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Best Flowers To Plant In Arizona

Arizona is a great place to grow flowers. The state has an average temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Some areas of the state have hot summers where temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate in Arizona is very diverse. Areas in the north are more humid than the southern parts of the state, which are drier and hotter. However, flowers can grow in most parts of Arizona.

Here are the Best Flowers To Plant In Arizona

1. The Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

This is the most popular flower to grow in Arizona and it’s easy to see why. They are one of the most beautiful flowers you can grow and they’re pretty hardy too. This plant is a tropical plant that does well in our desert climate. It will produce long, elegant leaves and beautiful flowers that look like birds as they open up. The bird of paradise produces a flower stalk that rises up from the center of the plant and has dozens of blooms on it at once. This makes for a very dramatic display in your garden or on your patio. They also produce seed pods that hang down from the stalk after flowering which makes them even more attractive to wildlife such as birds and butterflies.

2 . Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea spectabilis)

The Bougainvillea is another popular choice for landscaping because it’s so diverse and hardy. There are several varieties available including ones with purple or pink flowers, ones with white or cream colored flowers, ones with variegated leaves, and even ones that have all three colors! These plants love full sun but can tolerate some shade as well. They do best when planted near a wall where they can climb up into the sunlight but still get some shade from the wall during hot weather. You can find these plants at nurseries or home improvement stores in containers ranging from 5 gallons to 15 gallons depending on how big you want them to grow!

Here are some tips (explained in detail) you should know about Best Flowers To Plant In Arizona’s climate and soil conditions if you’re interested in growing a lawn

1. Plant in full sun

The flowers that prefer full sun are the best ones to plant in Arizona. If you live in an area with direct sunlight, you should be able to grow any of the flowers listed above. If you live in an area with partial sunlight, you might need to choose a different type of flower. For example, if your garden is shaded by trees or tall buildings, then it’s probably not a good idea to grow roses.

2. Plant in well-drained soil

When it comes to planting flowers in Arizona, make sure that the soil is well drained and doesn’t retain too much moisture. Soil that retains water can cause root rot and other problems for your plants. To avoid this problem, add plenty of organic material to the soil before planting your flowers so that it drains well. This will also improve the quality of the soil so that your plants can grow healthier roots and stronger stems. You can also improve drainage by adding rocks or gravel along the bottom of pots or raised beds where you plan on planting your flowers.

3. Choose drought-resistant varieties if possible

Plants that require less water are better candidates for growing in Arizona since they will require less care and attention from you when watering time comes around each week/month/season! The best way to choose a drought-resistant variety is by looking at its tag or seed packet information which will usually tell you how much water a plant requires per month (although this number varies depending on weather conditions). Some plants require more water than others during certain times of year while some plants may only need water every few weeks! This means if your plant requires more water than what is available from rain or sprinklers, then it’s probably not a good choice for growing in Arizona! For example, some varieties of petunias may only need 1 inch of water per week while other varieties may need 2 inches per week! Choosing a variety with lower water requirements will help reduce maintenance time and save money on watering bills! It’s always a good idea to read up on specific plants before buying them so that you know how much care they require throughout the year/season! I recommend reading my article about how much water indoor houseplants need here: How Much Water Do Indoor Houseplants Need?

1. Be sure to use a clean vase with fresh water. If you cannot change the water every day, at least rinse the vase out and make sure it is clean and dry before putting your flowers in it.

2. Make sure that your flowers are getting enough light and air circulation. Plenty of light will help keep the colors of your flowers bright, while good air circulation will keep them from getting too sticky or moldy.

3. When you cut stems for arrangements, be sure to cut them at an angle so that they have a better chance of drinking up more water. This can also help prevent mold from growing if any water is left behind on the stem after arranging them into your container!

4. If you are not going to use all of your flowers immediately, try to store them in a cool place away from sunlight or heat sources like radiators or televisions. This will help prevent wilting or other damage caused by exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture loss/condensation buildup over time. It’s best to keep them in their original containers if possible, but if you need to transfer them, be sure to use a plastic bag as an extra layer between the flower and the new container (you don’t want condensation building up on the flower!) You can also try wrapping some paper towels around the stems first before placing them into plastic bags – this will absorb excess moisture and protect against mold growth! If possible, check on your flowers daily for signs of wilting – if they start looking bad, remove them from their containers right away so they don’t continue to wilt further!


Spring is a great time to plant flowers in Arizona. The soil is warm and the days are longer so your plants will have plenty of time to grow before summer heat arrives.


Fall is also a good time to plant flowers in Arizona because the weather is cooler which means less watering, less work for you, and more time to enjoy your garden.


Summer can be a good time to plant flowers in Arizona if you choose heat-tolerant varieties that don’t require as much water.

What perennials do well in Arizona?

Most perennials are adaptable to Arizona’s desert climate. Some do better than others. The following are some of the best perennial choices for our area:

• Alyssum, sweet alyssum, and rock candytuft are very hardy annuals that bloom in spring and fall. They are great ground covers or planted under trees and shrubs. Alyssum is also an excellent companion plant with roses.

• Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) grow wild in the mountains of Arizona and are not affected by summer heat. They do well in containers where they can be moved to shaded areas during the day if needed. These bulbs will spread quickly once established, so keep them contained. They come in white, blue, pink, or purple; the flowers last only one day but will continue to bloom for several weeks if you deadhead them after each opening. This is a great plant for naturalizing under trees or on slopes where it will spread naturally by seed as well as by underground runners (rhizomes). It is deer resistant and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with its tubular blooms that resemble little bells on long stems above lanceolate leaves that resemble fern fronds. Plant these bulbs at least 8 inches deep so they don’t rot during winter rains when temperatures can reach freezing levels overnight.

What can I plant in Arizona right now?

A lot of people ask me what they can plant in Arizona right now. I tell them to go to the store and buy whatever is on sale. If it’s not on sale, then wait until something is on sale. Don’t buy anything that you don’t like. Make sure it fits your landscape design. It doesn’t matter if you are planting in a container or in the ground, just make sure the plant is going to fit with what you have already planted or is going to be easy for you to maintain.

What are some tips for planting in containers?

When planting in containers, think about how much space you have for each plant and how big they will get when they are mature. Also think about how much water and sunlight they need before you start planting them because once they are in there, it is hard to move them around. If you have a small patio or balcony, try using dwarf varieties of plants instead of full sized ones so that your plants won’t take up too much space. Also remember that if you are growing things like tomatoes or peppers, make sure that their containers have holes at the bottom so that excess water can drain out of the pot instead of staying stagnant at the bottom and causing root rot.

What is the most popular flower in Arizona?

The most popular flower in Arizona is the cactus blossom. It is very common to see cactus growing on the side of the road, and it is also very common to see them as a tattoo design.

What flowers grow well in Phoenix AZ?

There are many flowers that grow well in Phoenix, AZ. Some of the most popular are:
Cactus Flowers
Desert Rose Flowers
Desert Lavender Flowers
Desert Lily Flowers
Desert Sunflower Flowers