Artificial Grass Reviews

EasyTurf Reviews – Features, Warranty & Pricing

The rise of synthetic grass is one of the most noticeable trends in gardening as many homeowners have taken note of its advantages.

In this post, we will review one of the major artificial turf providers: EasyTurf.

What is EasyTurf?

EasyTurf is a synthetic turf company that provides premium artificial turf.

They deal in turf that is composed of high-quality material with durability, longevity, and style being three of the central values of the company’s products.

The main differentiating factor between the products of EasyTurf and other competitors include:

  • Low-maintenance
  • Highly durable nature
  • EasyTurf’s products are designed to require minimal maintenance

EasyTurf is also one of the very few artificial turf companies that provide artificial turf solutions for different purposes ranging from:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Sporting

In this article, we will address the features of EasyTurf’s products and provide a detailed review of each of them.

This should help you can make an informed decision of whether or not you would want to opt for EasyTurf products.

EasyTurf Residential Turf

EasyTurf Residential Turf is used for residential homes, whether they are used for an outside lawn or within the inside of a home.


EasyTurf’s Residential turf is a very high-quality option that has been designed to be a low-maintenance option that provides a highly realistic variety of artificial turf.

Realistic Aesthetic

The turf has been designed to mimic the appearance and texture of natural grass as accurately as possible,

This makes it a great option for anyone who wants their artificial turf to resemble the real deal.

Efficient Drainage through Maxxflow

EasyTurf’s Residential Turf has also been designed with a very efficient drainage system known as ‘Maxxflow’.

The company claims Maxxflow offers a vastly superior drainage experience.

This is intended to assist in the maintenance of the turf and ensure that minimum effort is required to maintain the turf.

Its excellent drainage also prevents the turf from being damaged by excessive watering our pooling, which is a typical problem that plagues most artificial turf owners.

EasyTurf provides turf installation services that include:

  • Preparing the intended site of installation
  • Providing a drainage system
  • Ensuring that the individual lawn of artificial turf is aesthetically in-tune to the area of installation.


EasyTurf provides a fifteen-year (15) warranty with their residential artificial turf covers all damages except normal wear-and-tear.

EasyTurf Commercial Turf

EasyTurf Commercial Turf is designed for use within commercial settings such as in office buildings, hotels, and restaurants or commercial football fields.

It made for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


EasyTurf’s commercial turf, which falls under the name of Field Turf, is high-quality turf designed for providing quality professional turf for décor and sports purposes.

Natural Appearance

With respect to its aesthetics and appearance, EasyTurf’s commercial turf option has been designed very intricately to resemble the appearance of real grass.

This makes it a very desirable option for anyone who wants their sport’s field or hotel lawn to appear as natural as possible.

Triple Layer Backing

One of the most important features of this product is that it has an excellent drainage system which the company claims provides 100% permeability.

Field Turf has also been designed to be a relatively safe option for use in sports and commercial contexts.

This has led to the company’s product being certified as highly safe for use by children and pets.

This makes it especially suitable for use in commercial applications such as sporting stadiums or amphitheaters.


Field Turf offers an eight (8) year warranty on all of their commercial turf products.

However the company claims that their products last longer than a decade on average.

EasyTurf Playground Turfs

EasyTurf’s Playground Turf is intended for use in playgrounds for young children.

It has been primarily been designed to offer the highest of the safety of consumers.


Natural Appearance

The playground turf is designed to be extremely similar in texture to actual grass which makes it a highly suitable product for use by children.

Kids will find the texture and appearance of the playground turf to be almost indistinguishable from actual grass.

Safe for Children

The advantage of the artificial turf is that it offers vastly superior safety features.

These ensure that your children do not face the same health hazard from using EasyTurf’s Playground Turfs that they would from the use of other artificial turfs or natural grass.

Safety Features

The EasyTurf Playground Turf has a number of major security features that make it safe for use for children.

1. No Allergens

Being an artificial product, the EasyTurf Playground Turf does not contain any pollen or other natural allergen that could affect children with allergies.

2. No Toxic Chemicals

The playground turf is constructed without the use of any toxic chemicals that could possibly cause harm to small children.

The absence of potentially toxic chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides, ensures that it is not possible for your children to suffer from toxicity or allergies.

3. Proper Drainage

The superior drainage features of the playground turf ensure that water does not pool up on the surface of the turf.

Bad drainage can contribute to children slipping or tripping over the turf.

For this reason, EasyTurf is also safe for use after a downpour.

4. Even Terrain

Uneven terrain can contribute to the risk of accidents as children could trip and fall over uneven terrain.

EasyTurf playground turf is designed to be completely flat and entirely even which ensures that the possibility of accidents is minimized as much as possible.

5. Infill Material

The infill material used to fill the turf ensures that even if children trip and fall on top of the turf, the chances of them being scrapped or bruised since the soft nature of the infill material and its shock-absorbing nature minimize injuries.


A 15-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided with the product.

EasyTurf Golf Turf

The EasyTurf Gold Turf is a high-value option for anyone who wants a beautiful-looking turf for their golf course that is not only aesthetically pleasing but is also highly durable and engineered for the game.


1. Putting Surface

The turf has been designed to easily hold golf balls to assist in practicing for short game shots so that you can have a premium golf experience.

2. Customizability

EasyTurf’s Golf Turf has a highly customizable design that allows individuals to receive turf that has been designed according to their precise specifications which makes it possible to build a turf suitable for diverse circumstances.

3. Durability

The EasyTurf Golf Turf is one of the most highly durable golf turfs which has an expected life span of between 10 to 15 years which makes it a very long-lasting product when compared with other versions of golf turfs.

4. Realistic elevations

For complex golf courses that involve high elevations and low depressions, the turf has been engineered to provide a highly realistic elevation appearance that is indistinguishable from real grass.


The EasyTurf Golf Turf has a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty which covers the most common types of damage.

EasyTurf Price

EasyTurf provides custom quotations depending on the exact specifications of the individual project.

And the company offers free design consultations to assist in deciding the exact price of an individual project.

Easy Turf is considered a relatively affordable option with respect to artificial turf manufacturers.

So it is a very competitive company that is competitive with respect to its pricing, so you don’t need to worry about having to invest an excessive amount of money.

How Can You Get EasyTurf?

The EasyTurf company can be easily contacted using their website where all contact information is available.

You can call them and invite and have a free consultation or your can email the company your exact requirements, and they will get back to you.

After you’ve received your custom quote, provided that you find it acceptable, EasyTurf can immediately begin the process of preparing the site of installation and then installing the product on your property.


EasyTurf is one of the best-known artificial turf companies in the whole of the U.S. The company provides a number of products that range from residential to commercial, golf, and playground turf products.

EasyTurf is a high-quality manufacturer that provides high-quality turf at affordable rates and a desirable warranty.