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To effectively rid an outdoor space of the unpleasant odor of urine, a thorough and comprehensive approach should be taken.

Not only should the source of the smell be targeted, but also the environment in which it resides.

Artificial turf is particularly prone to this type of contamination, as urine can drip through the blades of the grass and pool between the turf and the weed barrier below.

This can create an unpleasant odor that can linger for months without proper treatment. To ensure a fresher, more pleasant outdoor space, advanced cleaning products containing specific enzymes and live bacteria should be used. These specialized products will break down the sources of ammonia in the environment, thus helping to eliminate the odors caused by urine.

What’s more, frequent maintenance services using these specialized products will help to keep the space fresh and clean, leaving you with a space you can enjoy for years to come.

What is ForeverLawn?

With its impressive reputation, ForeverLawn is the leading provider of premium artificial turf, offering highly durable and low-maintenance products at affordable rates.

This sets them apart from many other artificial turf brands, as they are able to provide customers with turf suitable for residential and commercial purposes alike.

As such, ForeverLawn has become a go-to option for those seeking an artificial turf solution that fits their individualized needs.

With superior quality and value, ForeverLawn has earned its place as one of the top suppliers of artificial turf in the market.

Thanks to its versatility, durability, low maintenance costs and unbeatable pricing, ForeverLawn is the ultimate choice for all kinds of artificial turf needs.

Types of Artificial Turf Offered

ForeverLawn is your go-to for artificial turf solutions for both home and business needs!

We provide a vast selection of residential turf, pet-friendly turf, playground grass, and sports grass, plus many more. Want to take a dip in the pool or play bocce?

Our SplashGrass and BocceGrass products make sure that you have the perfect surface for your water park or playing field.

Regardless of whether you’re seeking synthetic turf for your backyard, a pet relief area, or professional sports field, ForeverLawn has you covered!

There are additional variations within each product category according to factors such as:

  • The exact texture
  • Durability
  • Drainage quality
  • Size required by individual consumers

ForeverLawn provides an impressively vast selection of artificial turf, from subtle shades to bold designs, offering a unique and personalized experience for each customer.

Among the many options available are customizations, allowing for special considerations to suit any individual’s tastes or requirements. With over 25 years of expertise in the industry, ForeverLawn is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service, making sure that each consumer’s needs are met.

As a result, ForeverLawn continues to be a leading provider of artificial turf, striving to make sure that everyone receives the perfect solution to meet their desires.

ForeverLawn Landscape Turf

ForeverLawn’s landscape turf is the perfect solution for any commercial or residential property. Our innovative design was created specifically to provide comfort and convenience in both indoor and outdoor settings.

With its durability and ease of maintenance, this grass-like synthetic turf offers a low-maintenance solution that looks as gorgeous and lush year-round as natural grass. Beyond the aesthetic benefits of this eco-friendly product, ForeverLawn’s synthetic turf can also be used to reduce water consumption, decrease your carbon footprint, improve air quality, and reduce the need for dangerous pesticides and fertilizers.

With the added bonus of being virtually stain-resistant and not needing reseeding, ForeverLawn’s landscape turf is sure to provide the perfect touch of beauty to your home or business.

Dupont Turf

Let’s take a deeper dive into ForeverLawn’s Dupont turf and explore its many incredible features.

First of all, Dupont turf offers four distinct varieties: Dupont Deluxe, Dupont Elite, Dupont Supreme, and Dupont Miracle.

Dupont Deluxe is ideal for playgrounds and commercial landscaping, providing advanced UV protection, superior easy care, the ability to recover quickly from heavy traffic.

Dupont Elite is perfect for residential lawns, with a thick, lush appearance, softness beneath your feet, plus a robust drainage system.

Dupont Supreme is the most luxurious turf, with a realistic texture, increased durability, and a superior fire retardant to guard against flames.

Last but not least, Dupont Miracle is the most innovative turf of them all, featuring a unique blend of all-weather fibres that provide impressive drainage, elasticity and durability.

Whether you need a backyard renovation or an upgrade to the neighborhood park, Dupont turf has a variety for every application.

Premium Quality

Dupont turf products are crafted with exceptional detail and precision, using only the highest quality materials such as premium yarn and state-of-the-art machinery to guarantee their superior quality.

Attention is given to every aspect of manufacturing, such as the density of each grass blade and the strength of the seams, ensuring that each piece of turf crafted meets the high standards of the Dupont brand.

The meticulous process leads to a product of exceptional value, guaranteed to provide long lasting performance and satisfaction.

Low Maintenance

Dupont artificial turf products are the perfect alternative to natural grass, as they do not require any of the extensive maintenance needs associated with traditional grass.

Dupont turf does not need to be mowed, cut, or sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers, eliminating the need for most common gardening tools and activities.

In addition, due to its synthetic nature, weeds and insects cannot take hold in a Dupont artificial turf, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing landscape that doesn’t need constant upkeeping.

So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance solution to your outdoor space, look no further than Dupont artificial turf!


Dupont boasts an unparalleled natural appearance, thanks to the dedication of its team and the meticulous attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

Subtleties such as the perfect replication of grass blades are just some of the traits that help make Dupont one of the highest quality products on the market today.

Not only is the construction state-of-the-art but its production is up to the highest standards, making this product one that you can trust and rely upon for years to come.

Quality Drainage

Dupont Artificial Turf offers the highest degree of quality and stability, designed to ensure optimal drainage and prevent pooling of water or other spills.

Constructed with a state-of-the-art drainage system, you can trust that Dupont Artificial Turf will stand up to water, providing a safe and stable surface for years to come.

Moreover, the unique composition of Dupont Artificial Turf optimizes drainage, offering exceptional performance and keeping your turf looking and feeling its best.

Dupont Turf Options

VariantColorBlade HeightWeightApplication
Dupont Select VRBright green2-⅛” 135 ouncesLight to medium traffic areas
Dupont Select LXDark and warm2-⅛” 115 ouncesHigh traffic areas
Dupont Select ELRich and dark1-¾”115 ouncesHigh traffic areas

Dupont Warranty

At ForeverLawn, we are committed to product quality and customer satisfaction, which is why we offer an exclusive 15-year warranty on our Dupont turf.

When you purchase this turf, you can rest assured knowing that it’s backed by our closed warranty system, designed to ensure the highest product quality and deliver long-term results.

Our warranty policy provides peace of mind, knowing that your Dupont turf will look great and remain durable for years to come.

Fusion Turf

ForeverLawn’s Fusion Turf is the newest addition to their already impressive line-up of artificial turf products.

Constructed with their signature Legacy Fiber Yarn, Fusion Turf is designed and manufactured to be one of the most long-lasting, durable varieties of artificial turf available today.

It offers superior resilience, stability and performance, providing a truly unique and luxurious experience.

With its realistic appearance and low-maintenance needs, Fusion Turf is perfect for any homeowner who seeks a reliable and high-quality alternative to natural grass and lawns.


Fusion turf is a revolutionary product, designed to stand up to even the toughest conditions.

Thanks to its unique construction, it won’t succumb to deformation or heat-damage, even when exposed to high temperatures and pressures.

That means you can be sure of your turf’s luscious look, no matter how hot and steamy the conditions may be!


ForeverLawn’s legacy fiber yarn results in a much stronger individual leaf blade that can bear the brunt of typical wear and tear without damage.

This is especially beneficial in high traffic areas, where the robustness of the turf is paramount for providing consistent performance.

With its advanced yarn design, ForeverLawn’s synthetic turf is designed to handle all of the impacts that come with heavier foot or vehicular traffic, making it perfect for any location.


Introducing the Fusion Turf: the artificial turf that looks and feels like the real thing!

Featuring multicolored blades and realistic thatch zones, it’ll have you second-guessing whether you’re looking at a natural lawn or not.

With its vivid colors and lush texture, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the look of a luscious green lawn without any of the hassles.

Get ready to turn your outdoor space into an inviting environment that friends and family can enjoy.

Fusion Turf can be obtained in two separate varieties:

Fusion Elite

Fusion Elite is the perfect choice when it comes to areas with high sunlight exposure.

Developed with the utmost precision, Fusion Elite is designed to reduce heat absorption and guarantee long-lasting performance and eye-catching realism.

This enhanced roofing solution is ideal for both residential and commercial settings, such as rooftops, balconies, windows, and more.

Furthermore, its use in these bright and intense areas will be up to the standards of quality that are expected, all while keeping its longevity intact.

With Fusion Elite, you can trust that it’s an exceptional and reliable product for areas with intense sun exposure.

Fusion Pro

With its distinctive construction of ultra-dense blade fibers, Fusion Pro is a highly resilient product that guarantees exceptional durability, even in the busiest of environments.

Its legacy yarn adds to its strength, significantly reducing the length of its grass blades, making it the ideal choice for high traffic areas such as parks and playgrounds.

Not only does the shorter grass provide a lush and aesthetically pleasing respect, but it also ensures easy maintenance with fewer clippings to clean.

Besides its low-maintenance appeal, Fusion Pro’s complex weave of fibers offers remarkable support and stability, allowing it to weather heavy foot traffic over time.


Fusion Turf is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting, reliable turf solution.

With a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, Fusion Turf offers peace of mind and assurance that your grass will remain healthy and vibrant for years to come.

Fusion Turf is designed to withstand the test of time and endure even the harshest weather conditions.

Not only does it provide aesthetic beauty, but it also offers unparalleled resilience, meaning you can count on it to remain looking great no matter the season.

It truly is the perfect choice for any outdoor space.

ForeverLawn Fresh No Infill Turf

ForeverLawn Fresh is the premier artificial turf product that offers a realistic look and feel of real grass.

Created with innovative technology, it has been designed and crafted to look exactly like the real thing, with every blade of grass accurately mimicking the appearance and texture of natural grass.

The turf is perfect for those who want their outdoor living space to match the beauty of nature.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your yard, playground, or office, ForeverLawn Fresh can help you achieve the perfect look for any environment.

Not only does it resemble real grass, but it also features superior durability making it a great long-term investment.

Its moisture-resistant and low maintenance properties help ensure that it will remain durable and life-like for many years to come.

Experience the lush green feel, look, and texture of ForeverLawn Fresh today.

Features – No Infill Turf

Introducing ForeverLawn Fresh – our revolutionary artificial grass product that eliminates the need for any infill material!

This innovation makes it easy to traverse the lawn, and comes with a host of other benefits.

For instance, there’s no need to worry about dirt, dust, pollen and allergens infiltrating your home, as this artificial grass has a natural appearance and feel without the mess of traditional real grass.

Moreover, you won’t need to frequently water your lawn or spend hours on maintenance, since synthetic grass doesn’t require ongoing care or costly upkeep.

Finally, ForeverLawn Fresh is designed to last, giving you up to 20 years of beautiful grass with just a one-time installation.

Try ForeverLawn Fresh today and experience the revolutionary difference of artificial grass!


The Fresh has been carefully crafted to handle the rigors of high traffic areas – its dense blade fibers provide superior durability and resistance to heavy foot traffic.

Not just perfect for high traffic environments, the Fresh is designed for longevity and can retain its excellent condition even after extensive use.

Manufactured with top-notch materials, the Fresh offers unparalleled performance and resistance as well as an aesthetically pleasing design that can enhance any space.

With the Fresh, you can be sure that your area will remain clean and tidy even with high foot traffic.

Relatively Low Maintenance

The Fresh artificial turf requires no infill, making it a low maintenance product that eliminates the possibility of spills or water getting trapped on its surface.

Furthermore, any solids or waste that lands on the turf can quickly and easily be removed without having to worry about it sinking or becoming stuck in the grass.

This means you don’t have to worry about cleaning up any messes, leaving you with more time to enjoy the beauty of your artificial turf.


Our Fresh products are empowered with our proprietary antimicrobial technology that not only increases the level of cleanliness, but also provides an extra layer of protection against mold, bacteria, and other common issues.

This advanced technology is embedded into the product itself, ensuring powerful protection no matter where you take it.

Not only does this added layer of defense keep your Fresh product in pristine condition, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that no matter the conditions, you can rely on the protection of Fresh products.

Fresh Turf Warranty

ForeverLawn proudly offers a 15-year long warranty that guarantees their Fresh artificial turf will last and remain in top condition for years to come.

This warranty allows customers to purchase with confidence knowing that they are investing in high-quality turf that promises longevity and durability.

All of ForeverLawn’s artificial turf is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards, so customers can rest assured that their investment will pay off year after year.

K9Grass – Pet Turf by ForeverLawn

Forever Lawn’s K9Grass helps pet owners create a happy and safe environment for their furry friends.

It’s designed to look and feel like real grass and stands up to wear and tear from everyday use. It’s soft and cushioning, meaning it won’t hurt your pup’s feet or cause them any discomfort.

K9Grass is made from durable synthetic fibers that are designed to withstand temperatures from -40°F to 140°F, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it every year.

Beyond its durability and comfort, K9Grass also has antimicrobial protection built in, ensuring it stays free of molds and bacteria even when exposed to continuous moisture. With K9Grass, you can give your pup the natural feeling they crave while still keeping your lawn beautiful.



The ForeverLawn K9Grass has been uniquely designed with a Knitted Flow drainage system that makes your pet’s experience a breeze.

With this innovative system, dog urine is quickly and effectively carried away, meaning that your pet’s needs can be taken care of in a hygienic matter.

Not only that, but the K9Grass technology also suppresses the smell of dog urine so that unpleasant odors are not an issue.

In comparison to regular, non-pet friendly turf, the K9Grass far surpasses in its ability to drain away urine, thus preventing pooling on the surface.

This is not only aesthetically displeasing, but also presents a breeding ground for bacteria and other health hazards. By investing in the K9Grass, you can ensure that your yard is both safe and inviting for your furry friends.

Safe for Dogs

With ForeverLawn’s K9Grass turf, you can have complete peace of mind that your furry friends are safe.

That’s because K9Grass is not just a traditional turf, but is enhanced with AlphaScan antimicrobial protection which helps prevent any possible bacterial infection.

This special technology eliminates the worry of infection and provides a secure environment for your pets to have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

Not only that, but its supreme durability and low-maintenance makes the turf a popular choice for those who want their pets to use the outdoors with zero health risks.


The K9Grass has been expertly crafted with high-quality materials, making it strong enough to manage even the heaviest of paw-traffic from your furry friends.

Not only is the turf itself durable, but its interlocking components make it virtually impenetrable, preventing any damage caused by frequent use.

Unlike traditional artificial turf varieties, which often become worn and tattered following heavy use by pets, the K9Grass ensures long-term durability, guaranteeing you a dependable outdoor space for your beloved pet for years to come.

Pet Waste Clean-up

K9Grass has been developed with convenience and ease-of-use in mind, making it an ideal choice for pet owners.

It features a unique construction, allowing for a dense, low-maintenance turf that offers extremely easy cleaning – thanks to its relatively short grass blades, as well as the lack of any infill, which prevents most common messes like spills and stains.

Furthermore, the turf’s design enables it to easily drain away any dog urine, and any dog feces can be easily removed via simple rinsing.

In addition, K9Grass is made available in two distinct varieties to suit varying needs – the differentiating factor being weight. Taken together, these features make this turf an ideal choice for pet owners looking for an easy, convenient way to keep their pet’s environment clean and hygienic.

K9Grass Classic

K9Grass Classic has been the original product since its launch and it is well-known for its hefty weight.

This makes it perfect for outdoor use in lawns, parks and other areas that have plenty of open space.

Not to mention, its durability allows it to hold up against all weather conditions without fail.

However, K9Grass Classic should not be used indoors due to the heaviness of the product.

Make sure to keep it outdoors and get the most out of your K9Grass Classic.

K9Grass Lite

K9Grass Lite is the perfect solution for your outdoor needs. With a much smaller product weight, it provides the same quality and features as the K9Grass Classic product, yet is more suitable for areas where a lighter turf density is desired.

Whether you choose to use K9Grass Lite inside or out, you can be sure that you are getting exceptional performance. With its impressive durability, K9Grass Lite is sure to meet all of your outdoor turf needs quickly and effectively.


Foreverlawn guarantees up to fifteen years of worry-free durability with their K9Grass, the artificial turf designed specifically for pets.

Their generous warranty covers any damage that may arise from fade or wear, giving you confidence in the long-lasting resilience of your pet’s turf.

With K9Grass installed in your outdoor space, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you no longer need to constantly check for fading or wear and tear over time.

Enjoy years of peace of mind knowing that your pet’s environment is safe and secure.


The cost of purchasing and installing K9Grass can vary greatly based on the size and complexity of your project.

Factors such as drainage requirements, the grade of the soil, and any other unique considerations may also impact the overall cost.

Generally speaking, K9Grass can be purchased and installed for an average of between $5 to $9 per square foot.

The exact cost could fluctuate up or down depending on the nuances of your specific project, so it’s important to consult with a professional when considering the costs of your installation.

With that said, K9Grass is an incredibly practical, cost-effective solution for any space needing to balance durability and beauty.

Where Can You Buy ForeverLawn Artificial Turf?

If you are looking to simply and efficiently order a ForeverLawn product, the best way to do this is to visit the ForeverLawn website. Once there, you can find the necessary contact information such as an email or phone number to speak directly with one of their helpful team members.

By calling or emailing them about your project, you can request an on-site consultation from one of ForeverLawn’s knowledgeable experts. During the consultation, the team will inspect your property, analyze where the artificial turf should be installed, and provide you with a detailed quote for your convenience.

From here, you can move forward to finally having the ForeverLawn product installed on your property.


ForeverLawn is one of the most innovative and reliable organizations in the artificial turf market.

From commercial to residential turf, they offer a broad range of products that have been crafted with exceptional care to meet the highest levels of performance.

Their pet-friendly turf is specially designed with enhanced durability and resistance to ensure it is safe for both your animal friends and your lawn.

All of their products are of the highest quality, providing incredible life expectancy and unsurpassed longevity.

With ForeverLawn, you can enjoy a beautiful, lush, and durable lawn that will remain looking great for years to come.