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Best Perennial Flowers For Arizona

In the state of Arizona, flowers can be grown year round. The climate is very hot during the summer months, with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is important to have a shade structure in place for your flowers. Perennial flowers are great for this state because they grow back each year and require little maintenance. Some perennial flowers that do well in Arizona include:

Best Perennial Flowers For Arizona

Here are the Best Perennial Flowers For Arizona

1. Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

This is the most popular flower to grow in Arizona and it’s easy to see why. They are one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow and they’re pretty hardy too. This plant is a tropical plant that does well in our desert climate. It will produce long, elegant leaves and beautiful flowers that look like birds as they open up. The bird of paradise produces a flower stalk that rises up from the center of the plant and has dozens of blooms on it at once. This makes for a very dramatic display in your garden or on your patio. They also produce seed pods that hang down from the stalk after flowering which makes them even more attractive to wildlife such as birds and butterflies.

2 . Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis)

The Bougainvillea is another popular choice for landscaping because it’s so diverse and hardy. There are several varieties available including ones with purple or pink flowers, ones with white or cream colored flowers, ones with variegated leaves, and even ones that have all three colors! These plants love full sun but can tolerate some shade as well. They do best when planted near a wall where they can climb up into the sunlight but still get some shade from the wall during hot weather. You can find these plants at nurseries or home improvement stores in containers ranging from 5 gallons to 15 gallons depending on how big you want them to grow!

3 . Canna Lily (Canna x generalis) These are probably my favorite

flower to grow in Arizona because they are so easy to care for! I have had mine for 3 years now and I haven’t done anything special to care for them besides give them water every week during their dry season (November through April). The only thing I’ve noticed is that they tend to wilt if you don’t water them enough but once you start watering them again they perk right back up! They do best when planted in sunny areas but can tolerate some shade too (although this will slow their growth). The Canna Lily comes in many different colors including red, orange, yellow, white, pink, purple, black, brown, blue-green..etc..etc.. And each color comes in many different shades so there’s almost always one out there for any situation! If you live in an area where temperatures drop below freezing then make sure you bring your Canna inside before temperatures drop below 50 degrees Farenheit otherwise they’ll die quickly due to cold damage! These plants also need plenty of room because they spread outward quickly by sending out runners which makes them great for large gardens or yards!

4 . Purple Passion Flower (Passiflora caerulea)

These are another very popular flower due to their vibrant purple coloration which makes them quite eye catching! Their main attraction though is their sweet fragrance which attracts butterflies like crazy! This plant does best when planted near a wall where it can climb up into the sunlight but still get some shade from the wall during hot weather. You can find these plants at nurseries or home improvement stores in containers ranging from 5 gallons to 15 gallons depending on how big you want them to grow!

5 . Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa)

This plant has become very popular recently because it’s been discovered by butterfly enthusiasts who have found out just how much monarch butterflies love this plant!! In fact this plant was named after its ability attract monarch butterflies because monarchs use this plant as a food source during migration season by laying their eggs on its leaves which hatch into caterpillars that feed off its leaves until becoming adults then flying away never looking back!! Monarch butterflies aren’t the only insects attracted by this plant though as bees love collecting pollen from its bright orange flowers too!! If you’re looking for something unique then definitely check out Butterfly Weed because not only does it attract lots of wildlife but also looks great while doing so!!

Handy Tips to Know About Best Perennial Flowers For Arizona

Here are some tips (explained in detail) you should know about Best Perennial Flowers For Arizona’s climate and soil conditions if you’re interested in growing a lawn:

1. Plant in the right place

The perennial flowers for arizona are not very demanding, but it is important to know where they can live. You must choose a place where there is enough sun and water, but also where the temperature does not drop too much at night. In fact, if you want to enjoy your plants all year round, it is best to plant them in a sheltered area such as against a wall or on the north side of your house. If you do not have this possibility, it would be better to choose plants that need less heat such as annuals or biennials.

2. Choose well-adapted varieties

It may seem obvious but it is often forgotten: the perennial flowers for arizona must be chosen according to their origin and their needs! For example, if you live in an area with very little rainfall (such as Phoenix), avoid plants that need lots of moisture such as lilies or ferns. The same applies if you live in an area with cold temperatures (such as Flagstaff): choose plants that do not require too much heat such as columbine or sedum. Finally, bear in mind that some species are toxic for cats and dogs so make sure they will not eat them!

How to Take Care of Flowers

1. Watering

Watering is a must for your flowers, but you should never overdo it. If the soil is moist, you don’t have to water them again. If the soil is dry, then you need to water them again. Make sure that the water does not get on the leaves of the flowers because this can cause wilting and other problems. You can also use a spray bottle instead of watering cans to keep your flowers healthy.

2. Fertilizing

Fertilizing your flowers is another important thing that you should do to keep your flowers healthy and looking good. You should fertilize them once every week or two weeks depending on what kind of fertilizer you are using. It is best to use organic fertilizer so that there are no chemicals in it which can harm your plants or make them look unhealthy. Another thing that you should know about fertilizing is that it helps improve the growth rate of the plant, so this means that if you want fast growing plants then fertilize them often!

3. Pruning/Cutting Back Plants

Pruning helps keep your plants healthy by removing dead leaves and branches from the plant, which can help prevent diseases from spreading through out the plant or even kill it if they aren’t removed soon enough! Pruning also helps maintain a good shape for tall bushes and trees as well as keeping them short if needed! Pruning also makes it easier for air flow around the plant which helps prevent diseases from spreading through out it! This will also help with pollination because bees won’t have trouble getting inside to pollinate all of the flowers! So prune often to keep your plants looking good and healthy! Note: Some people like to leave some dead leaves on their plants because they think it looks cool or gives their garden an old-timey feel, but I recommend just cutting them off completely because they will just attract bugs and other pests into your garden!


Ideal Time of Year for Best Perennial Flowers For Arizona

March is the best time to plant for spring bloom.
is the best time to plant for spring bloom. May is a good time to plant for summer bloom.
is a good time to plant for summer bloom. August is the perfect month for fall planting.
is the perfect month for fall planting. October is great if you want your perennials to flower in winter or early spring.

What flowers bloom all year in Arizona?

Here’s a list of some of the most common and best-loved flowers that you can grow in Arizona all year round.


These beautiful flowering shrubs are perfect for growing all year round in the desert. They bloom in spring and summer, but they also have attractive foliage that is great for year round interest. You can grow azaleas from cuttings or buy them as small plants at your local garden center. They do well in full sun to partial shade and require regular watering during the growing season. The blooms come in a wide range of colors including white, pink, red and purple.

Chrysanthemums (mums)

Mums are another popular flower that you can grow all year long in Arizona. They bloom from fall through spring with different varieties blooming at different times of the year. Their colors include white, yellow, orange, pink and red. They do best when planted in full sun to partial shade and need regular watering during their growing season which is usually from fall through spring depending on the variety that you choose to plant.

What is the most hardy perennial flower?

A: It is the Bleeding Heart. It will grow in almost any soil, including poor soil, and can tolerate being under-watered or over-watered. It is also very tolerant of shade.

Q: What are the top three most popular perennials?

A: The top 3 are Pansy, Peony and Bleeding Heart. These perennials have proven to be easy to grow and adaptable so they are great for new gardeners!

What is the prettiest perennial flower?

I think the prettiest perennial flowers are peonies. They are very easy to grow and they have big, beautiful flowers that last for many weeks. They are also pretty hardy, but not as hardy as some other perennials.

What is the most beautiful flower in the world?

I love all flowers for their own unique beauty, but I think roses are probably one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Roses have a lot of different varieties, so there’s no one type of rose that’s completely perfect. But roses are always beautiful and they’re often used for special occasions like weddings or Valentine’s Day. Roses can be used to decorate cakes or give as gifts because they’re so popular and everyone loves them!


Achillea ‘Moonshine’, ‘White Beauty’, yarrow (A. millefolium)
Aconitum napellus, monkshood (also known as wolfsbane)
Actaea spicata, baneberry
Adiantum pedatum, maidenhair fern
Alchemilla mollis, lady’s mantle
Allium schoenoprasum, chives
Anemone × hybrida, Japanese anemone
Anthemis tinctoria ‘Goldfields’, golden marguerite
Aruncus dioicus, goat’s beard (also known as bear’s breeches)
Astilbe × arendsii and A. x arendsii var. tomentosa, astilbe (also known as false spirea)
Begonia grandis subsp. evansiana ‘Variegata’ or B. tuberhybrida ‘Marginata Rosea’ or B. tuberhybrida ‘Ruffled Velvet’ or B