat this process until he goes onto the fake grass without hesitation or treats!

4. After he has successfully peed on the fake grass several times, try moving the fake grass around so that he has to go somewhere else if he wants to pee again! You can also move his bed out of reach as well as anything else that you don’t want chewed up by his teeth! Be sure to reward him when he goes into the correct area! You will need to repeat this step several times before your dog begins going outside of his designated area even when there are no treats available!

5. Now that your dog knows where his designated spot is, you can start rewarding every time he goes outside of this spot (if you choose). Make sure that when you do give treats though that they are given at random intervals throughout the day so that your dog doesn’t get dependent on them anymore than necessary. Remember: The goal here is for your dog to know what is expected of him without having treats involved all of the time!

How To Get Dog To Pee On Fake Grass – Some Tips

1. Don’t force your dog to pee on the grass, especially if he is not used to it.

2. Take your dog for a walk and stop at the artificial grass.

3. If you are lucky enough, your dog will pee on the artificial grass and you can praise him for that.

4. If your dog refuses to go, try again later and don’t force him to do that now. Your dog needs time to get used to this new surface.

5. When you go out with your dog next time, start from a closer distance from the artificial grass and move away gradually as your dog gets used to it. It may take some time but eventually he will get used to it, especially when you reward him after he pees on it!

6. If your dog still refuses to go on the artificial grass, you can try to put some pee pads on the artificial grass and show your dog that he can pee there.

7. If you are not lucky enough, you will have to take your dog to a grassy area for him to go and it may take a while until he gets used to it.

If your dog is used to peeing on the artificial grass and doesn’t mind going there then you won’t have any problems with this!


Why Won’t My Dog Pee On Fake Grass?

Dogs can tell the difference between real and fake surfaces, for example they won’t pee on concrete but will on mud.

Fake grass can feel a lot different than real grass – its texture and feel varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and it might be too hard, close to the ground, or have a funny smell. In some cases dog owners swear by rubber mulch as an alternative because it doesn’t have all of these downsides!

The stimulus that signals to an animal bladder that it’s time to go is osmosis- a build up of solutes inside the organ due to excess water from urine or feces. Fake grass has more air in it than real grasses, which means less solutes in comparison and is why there are no indications of an emergency urination function when placed in contact with these surfaces.

Will My Dog Pee On Fake Grass?

Some dogs may smell the artificial fragrance in fake grass and urine on it, which is what they might be trying to eliminate. Other times, they may be afraid of the new texture or noise it makes under foot (fake grass can also present a tripping hazard). There are several strategies for discouraging this behavior without resorting to harsh punishments. The idea is to provide an alternative destination for your pup rather than inflicting corporal punishment. Try placing some articles of clothing with that person’s scent near the area where you know he usually goes potty; paper baking cups filled with water may serve as a non-slip surface much like turf.