Artificial Grass Reviews

ForeverLawn Reviews – Dupont Turf Reviews – Price & Warranty

If you’re considering installing artificial turf for your home or commercial property, you’ll have to wade through a wide range of different artificial turf manufacturers.

One such manufacturer, which is also a major player in this market, is ForeverLawn, and in this article, we will review their products for you.

What is ForeverLawn?

ForeverLawn is a high-quality, premium artificial turf manufacturer that has an impressive reputation as one of the best providers of artificial turf at affordable costs.

The company occupies a prime position in the artificial turf market due to its strong reputation by combining durability with low maintenance in their products which make them extremely appealing to many different consumers.

ForeverLawn is also unique because of the fact that unlike many other artificial turf manufacturers, the company offers artificial turf for both residential and commercial purposes.

This makes ForeverLawn a very versatile choice for consumers with diverse needs.

Types of Artificial Turf Offered

ForeverLawn offers artificial turf for use in both residential as well as commercial purposes.

Their product catalog ranges from residential turf to pet-friendly turf, playground grass, and sports grass.

Additional products also include SplashGrass which is designed for use in water parks as well as BocceGrass which is used for a bocce court.

There are additional variations within each product category according to factors such as:

  • The exact texture
  • Durability
  • Drainage quality
  • Size required by individual consumers

Overall, ForeverLawn offers a very wide range of artificial turf with additional variations and customizations as well according to individual consumer tastes and needs.

ForeverLawn Landscape Turf

ForeverLawn’s landscape turf has been designed for use in both commercial and residential properties, and it is suitable for installation for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Dupont Turf

In this section, we shall review ForeverLawn’s Dupont turf by first compiling a list of all its features followed by an elaboration on its four different varieties.

Premium Quality

All Dupont turf products are manufactured using premium materials including high-quality yarn and sophisticated manufacturing equipment which guarantees the quality of the product.

Construction of the turf is also carried out with the greatest attention paid to individual details such as seam quality and grass blade density.

This results in very high quality with superior construction.

Low Maintenance

Dupont artificial turf products do not require extensive maintenance needs.

In comparison with natural grass, a Dupont turf does not require mowing, cutting, or the need for pesticides, or fertilizers

Other common gardening tools and activities are also unnecessary since the turf’s length and density are fixed, and it cannot be infested by weeds or insects since it is an artificial product.


Dupont has a very natural appearance which is made possible due to the high-quality construction of the product as well as the detailed and exhaustive nature of the manufacturing process that is used to produce it.

The texture of the individual grass blades has also been adjusted to replicate the appearance of actual grass.

Quality Drainage

Dupont artificial turf has been designed with an excellent drainage system to prevent the possibility of water, or spills, pooling on its surface.

This guarantees the surface stability of the turf.

Dupont Turf Options

VariantColorBlade HeightWeightApplication
Dupont Select VRBright green2-⅛” 135 ouncesLight to medium traffic areas
Dupont Select LXDark and warm2-⅛” 115 ouncesHigh traffic areas
Dupont Select ELRich and dark1-¾”115 ouncesHigh traffic areas

Dupont Warranty

ForeverLawn offers a 15-year warranty on their Dupont turf with a closed warranty system that ensures product quality.

Fusion Turf

Fusion Turf is another great product from ForeverLawn.

This is an artificial turf that has been constructed using the company’s exclusive legacy fiber yarn and has been designed for being one of the most durable varieties of artificial turf in the market.


Fusion turf has been designed to withstand relatively high temperatures and pressures without suffering from deformation or heat-damage.

So, the turf will maintain its luscious appearance under relatively heavy stress.


The use of ForeverLawn’s legacy fiber yarn results in vastly stronger individual leaf blades which are able to withstand typical wear and tear without damage.

Additionally, the turf is also able to withstand high traffic areas.


The Fusion Turf has been designed to provide an ultra-realistic looking artificial turf.

The product achieves this by having multicolored blades combined with thatch zones that mimic the appearance of natural grass.

Fusion Turf can be obtained in two separate varieties:

Fusion Elite

Fusion Elite has been designed specifically for use in areas with high sunlight exposure such as rooftops, near windows, and the balconies of apartments.

It’s been engineered with the aim of minimizing heat absorption and retaining both durability and aesthetic realism in areas under high sunlight exposure.

This makes it a suitable choice for both residential and commercial uses.

Fusion Pro

Fusion Pro is designed for use in high traffic areas since it is constructed with a very dense set of blade fibers.

The presence of legacy fiber yarn additionally allows it to be an extremely durable product that has comparatively shorter grass blades.

This permits the Fusion Pro to be the most suitable for use in areas with high expected foot traffic such as in parks.


Fusion Turf is available with a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty.

ForeverLawn Fresh No Infill Turf

ForeverLawn Fresh is a hyper-realistic artificial turf product  that has been designed to mimic the appearance of actual grass as accurately as possible.

It has been designed for consumers who want artificial turf to resemble real turf as much as possible.

Features – No Infill Turf

The ForeverLawn Fresh lawn is the only artificial grass product produced by ForeverLawn that does not require any infill material which makes it much easier to traverse on.


The Fresh is a product that has been designed for use in high traffic areas, so it has very dense blade fibers that are ideal for withstanding heavy foot traffic.

Relatively Low Maintenance

Since it does not require any infill, the Fresh is a very low maintenance product that will not have issues with spills or water becoming trapped on the surface of the turf.

Additionally, any solid waste that falls upon the turf can be easily brushed away.


The Fresh has in-built proprietary antimicrobial technology which enhances the cleanliness of the product and acts as an additional layer of defense against mold and other common problems.

Fresh Turf Warranty

ForeverLawn offers their standard 15-year long warranty for their Fresh artificial turf.

K9Grass – Pet Turf by ForeverLawn

K9Grass is a version of artificial grass that has been designed for use by dogs.

Regular artificial turf is often damaged from dog use, or it could even cause your dog some damage due to it not being designed for being safe for canine use.

The K9 grass by Forever lawn, therefore, is intended to provide pet users with a quality artificial turf that fulfills all of their pet-related needs.



The ForeverLawn K9Grass has a unique drainage system that utilizes the Knitted Flow system which allows the turf to very quickly and effectively drain dog urine.

Additionally, it has also been designed to suppress the smell of dog urine to reduce odor issues.

Overall, this allows the K9Grass to have excellent drainage when it comes to your pet’s needs.

This is especially important as most non-pet-friendly varieties of turf will not easily allow your pet’s urine to drain.

This results in urine pooling over the surface of your turf which is not only unsightly but also very unhygienic.

Safe for Dogs

Unlike more traditional turf, ForeverLawn’s K9Grass has in-built microbial technology in the form of the company’s AlphaScan antimicrobial protection.

This makes the turf entirely safe for use by canines who have no chance of being affected by any possible bacterial infection from using the turf.

So, you can be sure that your precious pets won’t suffer from any possible infections or health risks if they use the turf.


The K9Grass has been constructed using very high-quality material, so it is designed to withstand heavy foot-traffic from your pets.

In addition to that, the K9Grass is made with interlocking components, so it is very difficult for the turf to get damaged by use from your pet.

This makes K9Grass a very long-term investment as most non-pet-friendly varieties of artificial turf will easily get damaged from excessive use by pets.

Pet Waste Clean-up

K9Grass has been designed to be as easy to clean as possible which it achieves through its dense construction which contains relatively short grass blades that are easy to brush.

Additionally, the absence of infill makes it very difficult for most common types of spills and stains to occur which prevents common problems and makes it much easier to clean up after pets.

Dog urine will simply get drained away while dog feces can be easily rinsed before being physically removed from the site.

K9Grass is available in two separate variants with the diverging factor between the two being their respective weight.

K9Grass Classic

K9Grass Classic is the original version of this product, and it maintains a very heavy overall product weight which makes it suitable for use in an outdoor setting such as an outside lawn or park.

It is not intended for use within an inside setting though.

K9Grass Lite

K9Grass Lite is a newer product, and it retains all of the features of K9Grass Classic barring that it has a much smaller overall product weight.

This is due to the fact that it has been designed for use in an outside setting where the density of the desired turf is much smaller. K9Grass is ideal for use indoors.


Forverlawn provides a fifteen-year long warranty with their K9Grass that covers damage from excessive fade and wear.


The exact cost of purchasing and installing K9Grass is dependent on the precise nature of the individual project such as its size, drainage requirements, and other factors. Typically, though, K9Grass can be bought and installed within a range of between $5 to $9 per square foot.

Where Can You Buy ForeverLawn Artificial Turf?

If you would like to order a ForeverLawn product, the best of doing so would be to visit the ForeverLawn website and to obtain their contact information i.e email or phone number.

You can then either call or email them about your project and request a consultation.

ForeverLawn will then inspect your property, analyze the site of installation and produce a quote for you after which you can have the artificial turf installed on your property.


ForeverLawn is one of the major players in the artificial market in the U.S. It is a company that offers a diverse range of products that range from commercial to residential turf as well as pet-friendly turf.

Most of their products are extremely high quality and have been manufactured with the aim of maximizing functionality.