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Best Artificial Grass Puppy Pad – Fake Grass Pee Pads

A puppy pad is an in-door mat used for potty training small puppies. While there are many different kinds of puppy pads, artificial grass puppy pads have become some of the most popular options nowadays as artificial grass has great drainage.

Best Artificial Grass Puppy Pad

With any product, there are a number of different brands of artificial grass puppy pads, and we’ll help you choose the best artificial pee pad for your beloved puppers!

Spotty Indoor Artificial Grass Rug / Pee Mat

Produced by Royal Pets, the Spotty Indoor Artificial Grass Rug is a very high-end product that’s been designed with the main aim of maximizing convenience for pet owners. The product achieves this through the use of the company smart training system which separates and absorbs pet waste for an entire week.

The most revolutionary aspects of this product include the fact that it has been designed to attract dogs to the grass itself which will encourage puppies to use the grass; anyone who has had to potty train a puppy before will greatly appreciate this feature.

All liquid waste is drained through the sink below while all solid waste remains on the surface to be disposed of. This allows for easy maintenance of the product as users have to apply minimal effort for cleaning the pad. The presence of odor eliminators is another great aspect of this product as they assist in removing the unpleasantness associated with pet waste. Overall, the Spotty Indoor Artificial Grass Rug is a great product for all of your puppy training-related needs.

PETMAKER Artificial Grass Puppy Pad

The PETMAKER Puppy Pad is another brilliant product that’s been designed to maximize convenience for pet owners, it’s specifically marketed towards pet owners that work long hours leaving their pets at home for much of the day.

As such, they place an emphasis on the hygiene aspects of artificial puppy pads by incorporating a three-layered system that’s been designed to maximize the efficiency and cleanliness of the product.

The first of these three layers consist of an odor-resistant, antimicrobial mat that assists in the elimination of all unpleasant smells associated with pet waste.

The second layer is a plastic insert that allows pet urine to quickly and effectively drain into the third layer, a collection tray from which the urine can be disposed of.

In order to further emphasize the importance placed on hygiene and ease by the company, the product can be cleaned by simply rinsing it with some soap and water. Overall, the PETMAKER Puppy Pad is a great low-maintenance option for anyone who wants to provide their pet with an adequate puppy pad without the need of having to invest too much effort in terms of cleaning up or having to instruct their pet on how to use it.

Oiyeefo Artificial Pet Pee Grass Mat

Oifeefo’s Grass Mat is one of the more versatile variants of the puppy pad as it’s a multi-purpose product that can not only be used for indoor potty training but is also perfectly suitable for outside use as well.

From balconies to patios, front yards, and gardens, you can use this product in nearly every kind of outdoor setting in addition to indoor ones although it’s probably best used indoors.

One of the Oiyeefo Grass Mat’s most interesting features includes the fact that it’s been designed with entirely natural material that helps to make it the most comfortable for your pets to sit on. It’s an especially safe product for dogs due to that.

So, if you prioritize your dog’s comfort, this is probably the product that you will want to go with since it’s been designed to address that area of concern as effectively as possible.

With respect to hygiene, this product has great drainage properties as well as odor resistance to prevent undesirable smells from permeating.

So, it performs relatively well with regard to hygiene and cleanliness, and you can be sure that it is overall a very good choice for someone concerned with cleanliness and comfort.

Hompet Dog Grass Pad

Hompet has probably one of the most interestingly designed artificial grass puppy pads in the entire market.

Some of these unique design aspects consist of their three-layered design that includes under-tray ridges, a superb drainage system, and easy drainage holes to improve urine removal.

Additionally, the bionic wall that’s situated on the corners of the turf is one of the most interesting additions to this product since it not only helps to guide your dog where they should urinate but also prevents urine splashes which any pet owner can appreciate.

With regards to the quality of its construction, the Hompet Grass Mat is a highly durable product that’s been designed to be resistant to both excessive dog urination as well as sun exposure, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The soft and sophisticatedly designed grass blades also render it with an extremely natural appearance that helps them to associate the grass mat with actual grass, thus improving their likelihood of adapting to the pad.

Overall, Hompet has designed one of the very best artificial puppy pads in the market.

Downtown Pet Supply Artificial Grass Pee Pad

The Downtown Pee Pad is a very lightweight and low-maintenance option that maximizes convenience and ease for pet owners.

It has a very effective odor control system as well which further makes it one of the more desirable options for people who want low maintenance options for their puppies.

Other advantages of this grass pad include the fact that it has a very high-quality construction that makes it a very easy-to-clean option.

The product also includes a drawer system for easy clean-up of pet urine and feces. Additionally, the Downtown Pee Pad can also be used both outdoors and indoors.

Overall, the Downtown Pee Pad is a great option for anyone who’s interested in a low-maintenance option that has a strong drainage system and can be relatively versatilely used in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Weewooday Dog Grass Pee Pad

Weewonday is another premium puppy pad that has a number of great advantages that make it a great choice for many pet owners.

This product contains a total of four mats that make it an extremely versatile product that’s especially suitable for use in areas where you will want a large, or customized, puppy pad.

As with respect to its construction, it has been made of a very high-quality material that produces an extremely realistic appearance.

The rough back design of the pad additionally adds some stability for puppies to comfortably sit upon.

As for its hygiene and cleaning, the puppy pad has very excellent drainage features in the form of 9 drainage holes that allow urine and water to very effectively drain in addition to the pad remaining dry after your pets relieve themselves.

It’s also very easy to clean since it can be cleaned with water and soap in under ten minutes.

Overall, it’s a good product for pet owners seeking premium pee pads.


Here are a few common questions that pet owners have with respect to artificial grass puppy pads.

How long should you use puppy pads?

Puppy pads should be used for no more than 4 to 6 months since that is the amount of time required to properly potty train a puppy.

Using puppy pads for fewer than 4 months or for longer than 6 months will lead to ineffective potty training with the result that your puppy will not learn to relieve itself only in designated spaces.

So, it is best to only use a puppy pad for the 4 to 6 months potty training period, and for no longer or shorter in duration.

Will puppies pee on fake grass?

Yes, puppies will pee on fake grass if you lead them to it. Some puppies may be shy about it initially as the unknown material might confuse them, but over time they will come to understand the purpose of puppy pads and use them for their intended purposes.

It may take a bit of time for them to understand that they need to pee on artificial turf, but it can be done provided that you teach them properly to associate the pad with bathroom activities.

How do I get my dog to pee on fake grass?

It’s probable that your puppy will initially resist the artificial turf due to confusion about its intended purpose.

But they can also be trained effectively to associate the artificial turf with bathroom activities provided that you are able to slowly introduce them to the pad after activities such as playing, sleeping, or eating since dogs tend to urinate or defecate after them.

Your puppy will begin to associate the pad with bathroom activities. Keep your pad in a single place at all times and reward your puppy for using the pad.

Overall, an artificial grass puppy pad is a great option for potty training your puppy provided that you are able to choose the right one amongst the many great options available.